Mold in the News: Issue 137

Mold in the News: Issue 137
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Climate change may worsen mold allergies: A common fungus tends to grow more allergenic traits in the presence of high carbon dioxide, Naama Lang-Yona, a doctoral candidate in environmental sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, said at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The fungus, called Aspergillus fumigatus, is incredibly common.
Video shows brown shower water, mold in Fort Polk barracks: A Fort Polk soldier upset about conditions in the barracks, provided a video to a social media site showing coffee-brown shower water and a moldy bathroom ceiling in a barracks room.

Rutgers Researchers Studying Differences Between Mold Samples Taken From Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy: “I happen to be a mold expert. I will continue to study it until I drop,” declared Joan Bennett, 71, of Somerset, N.J., a plant biology and pathology professor and researcher in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University. Bennett recently discovered that mushroom alcohol, a compound often emitted by mold, might be linked to symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The findings, coauthored by Arati Inamdar, 34, of Edison, a research associate at Rutgers, were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in November.
Woman says mold forces her from home: From the outside, the house at 10 Grand Ave. looks like a typical family residence; however, its most recent occupants have been plagued by constant itching and skin irritation since they moved into the rented dwelling July 31.
Restoring Your Home: Fire & Water Damage: Whether your home suffers a broken plumbing pipe or your clothes dryer catches fire – cleaning up water and smoke damage is important because if left untreated, the damage can become a bigger problem, costing more money to repair. Cleanup and restoration requires hiring companies that specialize in remediation and restoration services. These companies are staffed with professional technicians and contractors that have extensive experience and heavy duty equipment to help remove mold, mildew, bacteria, smoke and odors that are prevalent in these environments. These companies understand the permits and inspections that are required in your area and will work in accordance to all building regulations and codes.

Free mold cleaning for Sandy homes: A free mold-remediation program is being offered to those still dealing with the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.
Kanawha shut out of School Building grants: Kanawha County school officials were unsuccessful Monday in their attempt to secure state money to deal with mold problems at South Charleston Middle School.
Parents furious after mould found in N.B. school: Some parents in Miramichi are furious with the New Brunswick government over what they say is an ultimatum. Mould found in a school gym is part of the issue, but parents say they are being forced to make a decision, without all of the information.
Mold problem at SDSU: ‘This building is a sick building’: Something beneath the mat changed Marlys Bohn’s life that day, something coming up between the tiles that irritated her nose and throat and settled deep inside her.
Mold problem at North Greene school not expected to grow: North Greene school district officials say they are still awaiting test results to tell them the severity of a mold problem in one of the schools, but they believe any issue is isolated and contained.
Mold remediation expected to take up to 2 weeks at Chico Fire Station 5: Work to remove mold from the Chico Fire Department’s Station 5 started Monday and is expected to continue for one to two weeks, according to the department. The firefighters stationed there will be temporarily housed in a trailer so they can stay on-site and respond to the area, interim Fire Chief Keith Carter said.
Harlem Senior Battles Lung Disease, Cancer And Black Mold: Life for a sick East Harlem senior has been challenging living with black mold. The senior hopes to get into senior housing, but right now she’s just trying to get management to clean up mold and peeling paint in her apartment.
River Strand residents angry after new Lennar condos show mold: RJ and Sharon Dominic bought a new condo this year in the River Strand community to fulfill their dreams of warm Florida winters away from their home in Ocean View, Del. They planned to make the 1,450-square-foot oasis their permanent home. After all, there is a golf course in the neighborhood and family just a few miles away. But now the Dominics are looking to sell their condo after they say a faulty air-conditioning system caused a mold outbreak. As of this week, the couple has spent more than $30,000 to remediate the mold. And other residents in the Verandas condos say they’ve had similar mold issues.
Mould menace drives duo from their Lincoln house of horror: A couple say they have been forced out of their home by mould which has grown on their furniture. Binman Daniel Pedge, 28, has been periodically suffering nose bleeds, which he blames on the state of the property in Locking Close, Doddington Park.
Mold temporarily closes Cape Coral fire station: Cape Coral Fire Station #2 has been temporarily closed after mold was discovered in the kitchen area. WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Sorry state of rental home a shock to blind owner: ASBESTOS, mould and termites – it’s not what you’d expect to see in a house on Woorim’s foreshore. And that was the problem for Bribie resident Yabbi Welding. Mr Welding, who is blind, rented the home just over a year ago and said he was not made aware of the numerous problems that have since come to light.
Man finds mold, leaks, cat smell in new apartment: A local man said when he moved into his Charlotte apartment he found mold, leaks and a strong cat smell.

Landlord sued over mold growth in leased property: The lessee of a local home is suing its owner for mold growth in the home.
Lawsuit over front-load washers may drive consumers back to energy-wasting models: Many consumers find that front-loading washing machines have a lot of advantages over their top-loading cousins. Though they are more costly, front-loaders have been touted for their energy efficiency, low water usage and their sleek good looks. But some owners of these newer machines may be getting more than they bargained for.
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Choose the right subfloor system: Protect your flooring from moisture and mould: Last week I talked about engineered hardwood floors, and one of the big benefits is that you can install them over concrete and below grade, like in a basement. That’s according to some flooring experts, but I think you need to be careful. If I were going to do this I would add an extra layer of protection to make sure I have the right subfloor system to prevent mould and water damage.
Idaho Knew About Chobani Mold: A report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the Idaho Department of Agriculture spotted moldy yogurt during a routine inspection at a Chobani facility in Twin Falls two months before the company issued a voluntary recall.