We offer mold, asbestos, radon and flood restoration services within Brandon and the surrounding areas.

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“My husband and I wreaked the havoc of an awful windstorm of our home in White City in August of this year. The storm literally ripped a large portion of our roof off our home. As it rained within the home that night, we knew it wouldn’t be long for mold to set in. We called and got mold?™ was literally there in no time to assess the damage and immediately began the removal and drying process before any mold had a chance to set in. They were very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable, and his crew did not waste any time! James takes all necessary precautions to keep his employees safe, which was nice to see. I would highly recommend them to anyone that may face similar circumstances.”


We use got mold?™ for testing material sampled for asbestos analysis. got mold?™ receives the sample from our tech and sends it off to a lab. They always have the lab results and invoices out on time.

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