Do you seem to get sick when you spend more time in your home?

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It’s inevitable that you will have mold spores in your home, at a restaurant, walking around in a park or just through an air born particle that’s floating through the hallway at the same time you are carrying on with your every day routine.
People are exposed to mold more then they may realize. Their are different types of mold which can be found in a variety of growth situations, People have different sensitivities to these types of particles. Sometimes prolonged exposure can expose an allergy that you didn’t know you had. Sometimes it just starts as a slight irritation, a common head ache that occurs quite regularly at random times at home to irritating rash that appears and disappears. Everyone has a different reaction to the exposure of some molds as there bodies don’t react in the same ways that someone else could react in the same living environment. A healthy adult has a much stronger immune system then a smaller child or an elderly person, so they might not react as quickly as it would effect people with weaker immune systems.
Do you suffer from feeling fatigue, head aches sometimes nausea from being indoors at home? Maybe when you are at a friends or family members house for an extended period of time, or how about your work place?
If you answered yes to these questions, maybe a visual inspection followed with indoor air quality testing is a step you should consider to find out if you have an indoor air quality problem. We have encountered several individuals that live all sorts of different life styles, and a lot of them felt great when they were at work, out at friends or families places and just out on their regular routines. But, when they got home it was a completely different story, they would begin to feel tired, nauseous, sometimes develop random rashes, etc. While their loved ones were just fine. Seeking medical advise was almost hopeless because no matter what infection doctors say that they had they would still feel the effects of something once they were at home. After a sampling was taken at the home they are able to determine many different things about what could be in the air that you are breathing in that could be effecting your health. Sometimes, polling may be the issue, smoke irritants, mold, off gassing of building materials, there are many reasons that illness could be experienced indoors.
People would never think that the home they live in, the place where they are supposed to feel the safest could be the reason you might not feel so great and be the reason you feel like you have some sort of illness. Its a hard thing to imagine when you can’t get a proper diagnoses for the way that you feel and the effects you are having and don’t understand why or what could be the reason. Sometimes it takes a while for these effects to start bothering you and many people get very sick from it and sometimes it could just be as little as a runny nose or nothing at all. It all depends on different people which is why we like to suggest services that can assist our communities and surrounding areas with services that they can utilize to have a happy and healthy life, after all your home should be your safe haven not your enemy.
We don’t want to turn people into hypochondriacs or think that we at got mold? have intentions of being fear mongers or self promoting our business when we tell you information that the public should be generally aware of. We want to give you information that helps you with your health, avoid potential health problems and share the stories of people who have severely suffered from mold and asbestos exposure so that you don’t have to go through what these people had to go through. For your safety and everyone you love, from your pets to your visitors. We don’t publish articles that have not been credibly documented and proofed to insure we’re giving you relevant and true information, This is why we suggest that if your home is the main place you feel like something might be effecting you from living a happy and healthy life you should consider calling your local experts at Got Mold? to come in and test the quality of air or test for mold that may be in your home you are unaware of.
This is a list of other symptoms people just like you were having when exposed to mold in there own homes for long periods of time and struggled with getting proper diagnosing from doctors because once leaving the home they felt better, or at least the reactions there bodies were encountering from physically being around the home had lessened so they didn’t feel as bad once leaving the home.
-random severe migraine headaches
-debilitating pronounced chronic fatigue
-abnormal allergies
-severe hair loss
-nose bleeds
-sore, red, itchy, painful eyes
-jaundice of the eyes
-thick film on eyes
-sensitivity to light
-black circles under eyes
-chronic flu-like symptoms/frequent colds (stuffy nose, chronic raw sore throat, severe body pain, cough)
-bruised body
-severe body pain
missed menstrual cycles (months at a time)
-abnormal abdominal pain (on left side only)
-itchy nape, neck and arms
-abnormal changes in body temperatures (chills/hot sweats)
rash on stomach
tinea versicolour (on neck)
-severe memory loss
inability to concentrate (brain fog), focus (attention span) and retain information (remember)
inability to speak properly (stuttering, grasping for words, difficulty concentrating)
-abnormal scent sensitivity (especially cigarette smoke, perfume and exhaust)
-chronic insomnia
-sexual inability/interest
-chronic constipation
difficulty breathing, heaviness in chest
chronic dry cough
-change in skin colour (grey/green/pale/deathly)
-restless leg syndrome
-suppressed/depleted immune system functions
-chronic infections
-weight loss
inability to work/socialize
This is the Raffaella Tassone Story – A brave woman who endured incredibly difficult obstacles in her experience with mold in her apartment. Only after a short year she was starting to feel the effects of the mold exposure and is still having to live with the effects that mold has on her.
Our work is so gratifying because in so many cases, people start to feel better and symptoms diminish rapidly when professional mold remediation begins.  When air test results show a significant air quality issue pre remediation, what a wonderful feeling when a third party verification shows that we brought the environment back to a normal fungal ecology and the compromised building occupants start feeling better.


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