Mold in the News: Issue 135

Mold in the News: Issue 135
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Heath critic says issues in hospital kitchen ignored by province: The Wildrose’s Health Critic Heather Forsyth says the government is ignoring health issues in the aging kitchen at the Foothills Hospital. The kitchen is almost 50 years old and the opposition says it is infested with mould and asbestos and facing public health citations.
Sandy’s Mold Issues Linger in NJ: More than a year after Superstorm Sandy slammed the Garden State, mold may still be causing health problems for hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of residents in flooded communities.
Whistleblower 9: Concerns continue over mold in CMS schools: A man hired by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to make sure the children were safe came to Whistleblower 9 to investigate mold and air-quality concerns at the schools.

To defeat mold, find and deal with the cause: In most cases, the type of mold that shows up in our home is fairly benign. But we shouldn’t ignore mold, and we should always try to identify and address its cause.
Aflatoxin, another reason to avoid mouldy foods: Aflatoxins have received greater attention than any other mycotoxins because they clearly have a potent cancer-causing effect in laboratory rats and their acute poisonous effects in humans. Even though absolute safety can never be achieved, individuals can attempt to limit exposure to aflatoxins by being careful with what they eat.
Origins face cream recalled due to mold contamination: The Estée Lauder-owned skin care brand Origins has had to recall a batch of its face cream after the presence of mold was found in some products.
Fungus ‘may cause symptoms of Parkinson’s disease’: New research has suggested that a compound often exuded by fungus could be linked to symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The investigators say Parkinson’s has previously been linked to exposure of human-made toxins, but their findings show that biological compounds also have the potential to set off symptoms of the condition.
IV Medication Tainted with Mold, Five Kinds of Bacteria: In samples of the Sodium Chloride and Calcium Gluconate the company recalled as a result of the incident, the FDA discovered mold and five different kinds of bacteria.

CMS Spends $194K to tackle mold in schools this year: Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) district spent $194,175 on mold cleanup from July 1st to October 31st.
First students to live in flats that won Carbuncle Cup complain of building noise, mould, flooded rooms and lift breakdowns: STUDENTS who have moved into what is officially Britain’s worst new building say they are having to deal with flooding, mould, broken lifts and continuing construction work because it was rushed.
Concerns voiced over mold remediation at South Valley Elementary: Mold remediation taking place in South Valley Elementary School was met with some criticism from staff from both the school and other schools within the district at the Moorestown Township Public Schools.
Mold problems close Okee Schoolhouse: Town officials shut down the Okee Schoolhouse Monday after getting complaints of people becoming sick while visiting the building.
A new outbreak of mold has been found in Montgomery County School: A new outbreak of mold has been found at Rolling Terrace Elementary School in Takoma Park, Maryland.


Drum Point Will Plug In 36 Dehumidifiers To Combat Mold Problem: Drum Point Road Elementary School will plug 36 dehumidifiers into its rooms to prevent further mold issues, after completing mold remediation in every room this month.
Braintree: Family’s “third world flat” nightmare: A housing association has taken action after a digusted family claimed they were living in “third world” conditions with a mould and damp filled flat.
High Levels of Mold Spores Found in Library: The Mesa County Central Library is shutting down a staff-room in the Literacy Center due high mold-spore counts in the air.
Fairfield Woods Branch Library reopens after mold cleanup: The library, one of the busiest branch libraries in the state, reopened Saturday after being closed five days to allow for cleanup of mold discovered in the aftermath of a recent roof replacement project.
Bartow City Workers Leave Moldy Offices: More than a year after city administrators discovered mold in the walls and beneath the carpet of Bartow’s solid waste building, employees in that department have moved to a temporary site where the air smells clean.
Council house mould is costing £60 per day: ALMOST £60 a day of taxpayers’ money was spent tackling mould in council houses, a Freedom of Information request has found.
Mold problem temporarily closes Hickory Valley Rd. fire station: Some of Chattanooga’s firefighters are working out of a different fire hall while crews clean mold from inside theirs. There are 15 firefighters total at Station 8. They notified the department of the mold. Now environmental cleanup companies are out determining what it will take to get rid of it. | Chattanooga News, Weather

Serious Mold Problems Face City Hall: Steven Morris of Morris and Associates addressed the City Council Wednesday evening with a slide presentation of his findings of damage and needed repairs to City Hall and the Police Building.
Officials taking action after mold found in police station: Officers in one Orange County city say they have to throw out some of their equipment because of a mold problem inside their police station and they say they’ve seen a slow response from city leaders.
Nassau Co. deputies evacuate offices due to high levels of mold: They put their lives on the line everyday and now the conditions at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office are putting deputies’ health at risk too. “We started noticing some stains on the ceiling indicating a roof leak and we actually had some water come out of that hole that’s covered up by masking tape,” said Capt. Gregory Foster.
Southport City Hall workers says mold a problem: Some Southport City Hall employees say mold is taking over their building, but they say when they reached out for help, nobody helped.

Lawsuits: Many front-load washing machines contain hidden mold: Mold could be growing inside your washing machine, and you may never even know it, according to attorneys representing consumers.
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If You Think Mold and Mildew Go Away In The Winter, Think Again: The development of mold and mildew stains can actually be intensified during the winter.
Mold: An ugly (but addressable) indoors reality: Mold is one of those four-letter words that cause homeowners to recoil in fear.
German churches struggle with moldy organs: Churches throughout Germany have an expensive problem: mold in the pipes of their organs. Experts are trying to work out why the classic instruments seem to be particularly hard hit in eastern Germany.