Mold in the News: Issue 4

Mold in the News: Issue 4
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mold related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are some stories we thought may interest you!
Mold remains a problem for people hit hard by Tropical Storm Lee: Nearly six months after Tropical Storm Lee soaked Central PA, people are still waking up to problems. We understand mold is a persistent pest for many flood victims. Mold is a pesky problem that may still be blossoming behind your back if you couldn’t take care of it immediately or turned a blind eye. Experts fear that as temperatures continue to climb and become more humid, the problem will only get worse.
Titusville police mold problem to cost city $600K: Titusville city leaders said a mold problem at the police department will now cost the city $600,000 to clean up. WFTV reported in October when officials discovered the mold at the headquarters on John Glenn Boulevard. There’s now mold in 42 rooms at the department. City leaders said peeling back the vinyl wallpaper at the Titusville police station was like peeling back an onion. Crews kept finding more mold and more problems.
Camp Allen takes action to get rid of mold in barracks: More mold problems have been reported; this time the complaints are coming from local bases. But the military is not shying away from the mold monster. Instead, they are trying to keep our troops safe from it. Complaints started surfacing in October about the mold and water damage on Camp Allen in Norfolk at the 1st fleet anti-terrorism security team building.
Does my House have Mold and What should I do?: Q. What is the difference between a mushroom, a toadstool, a mold, a mildew, and a fungus? A. They are all fungi (singular = fungus). The study of fungi is called mycology. Q. Where can I find fungi? A. Everywhere, including the Arctic, Antarctic, tropics, deserts, woodlands, oceans, lakes, streams, in the air, in the soil, and even on the soot in chimneys.
Video: Mould Invades Ottawa Home: Recent research suggests that mold can more than double the risk of respiratory illness in children. Please watch this video, there is great information here! Does your home have lots of humidity or visible mold, watch this video!
Video: Black Mold Covered by Wallpaper, This Will Gross You Out: From the outside, an apartment building on a north side commercial corridor looks unlike any other. But a look inside reveals shocking conditions. Shakeen Aslam, a tenant of the building at 2727 W. Devon Ave., said he stopping paying rent to the landlord because things were so deplorable; rotting ceilings, jerry-rigged and exposed wiring, and electric meters rusting from the water that had been leaking on them from above.
Health Care and Household Mold: Have you ever noticed a musty smell in your bathroom, closet, or other areas of the house, especially in areas near water? Mold: it’s as old as the Earth and it’s everywhere- inside homes and out. And under the right set of conditions, it can actually start to grow inside your house, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The NAHB reports that Mold is alive, but it is neither a plant nor an animal. Mold is a type of fungus.
Video: SNOKIST Recycles Black Toxic Moldy Apple Sauce 4 Children. Shocking!: Leeza Broome did what many parents do when her kids came down with upset stomachs in January – she fed them applesauce. A nurse recommended the applesauce diet. But the result was not good. “After that their diarrhea, both of them, got much worse,” said Broome.
Mold found in two Lake County fire stations: Mold has been found in two Lake County fire stations, an official said today. Firefighters will be moved into trailers in the parking lot when workers begin to eradicate the mold from a station in Astor and another in the Four Corners area, county spokeswoman Kelly LaFollette said. Cleanup is expected to take 50 working days.
Mold found at Port Barre High School: Significant water damage at Port Barre High School has caused a serious mold issue at the school’s library, science lab and a classroom, St. Landry Parish School System officials said this week. The problem first was spotted in the library, where books were so badly damaged by water that they had to be thrown out, system curriculum director Claudia Blanchard told the school board Building, Lands and Sites Committee on Monday.