Real Estate transaction goes bad due to improper cleanup.

Real Estate transaction goes bad due to improper cleanup & costs more in the long run…

This week, we have another story from out in the field, but this time from our Yorkton Saskatchewan operations. Several weeks ago we received a call from a home owner in Yorkton who was selling his house but the potential buyer was planning some reservations that would disturb the vermiculite in the attic. The vermiculite was analyzed by an accredited trusted lab and came back as asbestos containing.

An agreement was made on the purchase of the home with one condition, the vermiculite must be removed and paid for by the seller.

The seller contacted got mold?™ for a quote on the costs to remove the asbestos containing materials. Our Yorkton area manager Jason Forwood went out to take a look at the property to determine how best we could set up containment, temporary shower, find out if other materials such as batt insulation were present and to get a good understanding of the clearance our workers would have in the attic space.

We provided the seller with our quote and sent it via email with the following information in the body of the email.

This is a high risk asbestos abatement that will require OH&S notice of project which is 14 days minimum notice before project can commence. Included in the quote is third party consultant to provide containment pre inspection, equipment DOP testing, background testing, final visual clearance sampling, final air clearance sampling and final report as required by OH&S for High risk asbestos abatement.

3 stage containment with temporary shower including HEPA negative air filtration would be set up to prevent any cross contamination during abatement. All vermiculite and insulation would be double bagged in yellow asbestos bags, washed and removed through shower/chambers. After all ACM vermiculite is removed, the entire containment will undergo a thorough final cleaning, HEPA vacuuming/wet wiping followed by visual inspection by third party consultant. Once visual is approved the entire containment will be sprayed down with fibre lock asbestos glue down before final air clearance testing commences and containment is fully cleared for demobilizing.

The seller decided to take it into his own hands and hire a local company to come in with an insulation truck and suck out the vermiculite without reporting to OH&S, they did not set up containment, decontamination chamber, shower and did not involve a third party consultant to verify that the work was completed satisfactorily.

The buyer contacted an electrical company to have them come in and start replace the wiring as it is currently old knob and tube. The electrician that was contacted knew that vermiculite was previously in the attic and demanded to see a report stating that the work had been completed to satisfaction and that the air quality within the built environment was safe.

The buyer went to the house to start moving in and noticed that their was some debris laying on the carpet. The buyer then contacted got mold?™ for advice and asked if we could have the air tested in the home to make sure it was safe. We proceeded with having the air tested and analyzed by an accredited and trusted lab. Test results came back and fibre counts on one of three floors of the home were above the acceptable threshold of .01 and another was borderline.

Our consultant wrote up a scope of work and provided us with direction as to what procedures must be followed. Following the detailed scope of work, our quote to now re-clean the attic and clean the two floors affected amounted to $3,000 more than the original quote due to the fact that the two floors must now be cleaned as well as the attic, furnace and duct work.

We are not sure what the final outcome of this will be but we felt it would be a great story to write in order to help increase awareness and ultimately stop this from happening to you and others.

Yorkton Spring Expo Draw Prize Winner

got mold?™ is pleased to announce that Jenn Haas of Yorkton, is the winner of a complimentary indoor air quality inspection. Jenn’s name was selected from among several hundred entries dropped off at the got mold?™ booth at this year’s Spring Expo put on by the Yorkton Exhibition.

This years Expo is the first one attended by got mold?™ and it was a resounding success. Yorkton Exhibition has  Been Bringing Friends & Neighbors Together for over 130 years and they definitely have a winning formula. As luck would have it, the show had one remaining exhibitor booth for this years show and got mold?™ grabbed it immediately. The got mold?™ team lead by company president James Watson and Yorkton Manager Jason Forwood spoke with hundreds of people and were able to answer numerous questions about things that affect the quality and health of indoor air. Many people were still curious about the long term after effects of the floods but there was also a significant amount of interest in asbestos removal, radon, pollen, lead and of course mold.

The interest level was significant enough that James Watson officially announced a new branch location for got mold?™ in Yorkton and Jason Forwood would begin work immediately. got mold?™ is excited to be on the grow again and looks forward to serving Yorkton and area as the local specialists in finding and fixing sources of unhealthy indoor air.