New York Recognizes Mold As A Health Threat

New York Recognizes Mold As A Health Threat
Christmas has come early for residents of public housing in New York City.
Facing a law suit, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has agreed to remove mold in public housing more quickly and more thoroughly.
In the past, NYCHA just painted over mold, a band aid solution leading to recurring mold problems.
This agreement, which will impact 400,000 plus residents of public housing, specifically forces NYCHA to AGREE to the following:
1. Address moisture as the root cause of mold.
2. Respond to complaints promptly.
3. Recognize mold and moisture as a health threat.
4. Recognize asthma as a disability and to make accommodations for tenants with the condition.
For victims of mold sickness, who live in public housing or rent from private real estate companies, this should hopefully set a precedent for future action.
Finally a state housing authority has recognized mold and moisture as a health threat and will be held accountable for fixing the root cause of the mold problem: moisture.
This is a historic agreement which hopefully will prompt action and recognition of the health threats caused by mold in other states, provinces, and countries.