High School High Risk Asbestos Abatement, Weyburn Saskatchewan


South-East Cornerstone School Division


Full hazmat abatement


July 2018


got mold?™ completed a large scale full hazmat abatement of a high school for Midgard Project Management, Wood Consulting, and South-East Cornerstone School Division.  This project had a very tight timeline to complete numerous abatement phases including vermiculite from block walls, drywall, VAT floor tile, PCB’s, and mercury products.  It included over 30,000 ft2 of drywall, 30,000 ft2 of VAT tile, elbows, heat shield, vermiculite throughout all perimeter block walls, lighting, mercury components etc. The project was completed on time, all deadlines were met, and all stakeholders were happy with the outcome.

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