Calgary Indoor Air Quality Testing

Calgary Indoor Air Quality Testing
Managing Partner of Got Mold? Calgary, James Zolkavich, invites all residents of Calgary and surrounding areas to schedule their air quality tests. According to Zolkavich:
Any resident impacted by the summer floods or any type of water damage, should consider an air quality test because the air you breath will have a direct impact on your health. Air quality testing is very important if you have small children who have respiratory issues or suffer from asthma, which is now proven to be caused by bad air and in particular, mold. Poor air quality can also cause sinus issues and allergic reactions. Constant exposure to bad air will also lead to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, known as Sick Building Syndrome, which the World Health Organization states is directly caused by water damage.
Founder and President of Got Mold?, James C. Watson, based in Saskatoon, also recommends the following:
You should consider an air quality test If you smell an earthy, musty, mildew and even urine like odour. This smell is usually an indicator of Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds. MVOC’S are an indicator of active and past fungal (mold) growth and should not be treated lightly because this will have a negative impact on air quality as well.
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