Mold in the news: Issue #170

Mold in the news: Issue #170

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Mold In the News


At Got Mold? we take pride in letting our viewers know about the hazards that mold can have on your health. Mold and asbestos can cause serious harm to your respiratory system especially in the developing years of your children. Not only your children can have health risks though, but yourself and pets can have many different types of reactions to mold. Please share these stories so that the world can know the lasting effects that mold and asbestos can have on you.
Downtown businesses blame sinking for water damage – The owner of a small bookstore says mold destroyed almost 200 old books. The owner of a small herb shop says a water pipe burst, destroying her entire stock of homegrown mint and lemon balm herbs. Their shops are on the underground level of the Grand Central Arcade in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood.
CBE admits mold found in shoddy school, maintains public wasn’t at risk – Inspections earlier this year of one the city’s most deteriorated schools did uncover “minor mold growth” in three classrooms, but Calgary Board of Education officials insist the hundreds of students and staff that frequent the facility were never at risk. Metro asked repeatedly in June about reports of three classrooms being shutdown at Viscount Bennett Centre after mold was found. The board did supply a letter stating their were no risks to public safety — it sent the same document home to parents with Westgate School’s Spanish program, who were initially told their kids would be moved to the dated facility while awaiting a permanent home in Glenmeadows.
EXCLUSIVE: Mold still a growing problem for hundreds of NYCHA tenants a year after promise of fixes – A year ago, NYCHA signed a federal consent decree requiring it to repair mold conditions for residents with asthma. The Daily News looked at a half-dozen developments, chosen at random, and found hundreds of tenants still waiting for progress to be made.
Tips to allergy sufferers for easy breathing this holiday season – got mold? offers many related articles to who to call and what to do when you have mold in your home. This article can help many people in the holiday seasons with a variety of different options for all sorts of allergy related issues
St. Charles District 303 rejects idea of remodeling Norris center – The St. Charles District 303 School Board has rejected the idea of remodeling a problematic section of the Norris Recreation Center. The building has been debated since 2012 when workers discovered black mold in the northeast corner, which housed six racquetball courts. The district, which owns the building on the St. Charles East High School campus, spent $94,000 to take care of the immediate problem. The center is operated by its board and staff and has members from the community. The high school uses the pool regularly.
Nighttime spraying recommended in treating peanuts for white mold disease – A University of Georgia plant pathologist is advocating nighttime and early morning spraying as options to combat white mold disease, a perennially devastating disease for Georgia peanut farmers.Because of its ability to produce oxalic acid and enzymes that can kill peanut crops, white mold disease is an annual concern, not only in Georgia but throughout the Southeast. The disease was not as widespread this year as in years past, said UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences professor and scientist Tim Brenneman, but the disease’s impact will continue to be felt statewide.
Widespread health violations at Foster Farms chicken factories, including mold, fecal matter and roaches – Thanks to a grassroots consumer advocacy group, one of the largest poultry producers in the Pacific Northwest has been exposed for committing hundreds of health and safety violations in less than just eight months.
Referred to by The New York Times as “one of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups,” the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) blew the whistle on Foster Farms’ operations after receiving documentation describing the company’s failure to meet and maintain federally mandated food standards.
Drugs like Tylenol can be contaminated with mold and chemicals – (NaturalNews) According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prescription drugs kill about 40,000 Americans each year and over the counter drugs (OTC) — from pain relievers to cough medicines — cause thousands of additional deaths. Drugs can sicken, and sometimes kill, through side effects, allergic reactions, overdoses and interactions. And now there’s another reason to worry about pills you put in your body. A recent recall of the OTC pain reliever TYLENOL Arthritis Pain Caplets has revealed that drugs can be contaminated with mold and chemicals when they are transported and stored on “engineered wood” pallets.
Many Social Media pages are sharing a recent picture about capri sun being moldy while still on the shelves at your local grocery store. While this article has not been seen in any recent news updates, we at got mold? did our own research with and came across the answers.
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