Asbestos in the News: Issue 105

Asbestos in the News: Issue 105
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 28 stories we thought may interest you!
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Government report shines light on asbestos litigation: According to a U.S. government report, companies have set aside more than $30 billion for victims of mesothelioma since the 1980s. In fact, asbestos lawsuits have played a role in approximately 100 companies going bankrupt.
Calif. jury awards mesothelioma victim’s family $11M in wrongful death lawsuit: A jury awarded the family of a deceased auto parts worker diagnosed with mesothelioma $11 million in damages in the family’s wrongful death lawsuit after previously awarding the family nearly $4 million in a personal injury lawsuit.
Long Term Survival Possible with CRS/HIPEC for Mesothelioma: There’s hopeful news for peritoneal mesothelioma patients facing the prospect of surgery. A new study on the benefits of cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) finds that both the process and outcomes have improved over time.
Man died 50 years after working with asbestos: A STONEHOUSE man’s work at a notorious asbestos ‘hot spot’ caused his death 50 years later, an inquest heard yesterday, Thursday.
Deadly legacy: ASBESTOS still poses a serious risk to workers and their families with the mineral still inside established buildings throughout Perth’s CBD, according to the Asbestos Diseases Society.
Factors Predict Long-Term Survival After Mesothelioma Surgery: Two thoracic surgeons from Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, England have come up with a list of factors they say can be used to predict long term survival in mesothelioma patients who undergo radical surgery.
Gene-Based Mesothelioma Treatment Could Improve Chemotherapy: A team of international researchers say “turning off” the gene for mesothelin slows the spread of mesothelioma and sensitizes cells to cisplatin therapy.
Board to approve asbestos removal plans for former Logan Middle School: Plans to remove asbestos from the former Logan Middle School will come before the board of education Monday.
Hinsdale Middle School Reopens (PHOTOS); Timeline Follows Mold, Asbestos Issues: From severe water damage to mold issues to traces of asbestos located in the school’s music room, Hinsdale Middle School has had a very rough start to the New Year.
Asbestos testing being conducted: Four Round Rock school district facilities have identified asbestos material in the walls during the district’s investigation in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act.
Asbestos closes buildings at Karabar High: THE Department of Education has assured the Karabar High School community that asbestos contamination in some school buildings has posed only a “minimal risk” to staff and students.
Deep Wood Elementary tests positive for asbestos: Round Rock ISD says a elementary school is testing positive for asbestos. An inspection uncovered 2 to 3 percent asbestos in the walls of Deep Wood Elementary.
Residents, faculty unconcerned with Andy Holt’s asbestos: For the students of Apartment Residence Hall, commonly known as “Andy Holt,” living amid asbestos and lead paint is simply part of the college experience.
Binghamton schools spend $80K on additional asbestos inspections: After five months and a special request from the school board, additional asbestos inspections have been completed in buildings owned and operated by the Binghamton City School District.
Hampshire asbestos victims face losing up to a quarter of their payout: MINISTERS have been accused of deceiving Hampshire asbestos victims with fatal lung cancer, after dealing them a second heavy blow.
Sealed Air Corp. finalizes $930M payment to asbestos trusts: A New Jersey bubble wrap manufacturer paid $930 million in cash into two asbestos trusts as part of W.R. Grace & Co’s bankruptcy settlement agreement.
Contractor gets jail time for improperly removing asbestos from Medway home: A Plainville heating contractor, charged with improperly removing asbestos from a Medway home, changed his plea to guilty Monday in Norfolk Superior Court and was sentenced to one year in jail with six months suspended.
Essex Demolition Company Will Pay Up to $125K for Illegal Asbestos Handling: McConnell Enterprises, Inc., an Essex-based demolition company, will pay up to $125,000 in civil penalties for the illegal handling of asbestos. According to the Attorney General, the payment amount breaks down to $82,500 in penalties to the commonwealth and an additional $42,500 in penalties if McConnell fails to conform to waste regulations over the next 18 months.
Companies fined after asbestos exposure: Three companies have been fined after residents at a sheltered housing scheme were exposed to asbestos.
Lift firms fined for asbestos negligence: West Yorkshire firm Express Elevators Ltd was contracted by Anchor Trust to replace the lift at St Paul’s Court sheltered housing scheme in Alnwick in November 2012. PC Lifts, of London, was subcontracted to remove the existing lift ahead of the new one being installed.
Health Insurers Sue To Pry Open Asbestos-Bankruptcy Trusts: Insurance companies have joined the list of parties that want to pry open the records of secretive bankruptcy trusts that plaintiff lawyers set up to pay asbestos-related claims.
Plumber’s asbestos case set for trial in Madison County, Ill.: A Florida plumber’s asbestos personal injury lawsuit may soon go to trial in the nation’s epicenter for asbestos litigation.
Second Hand Asbestos Exposure Verdict $27M: An Ohio jury has found for a man who developed mesothelioma from secondary exposure to asbestos fibers, which were carried home on his father’s clothes when he was a child. The jury awarded $27.5 million in damages.
Couple sues former employers in asbestos lawsuit: A Texas couple is suing a number of businesses they claim contributed to an employee’s lung cancer.
Worksafe investigating over asbestos in Dickson building’s ceiling: The contents of both workshops, including tools, equipment and cars, will also be off limits until they are forensically cleaned of asbestos particles by a licensed asbestos cleaner – adding to the hefty repair bill.
Civic HQ shut after asbestos is discovered: Delays are set to thwart Police Scotland’s plans to move from its present office in Linlithgow to a new partnership hub in County Buildings – due to the presence of asbestos.
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Asbestos in Libby; For harmed residents, Baucus delivered: For residents of Libby ravaged by asbestos-related diseases, U.S. Sen. Max Baucus has delivered on health care – including special government coverage like nowhere else in America.
Asbestos carpet underlay: Recent reports indicate that carpet underlays may be contaminated with asbestos. The source of the asbestos carpet underlay is from recycling of hessian bags used to transport material from Wittenoom to Perth in the 1960s and 70s.

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