Act Now! Our Government is here to help. Deadline to file a claim for flooding via PDAP is Dec. 31st

Floods of Saskatchewan 2014

This map represents the areas that endured flooding & water damage in the Spring & Summer of 2014


The Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) provides financial assistance to eligible claimants located in a municipality, First Nation or park that has been designated eligible for assistance as a result of a substantial loss or damage to uninsurable, essential property caused by specific natural disasters.
For all residents that have suffered from Flood damage from the high amount of water that Saskatchewan received this summer & spring. Now is the final time to put in your claim to the provincial Government for assistance. Please read the PDAP assistance information at.—final—24-june-2014.pdf

To get all the facts, Got Mold? wants to help you get the data you require sent in along with your claim forms so you can apply for this much needed assistance. In order to file a claim for mold, you are required to have an inspection and air testing performed along with documentation to prove that a mold problem is present. Don’t wait! The deadline is December 31st for all flood related claims. Any damage that may have happened because of the water damage could be covered by PDAP. But, you must act now!
Got Mold? is available to do assessments of the damages incurred from the flooding during the dates that PDAP is offering assistance for.
Some tips from PDAP

Before you start cleaning:

  • Ensure it is safe and your property is free of hazards such as wet electrical equipment.
  • Contact your private insurance provider to see if any damages may be covered.
  • Contact your municipality, band office or PDAP for a PDAP application.
  • Take photos of everything. Take notes on the date and location of each photo.

Determine the following information:

  • When and where did the water enter your home?
  • How high was the water?
  • How long did the water sit before it was removed?


Even if you think you dried everything out, you may have sub surface moisture and hidden mold growth in behind wall cavities!! We receive calls daily from people who thought they dried everything out but all of a sudden have health concerns and or musty odours.  Once assessed by a professional, major problems are typically found that they had no idea were present. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be covered by this great program put forth by the Provincial Government. Book your inspection NOW! If a problem is found you don’t want to miss the deadline of Dec. 31st to apply for PDAP coverage.

Before you start repairing:

  • Ensure the area is safe and your property is free of hazards such as damaged electrical equipment.
  • Remove water from your home.
  • Remove the affected contents of your home and store them in a safe, dry area.
  • Keep a log of all work done to protect your home (hours worked, who performed the work, what work was completed, etc.)
To be eligible for assistance, your local authority (city, town, village, resort village, provincial park, rural municipality, or First Nation) must apply to be approved. If your community is not listed, contact them directly and inform them of your losses. They will need to apply to PDAP before you can submit your individual claim.
For homeowners to be eligible, the damaged property must be their primary place of residence (seasonal cottages are not covered under PDAP). For a business to qualify for assistance, it must make more than $4000.00 and less than $2 million in gross income, and have less than 20 employees.
37 Communities in Saskatchewan were highly effected by flooding in the spring and summer of 2014 if you live in one of these communities act now!

City of Yorkton.
City of Melville.
City of Regina
Town of Whitewood.
Town of Redvers.
Town of Fleming.
Town of Wolseley.
Town of Bredenbury.
Town of Watson.
Town of Grenfell.
Town of Lemberg.
Town of Springside.
Town of Churchbridge.
Village of Gainsborough.
Village of Alida.
Village of Stockholm.
Village of Carievale.
Village of Spy Hill.
Village of Quill Lake.
Village of Elfros.
RM of Martin #122.
RM of Moosomin #121.
RM of Rocanville #151.
RM of Antler #61.
RM of Argyle #1.
RM of Reciprocity #32.
RM of Fertile Belt #183.
RM of Storthoaks #31.
FN Star Blanket Cree Nation.
Town of Balcarres.
Town of Saltcoates.
RM of Grayson #184.
RM of Porcupine Plain #395.
RM of Garry # 245.
Village of Abernathy.
Village of Bangor.
RM of Tullymet #216.
Town of Regina Beach.

If you don’t live in these communities and still were affected by the water intrusion this spring & summer of 2014 you can still apply through the provincial disaster assistance program.

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