Are your kids bathing with moldy toys?

moldy kids toys

Are your kids bathing with moldy toys?

As a parent it is sometimes impossible to keep track of everything that your child plays with on a regular basis. We all used to have our favorite bath toys, that after tubby time would be put into a container until the next bath. Did you ever clean them after they were done bathing? Some parents may have rinsed them off, some may have actually washed them with bleach and washed and repeated the process before the kid was ready to bath again.

The reality of it is that most parents have way more to do then take note of such things, or don’t realize that the toys they are using in the tub could potentially have mold inside them and your child could be putting it in their mouths or drinking the water that squirts out of the toy.


The stuff, which looks like it should be coming from a petri dish instead of a toy your child sucks on, is probably mold. Bath toys are a perfect breeding ground for it. You have an enclosed space where a few organisms can get in and they don’t get out. If you find unidentified dark matter coating your child’s mini sailboat, there’s probably no need to send out an SOS just yet. While moist conditions make a suitable host environment for mold and bacteria (including those that cause staph infections and intestinal and respiratory illnesses), the slimy secretions probably look worse than they really are.

That said, most parents would prefer that their children avoid playing with toys that look as if they’ve been soaking in a cesspool. The following tips are for cleaning your child’s bathtime buddies:

  • “Try washing plastic toys in a mild dish soap with warm water,” suggests Dr. Konopasek. “If it’s good enough for my dishes, then it’s fine for my kids’ toys because they’re all going to go in their mouths.” we are sometimes hesitant to advise parents to stick bath toys in the dishwasher. In addition to running the risk of the toys melting,
  • What if you have a toy like a rubber duck with a hole and there’s mold growing inside? You need to throw it out. Once that mold is there, it’s time to get a new duck, Next time, you might want to stay away from toys with holes. OR, consider plugging the hole with super glue before it ever gets in contact with water.
  • Wash items such as washcloths and terry cloth hand puppets along with your regular laundry at least once or twice a week.
  • Store bath toys where they can drain, such as inside a mesh bag. Avoid keeping toys in buckets or other receptacles where water can collect. Always drain toys between baths.

If your child has been using a rubber ducky or other bath toys just be cautious and give them a once-over every week just to make sure! After all, your childs health should come first all the time!

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