Asbestos in the News: Issue 120

Asbestos in the News: Issue 120
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 50 stories we thought may interest you!
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Travelers Ordered to Abide by $500 Million Asbestos Pact: Travelers Cos. must pay more than $500 million to victims of asbestos-related diseases under a settlement proposal first approved by a judge in 2004, an appeals court ruled in a case that has been to the U.S. Supreme Court and back.
Mesothelioma survival rate and compensation: deaths continue to rise: New figures released by the Health and Safety Executive have indicated that the number of cancer deaths in the UK caused by asbestos exposure is continuing to rise, with an increase in cases of mesothelioma of more than 10 per cent, characterised by a greater number of male deaths aged 65 and over.
Using Cancer Statistics to Prioritize Mesothelioma Research: New cancer statistics from Quebec, Canada suggest that mesothelioma should be a research priority for scientists looking into work-related illnesses.
The case against asbestos: Accidental exposure is entirely preventable: Some 60 years ago, lumps of wet, grey material were given to students in art classes to shape and mould into art to proudly display at home. It was especially good for objets d’art such as candle holders, since the substance was famous for stopping the spread of flames. That material was asbestos, now known as a toxic material for which there is, quite simply, no safe level of exposure. It’s still regularly found in older schools and universities across Canada, wrapped around pipes, above ceilings and behind walls.
Secret Research Conducted into Asbestos Diseases: According to The Center for Public Integrity’s report, Georgia-Pacific faced almost $1 billion in liability due to asbestos litigation. In response, the company reportedly devised a plan to prove asbestos was not making people sick: hire consultants to carry out studies, have those studies published and have the company’s legal team provide input on those studies before they are published.
Jury awards asbestos plaintiff $9.3M; Defendant takes issue with punitive damages award: A valve manufacturer is seeking a new trial after a Massachusetts jury awarded more than $9 million to a claimant represented by an asbestos trust, arguing that the trial court erred when it excluded any mention of the family’s prior state court trial or the defendant’s bankruptcy proceeding.
Asbestos scare is reminder of Congressional inaction: On Thursday, July 10, the U.S. Capitol Building was forced to temporarily quarantine the House side because of an “asbestos-related incident.” I can imagine the shock and fear of members of Congress, their staff, and building employees upon learning that this invisible killer had surrounded them in their workplace. Ironically, many of these same members of Congress have repeatedly opposed efforts to ban asbestos and ushered through legislation that would let the asbestos industry off the hook for the deaths and disease caused by this substance.
Can Other Minerals Besides Asbestos Induce Mesothelioma?: While asbestos exposure is the most commonly known cause for mesothelioma, it has also been discovered that a mineral called erionite can be a cause as well. One case of erionite-induced mesothelioma has been reported in a male living in North Dakota.1 Similar cases with eronite-induced mesothelioma have also been reported in areas of Turkey. Because chronic erionite exposure must last decades before mesothelioma develops in the cases in Turkey, this single case report suggested that North Dakota (ND) may have a source for chronic erionite exposure.
Could a Pac-Man-Like Cell Gobble Up Mesothelioma Cancer Cells Some Day?: Mesothelioma is one of the most aggressive and challenging cancers to treat. The infected cells fight off standard cancer treatments and continue to grow and divide leaving doctors and patients frustrated at the inability to stop the rogue cells. Now, researchers say that they are working on building a Pac-Man-like artificial cell that can gobble up cancer cells.
Mesothelioma Clinical Trial Should Prove Worth of Photodynamic Therapy: Glatstein, vice chairman of the radiation oncology department at Penn Medicine, leads the first randomized clinical trial of photodynamic therapy (PDT) for pleural mesothelioma cancer and aims to prove its effectiveness.
Mesothelioma Victims Center Is Excited To Share A Breakthrough Treatment From Massachusetts General Hospital With Recently Diagnosed Victims Or Their Family Members: The Mesothelioma Victims Center is excited to share the recent news released by Science Daily that researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have designed a new therapy for mesothelioma victims. The group says, “We have been helping victims and family members of a victim for many years. Part of our service focuses on finding the most up-to-date treatment options, and this newest one is very promising.”
Immunotoxin Clinical Trial at NCI Looks Promising: Medical oncologist Raffit Hassan, M.D., has studied SS1P, the genetically engineered immunotoxin, for more than 15 years, believing it could become the key to therapeutic advancements for malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Kidney Risk May be Unavoidable with Top Mesothelioma Drug: Italian scientists studying the popular mesothelioma chemotherapy drug pemetrexed (Alimta) have some sobering news for patients: Kidney damage remains a risk, even in patients whose kidney function tests are on the low end of normal.
Asbestos in the Workplace: The Risks: Asbestos is a killer. In fact, it’s the biggest work-related killer in the UK, with the HSE reporting an average of 20 deaths per week from asbestos-related illness. In total, 2,291 deaths are recorded annually in the UK as a direct result of mesothelioma, a type of cancer that develops in the tissue that covers the surface of the lungs and the abdomen.
Can Chronic Inflammation Affect Lifespan of Mesothelioma Patients?: Chronic exposure to asbestos fibers is a major risk factor for development of mesothelioma. How asbestos induces asbestos-related disease, including mesothelioma, is being investigated and probably involves several mechanisms.
Deadly asbestos related cancer has killed dozens: A rare and deadly asbestos-related cancer has killed at least one person a year in Hyndburn over the past three decades.
CDC Anti-Infection Campaign Important to Mesothelioma Patients: Mesothelioma patients are often faced with chemotherapy and radiation as part of their treatment regimen. While many people are aware of the potential side effects of these treatments including fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite, most are not aware that infections are also a common complication. Getting an infection during mesothelioma treatments can be life-threatening.
Vitamin E Analog Inhibits Blood Vessel Growth in Mesothelioma Cells: Scientists say a form of Vitamin E may be able to help fight malignant mesothelioma by limiting the growth of tumor-feeding blood vessels.
Combining Red Wine Ingredient With Leukemia Drug Effective in Fighting Mesothelioma: In 2012, we reported on a study from researchers in Korea who reported that resveratrol, an ingredient found in the skin of red grapes and red wine, could cause mesothelioma cells to die. Now, these same researchers report that combining resveratrol with an anti-cancer drug could make the cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy making it more effective.
Asbestos scare keeps WA school closed: Western Australia’s largest government high school will remain closed for the rest of the week due to an asbestos scare.
West Springfield elementary schools removing old floor tiles, that may have been built with asbestos: A series of school summer repair and replacement projects are currently underway at elementary schools throughout the city, one of which includes the removal and replacement of decades old floor tiling projects that may have been constructed with asbestos.
Workers rip up asbestos with carpet: Long River Middle School is closed for the time being after workers removing carpet exposed asbestos while a summer camp was going on at the school.
Asbestos insulation to be removed from school’s crawl space: Old asbestos boiler-pipe insulation will be replaced this summer in a crawl space beneath Clara Peterson Elementary School in Paxton.
Asbestos exposure in schools case sees cancer sufferer paid £275,000 by Devon County Council: A “UNIQUE case” where a man claimed he was exposed to asbestos as a schoolboy in South Molton and developed cancer has seen a £275,000 payout by Devon County Council.
Worker recalls school’s asbestos: JEFF Crowe remembers a snowstorm of dust in the corridors of Burnie High School in the mid 1970s. It was not until much later that he discovered that it was asbestos.
Removing Asbestos From San Rafael Elementary: The Grants/Cibola County School Board approved an asbestos removal RFP (Request For Proposal) for San Rafael Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon. The approval added another $72,000 to the $502,000 that was previously approved in an RFP to replace the roof.
Asbestos removal in Oshawa schools safe: Catholic board: The Durham Catholic District School Board says asbestos removal at Oshawa and Whitby schools during the school year was done safely and when the students were not in the classroom.
Asbestos case remanded for failing to provide NASA specs requiring asbestos: A Louisiana judge has granted a former insulator’s motion to remand his asbestos case based on the Federal Officer Removal Statute, concluding that the defendant failed to provide NASA regulations requiring asbestos.
Fight rages over punitive damages in N.Y. asbestos cases; Defendants claim ‘chaos’: Nearly four months after New York Supreme Court Justice Sherry Klein Heitler reinstated claims for punitive damages in the New York City Asbestos Litigation, the parties continue to fight over whether the order was proper.
Plaintiffs and Defendants Locked in Asbestos Drilling Mud-Slinging: It’s been a little over a year since a group of 10 plaintiffs hooked into some drilling mud-slinging with a group of defendants, accusing them of needless exposure to asbestos while working on offshore drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The ten, claiming to suffer from “asbestos maladies,” filed their drilling mud lawsuit in Louisiana on June 10 of last year.
Mesothelioma plaintiffs must present evidence showing amount of asbestos exposure when filing lawsuits, Texas Supreme Court rules: The Texas Supreme Court has now ruled that, in cases based on exposure to asbestos, plaintiffs suffering from mesothelioma are subject to the same basic burden of proof for causation as those suffering from asbestosis. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer of a lining of the body’s internal organs. It is well-established that asbestos, when breathed into the lungs, can cause mesothelioma.
Vets favor new state asbestos law: As veterans, we empathize with those who suffer from mesothelioma, the asbestos-related disease. We were trained as veterans to never leave our fellow soldiers behind, and that is why we took the same position as the AMVETS Department of Wisconsin in supporting the asbestos legislation (2013 Wisconsin Act 154) passed by the Wisconsin Legislature and signed by Gov. Scott Walker. This new law will ensure that our brothers in arms are not left behind.
Asbestos case remanded for failing to provide NASA specs requiring asbestos: A Louisiana judge has granted a former insulator’s motion to remand his asbestos case based on the Federal Officer Removal Statute, concluding that the defendant failed to provide NASA regulations requiring asbestos.
Former shipyard worker files suit against numerous companies over mesothelioma lung cancer: A freight and cargo handler in the Port of New Orleans between approximately 1950 and the early 1960s has filed suit against numerous companies for their interactions with asbestos.
Coakley files lawsuit over asbestos removal: Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against an Oxford-based environmental company that allegedly failed to follow proper procedures and safety precautions related to asbestos-containing materials.
Colorado AG fines firms for mishandling asbestos: Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has announced that Tri State Environmental Group and Aftermath Cleanup & Remediation Services LLC will pay fines totaling $1 million for failing to properly dispose of asbestos-containing waste material (ACWM). The fine will be split evenly between the two asbestos abatement disposal companies.
Texas SC rejects ‘every exposure’ theory in asbestos case: The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that an asbestos claimant failed to offer legally sufficient causation evidence, denying the “every exposure” theory on the grounds that simply offering evidence of exposure regarding a dose-related disease should not imply automatic liability.
Federal Jury Awards $9.3 Million Against Manufacturer of Asbestos-Containing Spray Insulation: A Massachusetts jury has awarded $9.3 million at the end of an asbestos trial in which the plaintiffs alleged that a former pipefitter union business manager was exposed to Turner & Newall Limited’s Limpet spray insulation in the 1960s.
Lawsuit makes asbestos-dust claim against Norton Co.: Can asbestos-laden dust, brought home day after day for 35 years on the work clothes of your loved one, cause you to get cancer?
N.Y. appellate court affirms $12M jury verdict in consolidated asbestos cases: The New York Supreme Court’s Appellate Division has ruled in favor of two plaintiffs in a consolidated asbestos case, affirming a $12 million jury verdict.
Renovators face criminal charge for not removing asbestos: A Canberra couple have been convicted for failing to completely remove asbestos during a major renovation of their family home in Griffith.
Mechanic can sue Ford for further damages in asbestos case: The state Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed a former Bay Area service station owner to seek additional damages from Ford Motor Co. for exposing him to brake-lining asbestos that has afflicted him with terminal cancer.
Asbestos being removed from police offices: LARGE quantities of asbestos sheets are being removed from the rooftops of Nicosia district police offices, according to Nicosia District commissioner Demetris Demetriou, who told the Cyprus Mail that it was time the dangerous building material was disposed off.
Concerns customers and staff at Moonah discount retailer forces store closure: Concerns about asbestos exposure have prompted the temporary closure of a discount retailer in Hobart’s northern suburbs.
EQC kept mum about asbestos-infected house: Angela Dawson and her three children lived in a house infested with asbestos for almost two years after the quakes.
House Side of Capitol Building Reopens After Asbestos Incident: The House side of the U.S. Capitol Building was briefly closed down on Thursday morning after officials said there was a “potential release” of asbestos during overnight repair work.
Care Home ‘Falling Apart’: Germaine was a care aide at Pioneer Village from 1984 to 2013. During that time, she says the building has been in a steady state of decline – particularly in the past five years. She is most concerned about asbestos and black mould in the special care home.
MISC. (3)
Liberty Mutual Sells $750 Million Bond After Buffett Deal: Liberty Mutual Group Inc. issued $750 million of bonds to help finance a payment to a unit of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. for covering the insurance company’s liabilities tied to asbestos.
Queanbeyan residents warned on Mr Fluffy asbestos: Eleven property owners in Queanbeyan and tenants of a block of flats have received a letter warning them that Mr Fluffy asbestos could still be in their homes.
MV Miner removal dealing with asbestos on wrecked ship: “The main material that has to be removed is the asbestos. There’s asbestos wrap on a lot of the plumbing that’s in the vessel and that has to be removed,” said Chief Operating Officer Joel MacLean.

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