Mold in the News: Issue 134

Mold in the News: Issue 134
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 21 stories we thought may interest you!
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Improper clean up leads to mold’s unwanted return: High River residents will never forget the grim sight of flood-stained refuse lining the streets, but although it’s in the landfill, basements are gutted and the attention is now on rebuilding, yet another remediation company is stressing the importance of the job being done right. James Watson, founder and president of Got Mold?, spoke to the High River Times about being called by residents who felt as if other companies’ remediation efforts weren’t correctly done. Mold, in some cases, can and has come back to haunt some residents.
Mold could trigger Parkinson’s disease: A compound found in some fungi, one that gives mold its musty smell, can cause changes in fruit flies’ brains that mimic those of patients with Parkinson’s disease.
Man says mould driving him out of his home: Danny Stone says his 13-year-old Nunawading home is uninhabitable after the big Christmas Day storm of 2011 flooded a pit beneath the property – an event he did not discover until this year. He says independent engineers have said it was caused by the freak storm and subsequent rains. “This has resulted in a mould infestation which has permeated the bearers, joists, flooring, framework, plaster, carpet, and all my possessions,” Mr Stone said. He said his insurance policy covered him for flood and storm damage. But major delays in processing the claim led to further infestation, and left him with health concerns, including skin lesions and headaches.
Flood victims concerned about their health due to mold: As people clean up after the recent floods, many are complaining of health problems related to the mold. Some are forced to wear masks because of the smell.

Woman’s house lost to mold: Mold has taken over. Her brother wouldn’t go in her house without a bandana across his nose and mouth. “You can get sick from the mold,” Reyes said. Thick and black, spores have spotted the walls. Now they’re growing fuzz. Sanchez, who was disabled by two heart attacks, is living with a daughter in Montgomery, N.Y. She has written to County Commission Chair Jack Richie, Highlands County Administrator June Fisher, Gov. Rick Scott and U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney. Her insurance company won’t help either. “I had no flood insurance,” said Sanchez, 62, a former bank teller who had the house built in 1991. “I’m in a no-flood zone. They told me ‘Call FEMA,’ and they said the county must declare it a disaster for any help. Now I’m paying for insurance, taxes and mortgage on a home I can’t live in.”
Four months under water, up to $40M to rebuild: A report commissioned by the Manitoba government says it could cost up to $40 million to repair and rebuild provincial parks devastated by spring floods in 2011. The report, delivered to the government last year and recently obtained by The Canadian Press, details the damage caused by the flooding — one provincial park stood under water for four months — and sets out three options to rebuild with price tags ranging from $17 million to almost $40 million. “Some buildings in parks that experienced higher flood levels and longer flood periods had significant mould issues,” says the report prepared by engineering company AECOM.
Are you allergic to your house?: Never ignore damp, it could be the cause of hidden health problems. Microscopic mould spores can get into the airways and sinuses causing serious fungal infections, which are difficult to treat.
Health: Why allergic reactions to mould are becoming more common: This summer, because of excess rains and flooding across North America, mould allergies became particularly severe. In the American Midwest, mould-spore counts hit 125,000. That’s crazy high; 50,000 is the level that triggers a dangerous air-quality warning. With mould levels like that, anyone can become allergic. Researchers estimate the number of people afflicted has increased 12 per cent in the past three years.
A Kelowna family’s mould strickened ‘house of horrors’: John Dunn can’t enter his house of horrors without a wearing mask. From the basement to the kitchen, there’s mould everywhere in his home on Hein road in Rutland. The roof is so leaky, a light fixture in the ceiling has also filled with water.
Damp homes allergy risk: Mould spores are more common in the autumn leading to allergy symptoms. These include wheezing, respiratory problems, worsening asthma, cold-like symptoms, itchy skin and eyes. Mould also helps to feed house dust mites, another cause of allergies. Although some homes are damp because of building problems, the charity says there are also plenty of other preventable causes of damp and indoor mould.
Tips to improve your indoor air quality: You pride yourself on keeping a clean home. The laundry is washed, the dishes are dry and the den where the children built their pillow fort has been restored to sanity. You’ve been vigilant about cleaning up the messes you can see, but what about the messes you can’t? What are you doing to improve the air quality in your home?
‘Saxophone Lung’ Developed By Man Who Didn’t Clean His Clarinet For More Than 30 Years: Here’s a public service announcement for anyone who plays a woodwind, such as a clarinet or saxophone: Clean your instrument! A case study presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology shows that it’s possible to develop allergic pulmonary disease, known as “Saxophone Lung,” in response to the mold that collects over time in woodwind instruments. Saxophone Lung is really a type of hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which is the inflammation of the lung tissue, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Drum Point School Mold Cleaned; Parents Trust Lost [AUDIO]: Even though the mold is gone from Drum Point Elementary in Brick Township, many parents are left with a bad taste in their mouth through the entire process.

Students Out Due to Mold: BUFFALO-Students who go to Tri-City school in Buffalo had the day off today and again tomorrow. It isn’t because of the snow, but because of mold., NewsCenter17, StormCenter17, Central Illinois News-

Air quality tests show no dangerous mold levels at Clarks Summit Elementary: Despite a musty odor that caused district officials to temporarily close the school library, air quality tests conducted at Clarks Summit Elementary School revealed mold levels to be of no concern.
Mold under control, contractor tells parents at Takoma Park school that had outbreak: Parents worried about student illnesses after a mold outbreak at a Takoma Park school said an outside contractor hired by the school system told PTA members Monday that the recurring problem is under control.
Concerns for dad and unborn child’s health in mouldy Redditch bedsit: A MAN with a life-threatening medical condition fears for his health, and that of his unborn child, as he and his pregnant girlfriend are forced to live in a damp council bedsit “covered from floor to ceiling” in mould.
Class action suit says Frigidaire, Kenmore washing machines prone to mold: In their class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs accuse Electrolux of marketing and selling front-loading washing machines that are prone to accumulate mold.
Student sues UC Santa Cruz for toxic mold in housing: UC Santa Cruz graduate student Matthew Richert said he believes the toxic mold in his campus apartment caused his daughter’s severe respiratory problems.
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Basingstoke pensioner finds mould in can of stew: A BASINGSTOKE pensioner was shocked when she found a can of stew she had bought from ASDA was laced with foul smelling mould.
What Homeowners Need to Know About Mold and Windows: What’s growing on your windows? If you have wood windows, or even dirty window sills, the answer could be mold.