Air Sampling for mold etc.

We take our Air Sampling quite seriously and why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s the air YOU breathe and YOUR health that’s at stake.
Interested in a quote for mold, asbestos or bacteria sampling?
Call now to request your visual inspection. (Within 10 km of Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton, Calgary and Medicine Hat). Out of town consultations are billed out at $1.00 per km including drive time.
It is very difficult to provide an accurate price for sampling over the phone or on the Internet due to so many variables:
1. Air sampling is not recommended as a first step to a mold inspection.
2. Only after a professional consultant has a chance to investigate the building envelope and get a history of the building is air sampling ever recommended based on the information acquired during a visual inspection (in some cases air samples are not required at all).
3. The number of air samples taken is to be determined based upon the above information along with the noted on site atmospheric conditions, and if the suspected mold concern is hidden.
4. The number of bulk, tape, or swab samples to be taken must be determined using a variety of specifics such as tertiary (water loving) and non tertiary (non water loving) types of mold, extent of growth and complaints of potential health concerns.
5. Once results are received from an accredited laboratory if the samples are of a potentially toxigenic genus your consultant will contact you immediately and recommend to have them cultured to determine the actual species, which will once again change the price.
6. A detailed report with pictures and results will be provided both digitally and a hard copy at your request.
Our Laboratory of Choice!
We work with 3rd parties when it comes to doing air/bulk sampling for our clients. Once samples have been taken we then have them sent for analysis but not to just any laboratory, we prefer using Mold Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) in Mississauga, Ontario.
MBL is privately owned and one of the top Microbiology Laboratories in Canada. They provide nothing but the highest quality in testing and consulting with over 20 years experience in mold and bacteria analysis. Not only are they one of the best in Canada, but they are also Leaders among North American Microbiology laboratories.
Before and after samples are crucial when dealing with Mold Removal. We want to make absolute sure that once we’ve completed a mold removal project that the air you breathe is back to a normal fungal ecology. This can only be done by having a THIRD PARTY take air samples which are then sent to our trusted partner, Mold Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) for analysis.

In all buildings, we assess that were built prior to 1990 will require suspected asbestos containing materials to be tested prior to many demolition being performed.