800th Blog – Our all time reader favourites.

800th Blog – Our all time reader favourites.

800th blog

got mold?™ takes pride in educating people with the information they need about mold and asbestos related diseases and issues happening around the world. When the company started we believed that knowledge is power and don’t intend to put fear into our readers but rather, give them the education they need to know before renovations, when buying a home and what to look for even if you aren’t a home owner and possibly a renter. This is why we have so much information available to our readers on our website so that they can read up on certain things and make educated decisions and choices before the proceed to do DIY projects at home and potentially cause a health concern.

So, for our 800th blog we would like to share with you our top 100 blogs and pages viewed online. Thank you so much for all your reading. And, hope we managed to help educate you or a family member or friend. Remember to share – you never know who you may help!

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Mold and newborns – bring your new bundle of joy home to a safe environment

Mold and newborns – bring your new bundle of joy home to a safe environment

As a parent, you want to make sure that your kids are always safe and healthy. That is always the first concern when it comes to raising your children. From the day they are born you sleep with one eye open, you start planning for the future and you always thrive for the best.

Even while pregnant you begin to focus on the environment that your child will be brought up in, if the home you are living in is safe for the future baby, if the baby will have have health issues passed on by genetics, and if your child will have any allergies that you need to be aware of in advance. All of these are a very common thing to think about when pregnant. Older homes are more susceptible to asbestos being present, water seepage from ice dams, basement flooding, all in which can cause mold growth if it is not taken care of in a timely matter and are concerns many pregnant woman think about.

There are minimal human studies looking at exposure to mold during pregnancy. Studies in animals have shown that the substances that mold produce can increase the risk of birth defects when consumed by mouth. Currently, however, there aren’t many proven risks to a pregnancy from exposure to airborne mold. It would be medically irresponsible to intentionally expose pregnant women to mold, then stand back and see what happens.  Studies have been done on the health hazards of mold to non-pregnant people and mold has been linked to allergies, asthma, sinus infection and rashes and once in a while, more severe reactions. Every person reacts different much like one person is allergic to peanuts and some have mild reactions to them.

If you are pregnant and you have found mold in your home, you should have it removed as soon as possible. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are experiencing any illness that you think could be from mold exposure.

There are many studies done about exposure to mold to infants. This is also a major concern and a reason to get your home tested before the new little bundle of joy comes home from the hospital.

In December 1994 and January 1997, articles in MMWR described a cluster of 10* infants from Cleveland, Ohio, with acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage, also referred to as pulmonary hemosiderosis (1,2). The children resided in seven contiguous postal tracts and had had one or more hemorrhagic episodes, resulting in one death, during January 1993-December 1994. Preliminary results of a CDC case-control study (2) indicated that hemorrhage was associated with 1) major household water damage during the 6 months before illness and 2) increased levels of measurable household fungi, including the toxin-producing mold S. chartarum (syn. S. atra).

Mold illnesses, including pulmonary hemorrhage (bleeding in the lungs) and other serious respiratory disorders, can cause severe illness and even become life-threatening in some cases. Of course, most people exposed to household mold don’t develop life-threatening illnesses. Less serious health problems are fairly common, however, and more serious conditions can develop in some people. The elderly, the very young, and those with pre-existing respiratory disorders and immune system disorders are at greatest risk for serious problems.

What Is Pulmonary Hemorrhage?

Bleeding in the lungs is most common in infants, and in fact, it’s particularly common in premature infants. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists bleeding in the lungs of infants as a potential complication of exposure to certain types of mold. It’s often accompanied by pulmonary edema, or swelling in the lungs, and can be fatal. It’s not a common complication of mold exposure, but it can and does happen. This is why getting your home tested is very important and can ease the pregnancy brain that the pregnant lady in your life may be having.

Lung Problems Caused by Mold

Respiratory disorders are the most common of all mold illnesses. That’s because tiny mold spores easily become airborne and then can be inhaled by anyone in the vicinity. Some of the lung problems caused by mold, other than pulmonary hemorrhage, include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Respiratory infections, including pneumonia and bronchitis
  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (a lung disease similar to bacterial pneumonia)
  • Worsening of symptoms in people with asthma
  • Development of asthma-like symptoms in people not previously diagnosed with the condition

Other Mold Illnesses

Other health problems sometimes caused by exposure to household mold include:

  • Headaches, migraines
  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose or stuffed up nose
  • Red, itchy, watery eyes
  • Skin rashes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression

If you or a family member begins to experience symptoms of lung problems or other illness that might be related to mold, see your doctor. Let your doctor know if your symptoms might be related to mold exposure.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Mold-Related Illnesses?

The best way to protect yourself from mold-related illnesses, including pulmonary hemorrhage and other lung problems, is to avoid exposure to mold. You can help prevent the growth of mold in your home by preventing the conditions that encourage mold growth. Mold grows in damp places, so you can help prevent mold growth by repairing any leaks in your roof, fixing any leaky pipes, making sure rain doesn’t leak in around any windows, using an exhaust fan in the bathroom when you shower to cut down on moisture in the room, and using a dehumidifier in the basement if it’s damp down there.

If you’ve had a leak, or any kind of flooding in the home, you need to check carefully for mold and any mold you find needs to be thoroughly removed. If you have any symptoms of mold-related illnesses, you should hire a professional to inspect your home for mold.

If you find mold in your home, we recommend calling in a professional to clean it up. It’s especially important to have a professional handle the mold removal if you have any symptoms of mold-related illness or any type of respiratory disorder, because the mold removal process stirs up mold spores and your symptoms can get much worse.

I gladly accepted a request to speak at SRAR about mold & asbestos

James C. Watson

Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors is Saskatoon’s voice of real estate, representing approximately 600 licensed agents and registered salespeople in 46 member offices in the city of Saskatoon. earlier this year I was invited to speak about mold sampling, asbestos sampling, remediation and abatement for the next meeting of SRAR, tomorrow Thursday, April 23 2015.

I gladly accepted and look forward to the event.

At got mold? we believe it is important for future home owners and sellers to look into getting the home inspected and possibly sampled, prior to buying or selling to give you peace of mind. After all a house is most likely the largest investment you will ever make so invest wisely.

Unfortunately it is a regular occurrence for us to receive calls from people who just moved into a new home with all of their children and belongings and soon one of the children or maybe an immune compromised adult are experiencing health concerns or a musty odour is being noticed.

When people call due to health concerns the symptoms are typically reported to diminish when away from the dwelling for a day or two. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of how people purchased their dream home and only a few weeks or months later they are finding major concerns with mold. Lots reach out to a lawyer and try to litigate the issue and it typically results in a lot of time, energy and money wasted that would have been much better channeled into something productive as opposed to a big battle where in the end both parties are mentally, physically and financially exhausted and only the legal teams are making the money.

We don’t want the above mentioned to happen to you! Be proactive, have a professional mold inspection performed prior to buying or selling your home.

Don’t get scared and walk away from a house you are very interested in due to a mold problem. Mold requires water to grow so as long as the mold is removed and the source of water infiltration is stopped you should never have a problem again, at least not in that area and not if you call us when you find a leak, have a toilet overflow, broken pipe, dishwasher leak, water heater malfunction etc.

We are not only your mold removal experts but we are also mold prevention professionals. It is our main goal to make sure you don’t have to have us in for a mold problem ever again.

Typically when people have large mold infestations it is for no other reason than they failed to take corrective measures to mitigate a water loss and a mold problem occurs. Mold is secondary to water intrusion. We are working to educate people to always contact a professional when they have a water loss of any type, clean clear water, grey water or raw sewage, small or large and on top of it all, schedule a yearly inspection and they should never have a significant mold problem.

We are here to help you sell or purchase the right home. It is always recommended to have a home inspection performed and list any and all deficiencies prior to purchasing your new home.

It baffles us that so many people purchase without having a professional mold inspection performed.

One other major concern if you are purchasing or selling a home is asbestos. If you plan to renovate the home you want and the building was built prior to 1986 it should be sampled for asbestos containing materials, not so that you choose not to purchase but so that you can budget for and take the proper corrective actions as opposed to run the risk of contaminating your home with fibres and placing your families health in harms way.

Asbestos was used in vermiculite and zonelite as insulation in attics, wall cavities, sub floors and cinder crete blocks, just to name a few. Other asbestos containing materials can be ceiling tiles, floor tiles, linoleum, popcorn ceiling, drywall mud joint compound, around duct work, boiler, heating pipes and many other products.

We have recently written about things you can do to improve your home by maintaining the property with a home maintenance list that can help you prevent mold

If you are on the market for a new home contact us for a mold inspection and or asbestos survey. We are here to help



Asbestos in the News: Issue 128

Asbestos in the News: Issue 128
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 42 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of asbestos and asbestos related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet asbestos news frequently.
Asbestos Pushed in Asia as Product for the Poor: Outlawed in much of the developed world, asbestos is still going strong in the developing one. In India alone, the world’s biggest asbestos importer, it’s a $2 billion industry providing 300,000 jobs.
Suburban asbestos deaths blamed on ‘factory of death’: MORE than a dozen deaths in a Melbourne suburb have been blamed on an asbestos factory where children once played in piles of the deadly dust.
Home renovators the third wave of cancer victims being hit with asbestos-related diseases: WEEKEND warriors are playing “renovation roulette” — with asbestos fuelling a “third wave” of cancer victims, according to experts.
Asbestos victims win landmark legal battle as state faulted for poor ventilation: In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court said Thursday the government acted illegally in failing to mandate ventilation to protect workers at asbestos mills, holding the state liable for ¥330 million in compensation.
Protein Discovery Could Open Door to New Treatment for 1 in 5 Mesothelioma Patients: A protein expressed on the surface of some mesothelioma cells may play a significant role in how long mesothelioma patients survive. It may also offer a new way to treat the asbestos-linked cancer.
Winemaker’s Mesothelioma Blamed on Asbestos Filter: There is new evidence that some wine-making practices could increase the chance of developing malignant pleural mesothelioma. Italian researchers are reporting the first case of mesothelioma in a person whose only known exposure to asbestos was in the winemaking business.
Aduro BioTech Announces Interim Phase 1B Clinical Data of CRS-207 for the Treatment of Mesothelioma Accepted for Oral Presentation at the International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference: Aduro BioTech, Inc., a leader in cancer immunotherapy, today announced that interim data from the Phase 1B clinical trial of its CRS-207 cancer immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy as a front line treatment for malignant pleural mesothelioma.
A “SMART” Treatment for Mesothelioma Doubles Survival: Any treatment that doubles the length of survival for cancer patients is a SMART treatment for any cancer, especially mesothelioma. The “SMART” treatment stands for Surgery for Mesothelioma After Radiation Therapy.1 Drs. Cho and colleagues tested the feasibility of treating mesothelioma with precisely delivered radiation therapy first, before surgery in 25 patients.1 The idea is to fry most of the mesothelioma cells with radiation therapy and then remove any remaining tumor and any damaged lung tissue.
Brigham and Women’s Study Shows Benefits of EPP Mesothelioma Surgery: The most aggressive surgical procedure for pleural mesothelioma, which involves removing a lung, the pericardium and major parts of the diaphragm, should remain a viable option for select patients, despite the growing debate over its usefulness.
PD-L1 a possible immunotherapy target in mesothelioma: Approximately 20% of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma have cancer cells that express a protein called programmed cell-death ligand 1 (PD-L1), which is associated with poorer outcomes, according to research presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2014 Congress in Madrid, Spain.
Scientists Say Blood Pressure Drug Stops Mesothelioma Tumor Growth in Mice: Japanese researchers say a medicine currently used to treat high blood pressure and certain prostate conditions may have the potential to treat malignant pleural mesothelioma.
New Report Finds MRI Assessment Technique May Make Surgical Biopsies Unnecessary for Some Mesothelioma Patients: Belgian scientists say a new method of reading MRI images may eventually replace the need for surgical biopsies in some patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma.
MicroRNA Research Could Lead to New Treatment for Mesothelioma: In the quest for an effective treatment against lung cancer and mesothelioma, researchers often dig deep into the genetic makeup of the diseases to understand how they grow. By figuring that out, they can then counteract the aggressive cancers by halting the growth. Researchers now say that it is a pair of microRNAs that should be the focus for suppressing tumor growth in lung cancer.
NCI Study Finds Orphan Drug May Extend Mesothelioma Survival: Scientists say the monoclonal antibody amatuximab may improve outcomes for mesothelioma patients on standard chemotherapy.
Back to (temporary) school for Huntington Beach kids displaced by asbestos: Overall, some 1,600 elementary students from three Ocean View District schools shuttered over possible asbestos contamination arrived at nine campuses across four school districts Thursday morning.
EPA Grant Helps Reduce Asbestos Exposure in Texas Schools: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the Texas Department of State Health Services a grant to help reduce asbestos exposure in schools. The $124,741 grant will go toward compliance monitoring and assistance, public outreach, inspections, enforcement actions, and ensuring workers are properly trained and accredited.
Oklahoma Receives Grant to Reduce Asbestos in Schools: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $204,000 grant for Oklahoma to help reduce asbestos exposure in schools.
Asbestos Hits Campus: An asbestos abatement notice was posted on a door in Rawl over fall break. The notice was to inform staff and students that asbestos was discovered on all of the three floor hallways.
Yardleys School in Tyseley in asbestos closure row with Birmingham City Council: Headteacher hits back at council claims that the school is safe to open – and posts photos of asbestos clean-up workers on site.
Former teacher Joe Gallagher died of terminal cancer after being exposed to asbestos while working at Warslow Secondary School: A former teacher died of terminal cancer after being exposed to asbestos during his time working at a Staffordshire Moorlands school.
East Penn board accused of asbestos cover-up: A barrage of questions – as well as accusations of an asbestos cover-up – was fired at East Penn School Board by several residents Monday night.
Calls for removal of asbestos in Leeds schools: Campaigners are calling for asbestos to be removed from classrooms after new figures reveal nearly three-quarters of schools in Leeds contain the dust.
Boston school opening delayed by asbestos find: Schoolchildren are waiting to move into a new £4m building after its planned September opening was delayed. Boston Pioneers Free School Academy, which is run by the Phoenix Family of Schools Academy Trust, was due to move its pupils from Tunnard Street into the new site on Fydell Crescent in September 2014. David Tebbutt, Trust Leader for Business, said the school had been delayed for a number of reasons including asbestos being found.
Dunning no closer to asbestos compensation: A CESSNOCK man awarded a record $2.2million payout for mesothelioma is stunned that BHP Billiton is appealing the verdict.
Pa. Law Shields Heidelberg From Worker Asbestos Suit: A Pennsylvania federal judge dismissed a successor to the Mergenthaler Linotype company, Heidelberg USA Inc., from an asbestos wrongful death suit on Wednesday, ruling that the plaintiff failed to demonstrate asbestos exposure occurred with the frequency and regularity required under Pennsylvania state product liability law.
Family of man who died of mesothelioma take former employer to court: Three judges have allowed the family of a man who died from mesothelioma to take his former employer to court over claims the firm caused him to contract the illness.
Asbestos victims deserve relief: The Supreme Court, in a recent ruling that awarded state compensation to health problems suffered by former employees at asbestos mills in Osaka Prefecture, has made it clear that the government — with its regulatory powers — is responsible for ensuring the safety and health of workers at industrial sites. Since it takes decades for symptoms to emerge in patients after they have inhaled asbestos dust, the scope of health damage might expand beyond the people who have so far taken legal actions to seek compensation. The government needs to take the top court decision seriously and move quickly to offer financial help to the victims, many of whom are already advanced in age.
We’ll Fight Hardie on Asbestos: Unions: The nation’s leading union body has signalled its intention to fight any attempt by James Hardie to avoid meeting an expected shortfall in funds available to compensate victims of asbestos diseases, according to media reports.
Residents Ask City to Stop Mt. Manresa Demolition After Asbestos Violations: Angry residents demanded the city halt work at Mount Manresa at Tuesday night’s Community Board 1 meeting after construction crews were fined $67,000 for lying about asbestos.
Washington Supreme Court Ratifies Employer Immunity for Asbestos Exposure: The Washington Supreme Court recently affirmed summary judgment in favor of an employer defending an asbestos lawsuit brought by a former employee. In Walston v. Boeing Co., No. 88511-7 (September 18, 2014), the Supreme Court confirmed that Washington’s workers’ compensation scheme largely immunizes employers from civil liability suits, even when a risk of harm is known by the employer.
Employers’ Asbestos Liabilities Do Not Extend to Workers’ Spouses: Two federal judges recently dismissed the claims of the spouses of workers who purportedly carried asbestos fibers home from their workplaces. In July 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma dismissed a case alleging that an employer negligently allowed a worker to bring asbestos fibers home on his clothes that caused mesothelioma to develop in his wife, holding that the defendant company was not aware of the danger at the time. (Bootenhoff et al. v. Hormel Foods Corporation et al., 2014 WL 3810383, August 1, 2014.) Judge Eduardo C. Robreno of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, who oversees the federal asbestos MDL, interpreted Pennsylvania law and issued a similar ruling. (Gillen v. The Boeing Company et al., 2014 WL 4211354, August 26, 2014.)
Malone men get prison for improper asbestos removal: A Malone property owner and his employee will begin serving prison sentences later this month after pleading guilty to federal charges relating to an asbestos-renovation project.
High Court ruling over ‘Swindon disease’ welcomed by asbestos cancer legal expert: Leading industrial disease solicitor Brigitte Chandler, a partner in law firm Charles Lucas & Marshall’s Swindon office, has welcomed a legal ruling meaning people dying from cancer caused by asbestos exposure will not have to pay legal fees out of damages they have been awarded.
Asbestos victims react with fury to court claim changes: ASBESTOS campaigners have reacted with anger at court changes they feel downgrades their compensation claims.
British Employer Fined for Flouting Asbestos Regulations: British authorities don’t take kindly to businesses that do not enforce asbestos regulations. A Hove-based firm has been fined after it flouted asbestos regulations and removed some of the dangerous material just three weeks after being refused a license to carry out such work.
Poughkeepsie asbestos removal planned because of grant: A $100,000 grant will be used to rid a local community center of asbestos, said Family Services officials via news release.
Questions remain over Stamford police relocation: When, and if, city police officers will move from their Bedford Street headquarters after federal safety inspectors found asbestos in a plaster ceiling this spring remains an open question, city officials said this week.
Asbestos Concerns Close Groton City Hall: Groton city offices and the Groton Utilities building were closed Monday over asbestos concerns, according to the city’s official Facebook page.
MISC. (4)
Asbestos warning for homeowners: Canterbury homeowners carrying out their own earthquake repairs could be at risk of asbestos contamination, government and local body agencies warn.
WorkCover finds loose-fill asbestos in Sydney homes for first time; more positive tests in city likely: Deadly loose-fill asbestos has been discovered in houses in Sydney’s western and northern suburbs, the ABC has learned, the first positive tests for the carcinogen in the city.
HSE revives asbestos awareness programme: The free Beware Asbestos web app, for phones, tablets and laptops (www.beware-asbestos.info) leads tradespeople through a list of simple multiple-choice questions about the type of building they are working in, the job that they are doing, and the type of asbestos containing material they are working on.
Navy seeking more time to rid ships of asbestos: The Naval Service is seeking more time from the Heath & Safety Authority (HSA) to remove asbestos from two ships which have been out of commission since last May.

Asbestos in the News: Issue 127

Asbestos in the News: Issue 127
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 31 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of asbestos and asbestos related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet asbestos news frequently.
U of M prof diagnosed with mesothelioma speaks out over asbestos: A University of Manitoba professor with a rare form of cancer often linked with exposure to asbestos has a warning. Patricia Martens wants others to be aware and be safe.
Workman Industries slapped with 21 penalties in 5 years: Workman Industries, a Winnipeg company that claims it can remove asbestos safely, has been in trouble with the Manitoba government for inadequate work 21 times in five years.
Component in Asian Spice Could Slow Mesothelioma Tumor Growth: The active ingredient in a common Asian spice is being scrutinized closely now for its ability to inhibit the growth of mesothelioma tumor cells, prompting scientists to search for a derivative that can be absorbed easily in the blood stream.
Mesothelioma May be Controlled by Blocking Energy Sources of Cancer Cells: MesotheliomaHelp has offered a variety of articles recently about discoveries in the lab that could halt metastasis in aggressive cancers, such as mesothelioma. Researchers have identified several proteins that, when targeted by anti-cancer drugs, will halt the growth and spread of cancer. Now, researchers report they have found the protein that provides the energy for cells that allow them to migrate to other organs.
Mesothelioma Patients Encouraged to Seek Out Clinical Trials: Two cancer experts from MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas say patients with mesothelioma should be encouraged to take part in clinical trials, not only to help themselves, but to help others who may develop the disease.
Tragic mum was exposed to the ‘lightest dusting’ of asbestos: A popular mum developed an incurable cancer after ‘the lightest dusting’ of exposure to asbestos as a teenager – an inquest has heard.
New Mesothelioma Study Says Mice Cured by Immuntherapy “Cocktail”: Scientists at the University of Western Australia say a combination of three drugs that target immune system proteins has the power to knock out mesothelioma in mice.
Mesothelioma Patients Likely to Benefit from UK Recommendation of Use of Radiation for Small-Cell Lung Cancer: Research shows that even though mesothelioma cells may be killed after initial treatment, the cancer almost always recurs locally. In order to slow recurrence, many physicians take a multi-modal approach to treatment that could include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Now, researchers in the UK report findings that the likelihood of cancer recurrence in the chest was cut by almost 50% in small-cell lung cancer patients when treated with radiation following chemotherapy.
Studies report new findings on treatment options for mesothelioma: Treating patients with high-dose radiotherapy after chemotherapy and surgery for malignant pleural mesothelioma does not achieve improvements in local relapse and overall survival, according to data from a prospective randomized phase II trial presented at ESMO 2014 Congress in Madrid.
Possible Link between IPF and Asbestosis: When patients know they have been exposed to asbestos, it might be easier for them to understand how they have developed asbestosis or other asbestos-related diseases. But not everyone realizes they have been exposed to asbestos, and asbestosis is remarkably similar to another lung condition, pulmonary fibrosis. The two are so similar that some researchers believe that some cases of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) might actually be asbestosis.
Asbestos testing closes 2 Ocean View schools: Two Ocean View School District elementary campuses will be closed while the district conducts tests to determine whether there is evidence of potentially dangerous asbestos inside the Huntington Beach classrooms.
75 percent of schools in England and Wales contain asbestos: A recent parliamentary report has estimated that three out of every four schools in England and Wales contain asbestos.
Construction Crew Hit With $67K in Fines After Lying About Asbestos: The city has issued more than $67,000 in violations to builders working on the demolition of the historic Mount Manresa who said there was no asbestos in the building — despite city inspectors later finding the potentially deadly material.
Summary judgment granted in asbestos case after claimant failed to respond: A North Carolina federal judge has concluded that summary judgment was proper for seven defendants in an asbestos lawsuit after the claimant failed to respond to any of the defendants’ motions.
High Court halts government plans to increase asbestos victims’ legal costs: A judicial review judgement handed down yesterday in the Royal Courts of Justice has halted government plans to increase legal costs for the victims of the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. This is an extremely aggressive disease usually affecting the pleura around the lungs, life expectancy after diagnosis is approximately nine months and the only known cause in this country is exposure to asbestos.
City hits Mount Manresa project with $67,400 in violations over asbestos: Asbestos problems at the controversial Mount Manresa project have led to $67,400 in city violations, and GOP Borough President James Oddo wants the Department of Investigation (DOI) to step in.
‘Bad facts make bad laws’: Attorneys compare Mo. and Ill. asbestos work comp laws: While comparing asbestos litigation trends in neighboring states, two attorneys from both sides of the asbestos argument predict a wave of insurance cases as asbestos defendants fight for coverage from decades-old insurance packages.
Colorado Worksite Fined, Workers Exposed to Asbestos: The exposure of workers to asbestos has led to proposed fines totaling $81,000 for one employer.
Family of recently deceased man files asbestos lawsuit: The wife and children of a recently deceased man have filed suit against his former employer, alleging the man died after exposure to asbestos. Dolores Belton, Carla Mahan and Myra Mitchell allege their husband and father, Jack Belton, was working for defendant Gulf Oil/Chevron in Jefferson County. During his employment, Jack Belton was exposed to toxic materials, including asbestos dust and fibers, according to the complaint filed Aug. 26 in Jefferson County District Court.
Justice for Newcastle former labourer diagnosed with asbestos-related illness: A shipyard labourer diagnosed with mesothelioma says “justice has been done” after lawyers secured him a six-figure settlement.
Asbestos victims win damages ruling: Government plans to deduct legal fees from the damages paid to people dying from asbestos exposure are unlawful, the High Court has ruled.
Cleveland man indicted on Clean Air Act charges for dumping: A federal indictment was filed today charging Christopher Gattarello with Clean Air Act violations for failing to remove asbestos before demolishing a former factory in the city’s Collinwood and East Glenville neighborhoods.
City sues, says contractor exposed tenants and workers to asbestos: City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed suit Wednesday against San Francisco construction contractor and permit expediter Henry Karnilowicz, accusing him of exposing dozens of workers and residents at three different residential hotels to asbestos during renovations.
Workers renovating firehouse exposed to asbestos: A Chicago real estate and management company is facing more than $40,000 in fines after workers renovating a historic firehouse in the River North neighborhood were exposed to asbestos.
LIer wins $7M award in asbestos case: A West Islip man who alleged he contracted a rare form of lung cancer from exposure to asbestos during construction of the Northport Power Station has been awarded $7 million by a jury in state Supreme Court.
MDL judge ready to dismiss asbestos cases without mandated medical reports; Attorneys say law is unconstitutional: A Texas judge is ready to dismiss more than a 1,000 asbestos and silica cases for failing to have medical reports filed by a Sept. 1 deadline, but the plaintiffs’ attorneys say that deadline is unconstitutional.
Asbestos found in New York Public Library’s temporarily shuttered Rose Reading Room: The New York Public Library’s majestic Rose Reading Room will be closed another six months, library brass disclosed Friday. Officials said engineers had found a “new” problem — asbestos in the rafters above the coffered ceiling.
Asbestos found in Autauga County Courthouse: Asbestos floor tiles have been found in an office being renovated in the Autauga County Courthouse.
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Nunavut Employees Union backs college staff who spoke out on asbestos: Some Nunavut Arctic College employees are worried about being disciplined for voicing their concerns that renovations were releasing asbestos in Iqaluit’s Old Res building.
EPA experiments with asbestos control weren’t safe: The federal agency in charge of protecting human health and the environment caused a threat in both of those areas while experimenting with a relatively new method for asbestos control, according to a watchdog report.
Shipwright who worked on HMS Plymouth and Ark Royal died of mesothelioma: A FORMER shipwright who worked on the HMS Ark Royal, HMS Hermes and HMS Plymouth died as a result of his regular contact with asbestos, an inquest heard.
7 roles asbestos played in Hollywood [infographic]: Today, we know that asbestos — once a commonly used product in homes, schools, and workplaces — causes cancer and it isn’t strange to see an old building falling apart from disuse because no one can afford the asbestos removal, but even if Hollywood is about as far from those dilapidated structures as you can get, it wasn’t safe from the scourge of asbestos.