Mold in the News: Issue 162

Mold in the News: Issue 162
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 21 stories we thought may interest you!
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Lindenhurst neighbors fed up with mold-ridden foreclosed property next door: A Lindenhurst homeowner who nearly lost everything to Superstorm Sandy is dealing with new troubles on his block: the foreclosed, mold-ridden home next door.
St. Charles School District 303 to pay $660K settlement in mold case: The St. Charles School District 303 Board this month approved a six-figure settlement in a lawsuit tied to the 2001 mold discovery at St. Charles East High School.
Fire-damaged North Port home has neighbors complaining of mold: It’s not the heat or humidity that drives the 48-year-old back inside her North Port home, and, she claims, gives her life-threatening asthma attacks.
Mold Found in Juice Boxes in Madison County School Cafeteria: Reports of mold in orange juice boxes in a Madison County School cafeteria turned heads Wednesday morning.
Leaky roof, mold, asbestos found at Concept Schools’ Chatham site: Mold is visibly evident throughout many of the classrooms. The mold and mildew is so bad, that a handful of the classrooms cannot be accessed due to the noxious, overwhelming, suffocating scent.
Mold spreading in San Jose State journalism building, employees report: Reports of mold spreading through parts of San Jose State’s aging School of Journalism building has campus administrators considering moving out some employees, just days before Monday’s start of the fall term.
Update On Air Quality and Mold at North Dorchester High School: Based on the results of the inspection and sampling, Wagner says there was no visible mold growth or water damage.
Parents upset after mold closes popular Gardner daycare: Parents of at least 120 children in Gardner have mixed emotions of heartbreak and frustration after they discovered their beloved daycare had to suddenly close its doors because of a mold problem.
Ford Center’s fate still shaky, SSHA asks city to consider purchasing: The Saratoga Springs Housing Authority task force created to determine the fate of the William H. Ford Neighborhood Center at 31 Fenlon St. has met twice, but still has not made a decision on the authority-owned facility’s future after it was shut down by the city due to black mold infestation.
Residents concerned about renovations: This mold problem it’s not just in my apartment it’s in a lot of these apartments.
KMBC investigates mold problem in Odessa city building: A persistent mold problem at an Odessa, Mo., city building has employees concerned for their health.
Employees claim black mold in New Paltz Town Hal: Nobody who’s ever worked or spent any time in the musty-smelling rabbit warren that is Town Hall has ever had a good word to say about it. Town employees complain of red, itchy eyes, sinus difficulties and sore, scratchy throats.
Former Erb Street tenant tells of water damage, mould, sickness: Electrical hazards at 154 Erb St. E. have overshadowed another serious problem: mould.
Government Office Closed Due to Mold on Cayman Islands: Earlier this month, the Cayman Compass published a report that one of the offices for Children and Family Services in the Cayman Islands has been closed due to mold problems. The office, in Bodden Town, closed its doors on July 1st and its staff was relocated to another building until the Department of Environmental Health determines the office is safe once again for employees to return.
Troubled Arlington Terrace Apartments to get new owners, as residents live with mold, mice and deterioration: Faith Thompson has lived in the Arlington Terrace Apartments for 29 years, and she’s had to deal with mice scampering through her kitchen, mold growing on her walls and, once, an electrical outlet that caught fire before her eyes.
Owner/ renter responsibility when mold forms: Some residents are living with possible mold and mushrooms growing in their homes.
Senate panel hears about mold, mildew: The mold in Sharon Williams’ apartment was so prevalent she could smell it, forcing her to move when her landlord refused to correct it.
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Basement clean-up is not complete if mold is left behind: As the result of basement flooding, mold can begin to develop in impacted areas as little as two days later, cautions the Michigan Department of Community Health.
Mold invades soybean fields: As you have driven around looking at soybean fields the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed a gray-green color in some fields. This is a result of Sclerotinia Stem Rot, also known as white mold.
Disgusting! Kourtney Kardashian Discovers Mold Infestation In Her Mansion: As if Kourtney Kardashian didn’t already have enough to deal with, she’s just been dealt another blow. While rumors have been taking over Twitter and Facebook about Kourtney’s rocky relationship with Scott Disick, she has bigger problems right now. What could possibly be worse than dealing with Disick’s antics while pregnant? For Kourtney, she is now dealing with a massive mold infestation in the mansion she purchased months ago. Oh no!
Kentucky tobacco growers get blue mold warning: Tobacco growers with recently topped plants and those still needing to be topped should take measures to prevent blue mold development, said Bob Pearce, extension tobacco specialist with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.