Mold in the News: Issue 160

Mold in the News: Issue 160
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 27 stories we thought may interest you!
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Home purchasers sue after allegedly finding toxic mold in home: A family that bought a home is suing the seller and a home inspector for allegedly not disclosing the property was affected by toxic mold.
Mold, mushrooms plague Miami apartment complex: Residents said they have had enough after dealing with mold, mildew and mushrooms growing in their Miami apartment complex with no permanent solution in sight.
Bill would require certified mold technicians: Under the bill, the state Department of Community Affairs would establish a certification program for mold inspectors and mold hazard abatement workers based on information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Almost Half of CF Patients are Infected with Aspergillus Mold: According to a recent study conducted by a medical student from Manchester University in the United Kingdom, approximately 50 percent of cystic fibrosis patients are also infected by the Aspergillus fungus, which is caused by an exposure to mold. The research highlights the dangers of mold, and it may help doctors improve diagnosis and treatment for patients with CF.
Antifungal therapy may alter epidemiology of invasive mold infections: Treatment with antifungal therapy prior to diagnosis may change the epidemiology of invasive mold infections, according to study findings in The Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society.
Can Stachybotris Mold Make You Lose Your Mind?: In the early 1980s I had streams of sick patients, many with food allergies, but also with real sensitivities to mold toxins (mycotoxins). It was obvious what was going on. But of course it was all labeled as delusion and fraud because there was “no scientific proof”; the mere fact I got results with my own eyes and own activity doesn’t cut any ice with these guardians of scientific thinking.
Mold – an indoor air quality concern: As a homeowner, one should work to keep their indoor air quality clean. Mold can be a primary contributor to poor air quality, and can have negative health effects on the individuals living in the home. If you have mold in your home, what should you do to get rid of it?
Dominos Customer Disgusted To Find Blue Mould All Over Pizza Base: We’re sure this is an isolated incident (well, we hope) but it will take a long while before we will be craving a Dominos pizza again. Poor Matt Hewett had almost eaten a whole slice of pizza when he noticed its mouldy green base. Upon further inspection he found the entire pizza was covered in mould, worryingly, Matt was planning on sharing the pizza with his five-year-old son.
Why summer thunderstorms can trigger asthma attacks: Allergy sufferers often wish for rain, hoping it will wash away all the pollens and moulds that stuff up their noses. While rain can indeed provide relief, a violent thunderstorm may have just the opposite effect: An unlucky few may experience a little-known threat called thunderstorm-related asthma.
WCC will pay $500,000 for removal and prevention of mold at campus building: The discovery of mold on the outside layers of drywall in the Crane Liberal Arts and Science building at Washtenaw Community College has pushed forward a maintenance plan and will displace some staff when classes resume this fall.
Tour of former Monongahela Elementary Center building reveals mold, physical damage: An unmistakable musty odor hits visitors as they walk inside Monongahela Elementary Center. The first thing they see is mold growing throughout the 90-year old building.
Workers remove toxic mold at Tumwater school: When toxic mold was discovered by a teacher at A.G. West Black Hills High School in Tumwater during spring break, school district officials closed that classroom off, and hoped it was an isolated incident.
Students moved from HISD school due to mold: At Codwell Elementary School in South Houston, Houston Independent School District leaders have been making improvements on the school’s security, plumbing and playground equipment. According to the district’s 2007 bond website, it’s about $1.7 million worth of fixes. They now know they have a new job — cleaning up mold within the school’s walls.
Yorktown Wal-Mart closes departments for mold: A Yorktown Wal-Mart has closed three areas related to food preparation after mold was discovered.
Mold forces relocation of Haley hospital patients: About a half dozen patients in the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Center had to be moved and a hallway sealed off after mold was discovered in an area near the patient care section in May, hospital officials say.
Tenants Say Mold Complaints Falling On Deaf Ears: Latoyia Jackson says she’s been battling an upper respiratory infection for weeks. She showed Eyewitness News her medicine. Jackson has also been in an ongoing battle with her landlord. She says it all started several months ago when her air conditioner started leaking. She says multiple attempts to fix it didn’t work. And the result is black mold growing in the closet by her air conditioner and also in her shower.
Mold shuts down BT family services: The office of the Children and Family Services in Bodden Town has been closed for nearly a month due to a mold problem.
Fitchburg Green Acres tenants blast conditions; director says woes won’t be fixed overnight: Green Acres resident Jazmin Guzman has been living in her Leyte Road apartment with her two children for nearly five years, and said mold on her walls and ceilings has been an issue from the beginning.
$156K mold cleanup at Pocono Mountain Police HQ is likely to get pricier: A mold remediation project that already costs more than $150,000 at the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department headquarters has revealed deeper water issues that might push expenses higher.
Exeter Council pledges to sort mould problem in 350 city homes: EXETER City Council has pledged to get rid of damp and mould in 350 city homes.
Mother fears for her children in damp house: A DISTRESSED mother fears severe mould and patches of damp in the local authority house she is living in are impacting on her young children’s health.
Mold problem closes part of library in Wilson: Part of a library in Northampton County is off-limits because of a mold problem, and it’s a problem that’s affecting Wilson’s youngest readers.
Mum fears mould putting children’s lives at risk in Custom House: Sadia Nakimera, 31, of Hoskins Close, Custom House, is one of a number of residents calling on Newham Council to take action about an endemic mould issue through PEACH.
Rod Stewart’s son in legal battle over rent: Sean Stewart is ready to fight his landlord in court who is going after him for back rent … claiming she shamelessly painted over dangerous mold … mold that made him sick.
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Wallboard mould solved: A new treatment that stops wallboard going mouldy has been patented by Microban International.
White mold in soybeans a concern across Midwest: White mold, caused by the fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, is not common every year in this region, but farmers that have battled the disease in the past will want to assess the risk of white mold development as soybeans approach flowering (growth stage R1 – plants have at least one open flower at any node).
Dealing with mould in the attic: First, let me clarify that the inspection for or the identification of mould is beyond the scope of a typical home inspection. Without getting too literal, whether we spell it as mold or mould, it is a type of fungus that will decompose organic material (i.e. wood, paper, etc.) and prefers damp or wet locations. Mould growth has been known to adversely affect people’s health and can cause wood rot and structural damage. Only an accredited mould professional has the necessary training and tools to accurately classify the specific mould species that may have invaded your attic space.