800th Blog – Our all time reader favourites.

800th Blog – Our all time reader favourites.

800th blog

got mold?™ takes pride in educating people with the information they need about mold and asbestos related diseases and issues happening around the world. When the company started we believed that knowledge is power and don’t intend to put fear into our readers but rather, give them the education they need to know before renovations, when buying a home and what to look for even if you aren’t a home owner and possibly a renter. This is why we have so much information available to our readers on our website so that they can read up on certain things and make educated decisions and choices before the proceed to do DIY projects at home and potentially cause a health concern.

So, for our 800th blog we would like to share with you our top 100 blogs and pages viewed online. Thank you so much for all your reading. And, hope we managed to help educate you or a family member or friend. Remember to share – you never know who you may help!

20 Interesting Facts About Mold! 13,397
Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Gina Lopez 12,709
What Are The Most Common Types and Varieties of Mold? 11,491
What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome? 11,389
What Should I Do If I Have Mold In My Apartment? 10,809
Contact 7,382
If Santa brought you a Keurig please have caution. 7,147
A History of Mold Illness: The Kelsey Best Story 6,550
The Mummy’s Curse and Mold 6,441
Rashes Caused By Mold 6,351
Really, How Much Should Mold Remediation Cost? 5,469
Blog 5,420
Regulations & Guidelines: Indoor Air Quality & Mould 4,204
Thinking of Buying A Home, Look For These Moldy Clues 4,136
Top 3 Reasons To Have a Mold Inspection Before Buying a Home 4,026
Why Do Ice Dams Cause Mold? 3,901
Don’t Spray Mold! 3,721
Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Raffaella Tassone 3,674
Asbestos Testing, Sampling, Removal & Abatement 3,292
Mold Will Eat Almost Anything But a Happy Meal! 3,100
Mold and Miscarriage, Is There a Link? 2,962
Core Services 2,816
10 Interesting Facts About Asbestos in the USA [Infographic] 2,562
Mold on the farms – Farmers Lungs and Grain bin mold removal 2,245
Does Mold Cause Multiple Sclerosis? 2,206
Top 5 Reasons Mold Is Scary! 2,190
Mold Inspection 2,173
New Does Not Mean Safe! Buyer Beware! 1,983
Air Sampling 1,925
Mold Do’s & Don’ts 1,914
Killing Mold Is Not The Answer 1,895
Does Mold Make Animals Sick? 1,884
Our 8 Step Process 1,864
Services 1,809
Sewer Backups Part 1: Causes and Prevention 1,717
Why Restoration Professionals Should Avoid Using Bleach 1,707
Who Knew this Vitamin Could Prevent Mold Allergies? 1,637
Compare Apples to Apples: 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Mold Remediation Professional! 1,594
About Us 1,542
Do People Really Get Sick From a Little Mold in Their House? 1,541
Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Elaine Kelly 1,530
Why Should I have an Indoor Air Quality Test? 1,480
Testimonials / Reviews 1,448
Health Effects of Mold 1,436
How To Prevent Mold in Your Basement! 1,435
Water Damage + Neglect = Mold & Potential Health Issues 1,340
Do You Know Where Your Water Main Valve Is Located? 1,328
If Mold Can Eat Wood, What Will It Do To Your Lungs? 1,328
#7993 (loading title) 1,317
10 Interesting Historical Facts About Asbestos [Infographic] 1,289
How Many People Die From Asbestos Each Year? 1,270
Stemonitis Fusca- a weird but amazing species of slime mold 1,235
Erin Brockovich Fights Toxic Mold 1,207
Really, How Toxic is Mold? 1,187
Mold in a garage? 1,161
Why Should I Be Concerned About Newly Formed Water Stains? 1,126
Why Should I Have a Mold Inspection? 1,113
Toxic Mold Survivor Update: Gina Lopez 1,088
Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Dr. Janis Bell 1,082
Seven Tips To Detecting Mold 1,070
Can Mold Cause Parkinson’s Disease? 1,058
Who Does The Work? 1,056
Does Mold Cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)? 1,016
Actress Brittany Murphy & Husband May Have Died Because Of Mold 1,014
Brittany Murphy’s Mom — The HOUSE Killed My Daughter 1,008
Mold and Illness (40 Articles) 981
Almost All Sinus Infections are Misdiagnosed and Mistreated 977
Canadian Asbestos Regulations 957
Questions & Answers 931
Is Your Christmas Tree a Source of Mold? 919
Career Opportunities 909
Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Karen Dean 898
Why Choose Got Mold?…Compare Apples to Apples…10 Questions To Ask! 897
Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Beatrice Latherings 889
What is the Connection Between Mold, PMS, and Depression? 850
Three Key Reasons You Should Consider Thermal Imaging 835
What Causes Mold in an Attic? 833
Why Do Ice Dams Cause Mold Problems? 806
What Causes a Basement to Smell Bad? 802
Rocker Ted Nugent’s Home Completely Destroyed By Mold! 785
Act Now! Our Government is here to help. Deadline to file a claim for flooding via PDAP is Dec. 31st 782
Subscribe To Our Blog Updates! 780
Cancer Tumors Caused by Mold? 762
Doctor Talks About How Mold Makes People Sick 759
Five Most Common Indoor Mold Varieties 758
The Three Types of Molds 758
Renovating? Be Mindful of Asbestos and Mold 732
MOLD INDOORS: Killing it is Not Enough 727
Ten Health Risks of Mold 713
How to Deal With Household Mold [INFOGRAPHIC] 704
Why is a Shower Essential to Asbestos Abatement? 698
Mold Causes Asthma! 692
Health 684
Did Mold Kill Stacy Bowman? 676
Mold Made The Voice Star, Katrina Parker, Sick! 663
What is the Link Between Mold and Cystic Fibrosis? 650
Ozone Generators and Interior Mold Remediation: A Recipe for Disaster 639
Blindsided By Mold: A True Story About A Bathroom Renovation Gone Bad 631
How Do I Prevent Mold In My Basement After a Flood? 622
Celebrities Affected By Asbestos and Mold (12 Articles) 618

Best Construction Blog: Your Vote Counts!

Best Construction Blog: Your Vote Counts!
On January 21st, we announced that our blog is a finalist for Best Construction Blog of 2014. Voting has started.
Got Mold? began publishing articles in 2011. Our goal back then and still today: create awareness of mold and asbestos. Since launching our blog, we have published 591 articles and plan to continue to publish articles for our readers. In 2013, we published 211 blogs and recently cataloged the top 70 blogs to make it easier for our readers to find what they are looking for.
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Best Construction Blog 2014 Finalist

Best Construction Blog 2014 Finalist
Got Mold? is pleased to announce that we are a finalist for Best Construction Blog of 2014. This competition is managed by Construction Marketing Ideas, an organization dedicated to helping the construction industry be more effective marketers. We were chosen as a finalist because we consistently update our website with useful content. The competition is open to construction blogs throughout the world.
Got Mold? began publishing articles in 2011. Our goal back then and still today: create awareness of mold and asbestos. Since launching our blog, we have published 577 articles and plan to continue to publish articles for our readers. In 2013, we published 211 blogs and recently cataloged the top 70 blogs to make it easier for our readers to find what they are looking for.
We blog to create awareness and the return for this dedication has been significant because our viewership has multiplied each and every year. In 2011, we ended the year with about 20,000 views; 2012, we ended the year with nearly 42,000 views; and in 2013, we ended the year with nearly 120,000 views. In 2014, our goal is 250,000 to 300,000 views.
The sources of our traffic come primarily from search engines and social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and FaceBook. Most of our viewers are from Canada and the United States, but the information we publish has attracted visitors from all over the world, most notably, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Philipines, India, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and about 35 other countries.
On behalf of our teams in Saskatchewan and Alberta, we want to thank all of our loyal followers for reading and sharing the content we produce. We look forward to expanding our brand and services throughout the world so that we can serve and help more people deal with their mold and asbestos concerns.

Got Mold? At Camp Easter Seal Drop Zone

Got Mold? At Camp Easter Seal Drop Zone
On Tuesday, August 27th, the Easter Seals Drop Zone event was held at Carlton Towers, a 22-story high-rise building located in the heart of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
The event is held to raise money and send children with disabilities to Camp Easter Seal, Summer Fun Program.
This year over 70 participants repelled down Carlton Towers, raising $171,000.
The pictures below show a Got Mold? participant who bravely repelled down the Tower for this beneficial cause.

Got Mold At Camp Easter Seal Drop Zone_1

Got Mold At Camp Easter Seal Drop Zone_2

Got Mold At Camp Easter Seal Drop Zone_4

Got Mold At Camp Easter Seal Drop Zone_5

Got Mold At Camp Easter Seal Drop Zone_6

Mold in the News: Issue 19

Mold in the News: Issue 19
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 19 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of mould and mould related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet important mould news. Our facebook page is also full of mould news…please LIKE us. Our founder, James C. Watson, is donating $0.50 for every new LIKE we get to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Thanks for your support.
Video: Warm, damp weather brings more mold: Experts say mold is spreading unusually quickly around West Michigan. They say the combination of warm and damp weather is resulting in the harmful fungus hitting more homes earlier in the season. At 50-years-old Vickie Snyder never thought she’d discover a new allergy. “When the doctor told me I had allergies, I was shocked, because I’ve never had allergies my whole life,” says Snyder.
Starting Over Strong Vermont: Mold is complicating post-Irene reconstruction efforts: The Risks of Mold As spring arrives in Vermont, many of those affected by Tropical Storm Irene are returning to their homes. Individuals and families are still struggling with being displaced from their homes, and facing the chore of cleaning up after the destruction. Now that winter is behind us, people are left picking up the pieces of their lives.
Video: Tips to get rid of mold: Mold exposure can lead to several health-related problems. With its natural ability to travel through the air, the inhalation of mold spores can create a variety of respiratory ailments. Common side effects include asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, sinus infections and skin rashes. In some cases, mold exposure can even be fatal. In additional, mold can damage your home leading to wood rot and structural damage.
Schools Chancellor Pressed For Answers On Mold Problem At Williamsburg Schools: New York City’s schools chancellor is responding to parents’ complaints over mold at a middle school where some parents claim students are getting sick. Parents are fuming over an ongoing mold problem at P.S. 17 and M.S. 577 in Williamsburg where walls, ceilings and baseboards are covered in gunk, CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano reported. “They don’t care what’s going on with the kids,” one parent said.
Schools Chancellor Walcott Dismisses MS 577 Parents’ Mold Complaints
South Eastern addresses mold issue at Fawn Area Elementary: The South Eastern School District is looking into improving the health of another sick school. Before a standing-room-only crowd Tuesday, the school board discussed the air quality of Fawn Area Elementary School and possible solutions for a current mold problem. Several parents pleaded with the board to do all it can to protect the health and welfare of their children.
Deteriorating Building Conditions Persist in Harford County’s Older Public Schools; Asbestos, Mold, Leaks Cited: Deteriorating building conditions in Harford County’s older public schools were the subject of evocative comments by members of the public and a photo presentation by the president of the teacher’s union at a March 12 meeting of the Harford County Board of Education.
Report: MSK ceiling tiles free of mold: An analysis of ceiling tiles at the Middle School of the Kennebunks has revealed no signs of mold, while a governmental organization guiding RSU 21 through remediation efforts says it’s time to wait and see when it comes to the success of recent efforts.
Active Mold Growth Confirmed in Middle’s Elementary No. 2: The presence of active mold growth in Elementary School No. 2 has been confirmed by the Middle Township School District. Inspection by two air quality companies indicated the presence of fungal growth.
Nursing Home Employees Claim Mold Made Them Sick: Employees from a nursing home have taken legal action after claiming mold at the facility made them sick. A lawyer for several of the employees gave CBS4 documents from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s investigation. The lawyer says the documents prove mold has been found in the facility.
The State Worker: More mold found at California Board of Equalization HQ: Workers at the state Board of Equalization’s Sacramento headquarters found mold between the building’s ninth and 10th floors last month, although this time the discovery didn’t displace any staff. BOE spokesman Jaime Garza said in an email that “the area was immediately closed, the mold was removed, and Hygiene Technologies conducted testing which concluded the air was safe and clean.”
Code enforcement investigating mold covered apartment: An Augusta woman says she was trapped inside a moldy apartment for months. News 12 investigated, and now she’ll be able to switch to a new unit, free of charge. Deanna Dykes lives at Woodlake Club apartments in Augusta, and she says the mold there has become a serious issue. “I moved my son’s bed, and there was mold growing through his carpet.
Mold being removed from judicial chambers: Montgomery County Commissioners approved an emergency resolution Thursday to rid several judges’ chambers of mold that was growing inside their office walls.
New Durham Town Hall mold removal put out to bid: The town has gone out to bid to begin work on removing mold from the historic Town Hall basement and replace an area of wall board with new material better suited to moist environments. Improvements to the building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been discussed often in recent months after the Board of Selectmen received reports from a historic assessment of the Town Hall, as well as an energy audit done on the building and the fire station.
Video: Allergy season comes on strong: Allergic to trees, grass, pollens and mold, Primack says she has dealt with a constant post-nasal drip and frequent sinus headaches since mid-February, six weeks earlier than in past years. “Some mornings I would wake up and feel like I was sick, but I realized my head is just swollen, rather than stuffed up,” said Primack, 40, a policy adviser with the U.S. Department of Energy.
6 Surprising Health Hazards Lurking in Your Home: From the bedroom closet to the kitchen, you might not be aware of everyday items that could pose some hidden health risks. While saving money is important, the cheaper products are not always the safest choices for your family. Certain items around the house can deteriorate fairly quickly and put you at risk for injuries and a host of health problems. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has created an entire database of potential health hazards around your home.
Homefix: An older home with a ‘breathing’ problem: A year ago, we moved into an old rental house that had been remodeled. Subsequently, we have had respiratory problems and can smell mold. It’s worse in the morning. The house has no kitchen vent, no bathroom vent and crawlspace vents, and only one vent for the attic. It also concerns me that the gutters do not carry the rain away from the house. It pools up around the house and seeps in around the foundation. How do I argue this with the landlord? Or should we just move?
CHINGFORD: Family living in house with no bannisters and mouldy walls (From East London and West Essex Guardian Series): A FAMILY-OF-SEVEN claim they have had to endure freezing temperatures in a two-bedroom house with rotten bannisters and mould-blackened walls. Tim Moore, 36, lives with his wife Sharon, 34, and five daughters in Arbour Road, Chingford. His three eldest daughters, Charlotte, 13, Mercedes, 11 and Bobbie 9, share two single beds in one bedroom, while mum and dad share the other with the youngest – Megan, two, and three-and-a-half month old Tayla.
Mold Claims For Damages Get New Life: The problem of mold—that furry, slimy or powdery substance that grows in damp places—just got a lot more dangerous, at least for landlords and co-op and condo boards in New York. Four years ago, a key appellate court decision in Manhattan blocked millions of dollars in legal claims for damages for health effects of mold in buildings, saying that the scientific evidence that mold caused illness was in dispute.