Asbestos in the news issue #131

Asbestos in the news issue #131
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are just a few stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of asbestos and asbestos related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet asbestos news frequently.
In PDX, many homes demolished with asbestos inside – Contractors have been tearing down hundreds of Portland homes without properly removing the asbestos inside, a practice that ignores state regulations and could put workers at risk.

Federal parties, candidates respond to MV Miner questions – Only two of the four federal mainstream political parties addressed the issue of the MV Miner in letters to the Main-a-Dieu Community Development Association.

Five Companies Settle, One Left for Trial in Asbestos Case – Ford Motor Co., Honeywell International Inc. and three other companies settled with the estate of a Eustis woman who died of mesothelioma after alleged asbestos exposure. The last remaining defendant is preparing for a 10-day federal trial in Miami.

Suspected asbestos found at Humpty Dumps in Cirencester on land where homes are planned – Developer Baylight Properties has applied to build up to 69 homes on the Humpty Dumps, off Bowling Green Lane, and its contamination tests organised as part of the application, uncovered materials suspected to contain asbestos.

Asbestos confirmed at Quincy High School, Monday classes and activities cancelled – Quincy High School will be closed again on Monday following an evacuation Sept. 24 when asbestos was discovered in the roof of the former art building. “It’s asbestos,” said Peter Connell, the principal scientist for PFC Industrial Hygiene Consulting, principal of suspicious material removed from the roof and tested shortly after the evacuation around 6:00 p.m. “School will be closed on Monday as a precaution.”

WorkSafe inspector exposed to asbestos after botched demolition of Mr Fluffy home – The demolition of a Mr Fluffy house last month reportedly created large plumes of asbestos-contaminated dust, exposing a WorkSafe inspector to the deadly fibres. Residents who lived near the Torrens home were not told of the incident, though WorkSafe ACT and the ACT government were notified. The government said air-monitoring equipment on the property’s perimeter, set up and analysed by a licensed asbestos assessor, found no evidence that the deadly fibres had breached the site’s boundaries.

Serious concerns about Rochdale asbestos air monitoring – An email exchange could cast doubt on the nature of Rochdale Council’s “reassurance” testing of air around the former Turner Brothers Asbestos site in the Spodden Valley. Correspondence from Rochdale Council to a member of the public, Delwyn Bale of Dell Road, asks for his permission to have monitoring equipment installed in his garden – Mr Bale gave his permission immediately. Soon after, Mr Bale started to read archived Rochdale Online news articles about the issues regarding asbestos and the TBA site. As a result, he emailed some questions back to Rochdale Council. The official response and attitude openly expressed by Michael Moore, Senior Public Protection Officer, shocked Mr Bale.

MESOTHELIOMA VICTIMS CENTER NOW URGES FAMILY MEMBERS OF A DIAGNOSED US NAVY VETERAN TO NOT TAKE COMPENSATION FOR GRANTED–CALL FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO THE NATION’S MOST SKILLED LAWYERS – The Mesothelioma Victims Centre says, “What we’ve been seeing is family members looking online for information on mesothelioma for a father who has been recently diagnosed. What too many end up doing is contacting what we refer to as path-of-least-resistance mesothelioma law firms. These firms make claims such as, ‘no lawsuit needed’, ‘simply fill out a claims form’, or ‘we’ve helped millions of people.’

Clean-up of asbestos on WestConnex site in St Peters under scrutiny – Environmental lawyers have raised concerns about the state government’s management of a waste site at St Peters, which is planned to be converted into a motorway interchange. The WestConnex Delivery Authority acquired the former Dial-A-Dump site in December, and since August has been removing material from the site in trucks.

If you believe you have asbestos in your home and are planning renovations, contact a professional for an inspection and get testing! Contact us today for more details!

Great weather provides the perfect time for your home renovation projects

asbestos renovations

Home DIY projects can be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Now that the weather is warming up, everyone likes to start working on there home projects to improve the quality of their homes. This is the best time of year to tear down that wall, install new flooring, upgrade your bathrooms and many more home improvement projects that you have been itching to get to all winter long.

Many homeowners insist on doing many projects on their own, instead of hiring professional licensed contractors and taking the risk of health concerns just to save costs that could be incurred on DIY projects. At got mold?, we insist that our readers stay safe and have a thorough assessment performed prior to any demolition. Many older homes built prior to 1993 have asbestos inside the walls, attic, asbestos containing tile flooring, drywall joint compound, duct insulation, linoleum,  textured ceilings etc. We encourage you not to attempt removal on your own until all possible materials are professionally tested and analyzed by an accredited laboratory.

Many people think that because asbestos stopped being used in industry many years ago, it’s no longer an issue, The problem today is that people can disturb asbestos in their homes without realizing it is there.

They embark on DIY projects — or hire a  friend, or a few local lads to do some demolition work without an initial survey — and unwittingly expose themselves, workers and family to asbestos fibres.

The number of people dying each year from mesothelioma has nearly quadrupled in the past 30 years. The Department of Health estimates deaths will peak in 2016 because the danger of asbestos became widely known only in the  mid-Seventies, and the time lag between exposure and diagnosis is, typically, 30 to 40 years.

Crucially, with asbestos remaining in millions of buildings across the country, many of us are still exposing ourselves to asbestos without realizing it. Asbestos materials in good condition are not a health risk and should be fine if you leave them alone. Simply check their condition from time to time to ensure they haven’t started to deteriorate. If you have to remove asbestos, it’s essential you use a reputable, licensed contractor who carries the appropriate liability and pollution liability insurance to handle and dispose of it properly.

For peace of mind on your summer home improvement projects call today so we can schedule you an appointment with a consultant. 1-888-909-6653


Asbestos Dos & Donts a Saskatchewan Guideline

Asbestos. Got Mold

Asbestos can be very dangerous.

As many of our readers already know there are different levels of exposure risk when dealing with asbestos and the hazards of the removal process. Different provinces have different guidelines and regulations for the exposure levels and the practices involved in the remediation process. Some things remain the same – the do’s and don’ts listed in this blog are some of the things to always keep in mind when dealing with asbestos.
  • Do keep activities to a minimum in any areas having damaged material that may contain asbestos and take every precaution to avoid damaging asbestos material.
  •  Do have removal and major repair done by people qualified in handling asbestos. It is recommended that sampling and minor repair also be done by asbestos professionals.
  • Don’t dust, sweep, or vacuum debris that may contain asbestos.
  • Don’t saw, sand, scrape, or drill holes in asbestos materials.
  •  Don’t use abrasive pads or brushes on power strippers to strip wax from asbestos flooring. Never use a power stripper on a dry floor.
  • Don’t sand or try to level asbestos flooring or its backing. When asbestos flooring needs replacing, install new floor covering over it, if possible. If removal is an absolute necessity please call your local remediation company to examine the situation before hand so that you don’t end up with particles all over your home or worse in your lungs.
  • Don’t track material that could contain asbestos through the house. If you cannot avoid walking through the area, have it cleaned with a wet mop. If the material is from a damaged area, or if a large area must be cleaned, call an asbestos professional.
If the asbestos material is in good shape and will not be disturbed, do nothing!
If it is a problem, there are two types of corrections: repair and removal. Repair usually involves either sealing or covering asbestos material. Sealing (encapsulation) involves treating the material with a sealant that either binds the asbestos fibers together or coats the material so fibers are not released. Pipe, furnace and boiler insulation can sometimes be repaired this way. This should be done only by a professional trained to handle asbestos safely. Covering (enclosure) involves placing something over or around the material that contains asbestos to prevent release of fibers. Exposed insulated piping may be covered with a protective wrap or jacket. Removal is usually expensive method and should be the last option in most situations, because removal poses the greatest risk of fiber release. However, removal may be required when remodeling or making major changes to your home that will disturb asbestos material. Removal may be necessary if asbestos material is damaged extensively and cannot be otherwise repaired. Removal is complex and must be done only by a contractor with special training. Improper removal may actually increase the health risks to you and your family. This is why you should call a trusted contractor or remediation specialist. Make sure they are qualified to do the removal and have past experience and are certified to do the work.
If you think asbestos may be in your home, don’t panic. Usually the best thing is to leave asbestos material that is in good condition alone. Contact a specialist like got mold? to come in and do an inspection. Generally, material in good condition will not release asbestos fibers. Check material regularly if you suspect it may contain asbestos. Don’t touch it, but look for signs of wear or damage such as tears, abrasions, or water damage. Damaged material may release asbestos fibers. This is particularly true if you often disturb it by hitting, rubbing, or handling it, or if it is exposed to extreme vibration or air flow. Sometimes the best way to deal with slightly damaged material is to limit access to the area and not touch or disturb it. Discard damaged or worn asbestos gloves, stove-top pads, or ironing board covers, before disposal check with local health, environmental, or other appropriate officials to find out proper handling and disposal procedures. If asbestos material is more than slightly damaged, or if you are going to make changes in your home that might disturb it, repair or removal by a professional is needed. Before you have your house remodeled, find out whether asbestos materials are present.
Most products made today do not contain asbestos. Those few products made which still contain asbestos that could be inhaled are required to be labeled as such. However, until the 1970’s, many types of building products and insulation materials used in homes contained asbestos. Common products that might have contained asbestos in the past, and conditions which may release fibers, include:
  • Pipe wrap, coatings or blankets on hot water and steam pipes in older houses.Roofing and siding shingles made of asbestos cement.
  • Insulation in houses built between 1930 and 1950.
  • Textured paint and in patching compounds used on wall and ceiling joints. Their use was banned in 1977.
  • Artificial ashes and embers used in gas-fired fireplaces.
  • Older products such as stove-top pads.
  • Walls and floors around wood burning stoves — these may be protected with asbestos paper, mill board, or cement sheets.
  •  Some vinyl floor tiles and the backing on vinyl sheet flooring and adhesives.
  • Insulation on oil or coal furnaces and door gaskets
For more information for Saskatchewan guidelines and for more information on asbestos abatement please check out more of our blogs on got mold? we are here to educate the public about awareness. If you have any questions call today!

Source for information: Saskatchewan Federation of Labor 

Asbestos in the News: Issue 128

Asbestos in the News: Issue 128
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 42 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of asbestos and asbestos related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet asbestos news frequently.
Asbestos Pushed in Asia as Product for the Poor: Outlawed in much of the developed world, asbestos is still going strong in the developing one. In India alone, the world’s biggest asbestos importer, it’s a $2 billion industry providing 300,000 jobs.
Suburban asbestos deaths blamed on ‘factory of death’: MORE than a dozen deaths in a Melbourne suburb have been blamed on an asbestos factory where children once played in piles of the deadly dust.
Home renovators the third wave of cancer victims being hit with asbestos-related diseases: WEEKEND warriors are playing “renovation roulette” — with asbestos fuelling a “third wave” of cancer victims, according to experts.
Asbestos victims win landmark legal battle as state faulted for poor ventilation: In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court said Thursday the government acted illegally in failing to mandate ventilation to protect workers at asbestos mills, holding the state liable for ¥330 million in compensation.
Protein Discovery Could Open Door to New Treatment for 1 in 5 Mesothelioma Patients: A protein expressed on the surface of some mesothelioma cells may play a significant role in how long mesothelioma patients survive. It may also offer a new way to treat the asbestos-linked cancer.
Winemaker’s Mesothelioma Blamed on Asbestos Filter: There is new evidence that some wine-making practices could increase the chance of developing malignant pleural mesothelioma. Italian researchers are reporting the first case of mesothelioma in a person whose only known exposure to asbestos was in the winemaking business.
Aduro BioTech Announces Interim Phase 1B Clinical Data of CRS-207 for the Treatment of Mesothelioma Accepted for Oral Presentation at the International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference: Aduro BioTech, Inc., a leader in cancer immunotherapy, today announced that interim data from the Phase 1B clinical trial of its CRS-207 cancer immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy as a front line treatment for malignant pleural mesothelioma.
A “SMART” Treatment for Mesothelioma Doubles Survival: Any treatment that doubles the length of survival for cancer patients is a SMART treatment for any cancer, especially mesothelioma. The “SMART” treatment stands for Surgery for Mesothelioma After Radiation Therapy.1 Drs. Cho and colleagues tested the feasibility of treating mesothelioma with precisely delivered radiation therapy first, before surgery in 25 patients.1 The idea is to fry most of the mesothelioma cells with radiation therapy and then remove any remaining tumor and any damaged lung tissue.
Brigham and Women’s Study Shows Benefits of EPP Mesothelioma Surgery: The most aggressive surgical procedure for pleural mesothelioma, which involves removing a lung, the pericardium and major parts of the diaphragm, should remain a viable option for select patients, despite the growing debate over its usefulness.
PD-L1 a possible immunotherapy target in mesothelioma: Approximately 20% of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma have cancer cells that express a protein called programmed cell-death ligand 1 (PD-L1), which is associated with poorer outcomes, according to research presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2014 Congress in Madrid, Spain.
Scientists Say Blood Pressure Drug Stops Mesothelioma Tumor Growth in Mice: Japanese researchers say a medicine currently used to treat high blood pressure and certain prostate conditions may have the potential to treat malignant pleural mesothelioma.
New Report Finds MRI Assessment Technique May Make Surgical Biopsies Unnecessary for Some Mesothelioma Patients: Belgian scientists say a new method of reading MRI images may eventually replace the need for surgical biopsies in some patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma.
MicroRNA Research Could Lead to New Treatment for Mesothelioma: In the quest for an effective treatment against lung cancer and mesothelioma, researchers often dig deep into the genetic makeup of the diseases to understand how they grow. By figuring that out, they can then counteract the aggressive cancers by halting the growth. Researchers now say that it is a pair of microRNAs that should be the focus for suppressing tumor growth in lung cancer.
NCI Study Finds Orphan Drug May Extend Mesothelioma Survival: Scientists say the monoclonal antibody amatuximab may improve outcomes for mesothelioma patients on standard chemotherapy.
Back to (temporary) school for Huntington Beach kids displaced by asbestos: Overall, some 1,600 elementary students from three Ocean View District schools shuttered over possible asbestos contamination arrived at nine campuses across four school districts Thursday morning.
EPA Grant Helps Reduce Asbestos Exposure in Texas Schools: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the Texas Department of State Health Services a grant to help reduce asbestos exposure in schools. The $124,741 grant will go toward compliance monitoring and assistance, public outreach, inspections, enforcement actions, and ensuring workers are properly trained and accredited.
Oklahoma Receives Grant to Reduce Asbestos in Schools: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $204,000 grant for Oklahoma to help reduce asbestos exposure in schools.
Asbestos Hits Campus: An asbestos abatement notice was posted on a door in Rawl over fall break. The notice was to inform staff and students that asbestos was discovered on all of the three floor hallways.
Yardleys School in Tyseley in asbestos closure row with Birmingham City Council: Headteacher hits back at council claims that the school is safe to open – and posts photos of asbestos clean-up workers on site.
Former teacher Joe Gallagher died of terminal cancer after being exposed to asbestos while working at Warslow Secondary School: A former teacher died of terminal cancer after being exposed to asbestos during his time working at a Staffordshire Moorlands school.
East Penn board accused of asbestos cover-up: A barrage of questions – as well as accusations of an asbestos cover-up – was fired at East Penn School Board by several residents Monday night.
Calls for removal of asbestos in Leeds schools: Campaigners are calling for asbestos to be removed from classrooms after new figures reveal nearly three-quarters of schools in Leeds contain the dust.
Boston school opening delayed by asbestos find: Schoolchildren are waiting to move into a new £4m building after its planned September opening was delayed. Boston Pioneers Free School Academy, which is run by the Phoenix Family of Schools Academy Trust, was due to move its pupils from Tunnard Street into the new site on Fydell Crescent in September 2014. David Tebbutt, Trust Leader for Business, said the school had been delayed for a number of reasons including asbestos being found.
Dunning no closer to asbestos compensation: A CESSNOCK man awarded a record $2.2million payout for mesothelioma is stunned that BHP Billiton is appealing the verdict.
Pa. Law Shields Heidelberg From Worker Asbestos Suit: A Pennsylvania federal judge dismissed a successor to the Mergenthaler Linotype company, Heidelberg USA Inc., from an asbestos wrongful death suit on Wednesday, ruling that the plaintiff failed to demonstrate asbestos exposure occurred with the frequency and regularity required under Pennsylvania state product liability law.
Family of man who died of mesothelioma take former employer to court: Three judges have allowed the family of a man who died from mesothelioma to take his former employer to court over claims the firm caused him to contract the illness.
Asbestos victims deserve relief: The Supreme Court, in a recent ruling that awarded state compensation to health problems suffered by former employees at asbestos mills in Osaka Prefecture, has made it clear that the government — with its regulatory powers — is responsible for ensuring the safety and health of workers at industrial sites. Since it takes decades for symptoms to emerge in patients after they have inhaled asbestos dust, the scope of health damage might expand beyond the people who have so far taken legal actions to seek compensation. The government needs to take the top court decision seriously and move quickly to offer financial help to the victims, many of whom are already advanced in age.
We’ll Fight Hardie on Asbestos: Unions: The nation’s leading union body has signalled its intention to fight any attempt by James Hardie to avoid meeting an expected shortfall in funds available to compensate victims of asbestos diseases, according to media reports.
Residents Ask City to Stop Mt. Manresa Demolition After Asbestos Violations: Angry residents demanded the city halt work at Mount Manresa at Tuesday night’s Community Board 1 meeting after construction crews were fined $67,000 for lying about asbestos.
Washington Supreme Court Ratifies Employer Immunity for Asbestos Exposure: The Washington Supreme Court recently affirmed summary judgment in favor of an employer defending an asbestos lawsuit brought by a former employee. In Walston v. Boeing Co., No. 88511-7 (September 18, 2014), the Supreme Court confirmed that Washington’s workers’ compensation scheme largely immunizes employers from civil liability suits, even when a risk of harm is known by the employer.
Employers’ Asbestos Liabilities Do Not Extend to Workers’ Spouses: Two federal judges recently dismissed the claims of the spouses of workers who purportedly carried asbestos fibers home from their workplaces. In July 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma dismissed a case alleging that an employer negligently allowed a worker to bring asbestos fibers home on his clothes that caused mesothelioma to develop in his wife, holding that the defendant company was not aware of the danger at the time. (Bootenhoff et al. v. Hormel Foods Corporation et al., 2014 WL 3810383, August 1, 2014.) Judge Eduardo C. Robreno of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, who oversees the federal asbestos MDL, interpreted Pennsylvania law and issued a similar ruling. (Gillen v. The Boeing Company et al., 2014 WL 4211354, August 26, 2014.)
Malone men get prison for improper asbestos removal: A Malone property owner and his employee will begin serving prison sentences later this month after pleading guilty to federal charges relating to an asbestos-renovation project.
High Court ruling over ‘Swindon disease’ welcomed by asbestos cancer legal expert: Leading industrial disease solicitor Brigitte Chandler, a partner in law firm Charles Lucas & Marshall’s Swindon office, has welcomed a legal ruling meaning people dying from cancer caused by asbestos exposure will not have to pay legal fees out of damages they have been awarded.
Asbestos victims react with fury to court claim changes: ASBESTOS campaigners have reacted with anger at court changes they feel downgrades their compensation claims.
British Employer Fined for Flouting Asbestos Regulations: British authorities don’t take kindly to businesses that do not enforce asbestos regulations. A Hove-based firm has been fined after it flouted asbestos regulations and removed some of the dangerous material just three weeks after being refused a license to carry out such work.
Poughkeepsie asbestos removal planned because of grant: A $100,000 grant will be used to rid a local community center of asbestos, said Family Services officials via news release.
Questions remain over Stamford police relocation: When, and if, city police officers will move from their Bedford Street headquarters after federal safety inspectors found asbestos in a plaster ceiling this spring remains an open question, city officials said this week.
Asbestos Concerns Close Groton City Hall: Groton city offices and the Groton Utilities building were closed Monday over asbestos concerns, according to the city’s official Facebook page.
MISC. (4)
Asbestos warning for homeowners: Canterbury homeowners carrying out their own earthquake repairs could be at risk of asbestos contamination, government and local body agencies warn.
WorkCover finds loose-fill asbestos in Sydney homes for first time; more positive tests in city likely: Deadly loose-fill asbestos has been discovered in houses in Sydney’s western and northern suburbs, the ABC has learned, the first positive tests for the carcinogen in the city.
HSE revives asbestos awareness programme: The free Beware Asbestos web app, for phones, tablets and laptops ( leads tradespeople through a list of simple multiple-choice questions about the type of building they are working in, the job that they are doing, and the type of asbestos containing material they are working on.
Navy seeking more time to rid ships of asbestos: The Naval Service is seeking more time from the Heath & Safety Authority (HSA) to remove asbestos from two ships which have been out of commission since last May.

Asbestos in the News: Issue 126

Asbestos in the News: Issue 126
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 34 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of asbestos and asbestos related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet asbestos news frequently.
Saltburn woman died of cancer caused by washing husband’s asbestos covered work clothes: A woman died from a terminal cancer caused by inhaling asbestos dust while she washed her husband’s work overalls.
Component in Spice May Help Slow Mesothelioma Growth: Yet another study has demonstrated the potential mesothelioma-fighting properties of curcumin, an anti-inflammatory polyphenol that is the primary component in the spice turmeric. The latest study suggests that applying curcumin along with cancer-fighting peptides may increase the levels of a protein inhibitor that can slow the progression of mesothelioma.
CU-NantBioScience Collaboration Targets Ral Protein for Treatment, Could Halt Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma Growth: One of the keys to defeating mesothelioma, lung cancer, or any aggressive cancer, is to prevent it from metastasizing or spreading throughout the body. Earlier this month, MesotheliomaHelp reported on the discovery of a new gene that could help stop metastasis. Now, researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center report they have found a protein known to contribute to metastasis, and they aim to develop a novel therapy to target the protein to stop cancer growth.
Georgia Regents University Launches Immunotherapy Clinical Trial: The Georgia Regents University Cancer Center, a national leader in immunotherapy research, has opened its first clinical trial for mesothelioma patients.
Mesothelioma risk endures over long-term: Western Australian researchers have determined the risk of developing mesothelioma continues to increase even 40 years after a person’s first exposure to asbestos.
Possible Link between Asbestos and IPF: People who worked with asbestos drilling mud and other products that contained asbestos might already be well aware of the potential for serious health problems such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.
Asbestos Suspected in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: British researchers say they found evidence of a link between asbestos exposure and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a disease in which lung tissue thickens or scars and prevents oxygen from moving around the body. It is often diagnosed instead of asbestosis if the patient cannot recall being exposed to asbestos. The European Lung Foundation reported the new findings in September 2014.
New Treatments Have Improved Outcomes for Peritoneal Mesothelioma: The newest studies on peritoneal mesothelioma indicate that the outlook for people with this rare asbestos-linked cancer are better than ever.
Could High Breath Temperature Lead to a Mesothelioma Diagnosis?: Although there is nothing good about being diagnosed with mesothelioma, or any cancer, the saying “the sooner the better” is the best way to receive the diagnosis. An early diagnosis offers cancer patients the best chance at survival. However, most tests are invasive, expensive and slow-to-process leading patients to take the wait-and-see approach. Now, researchers report that a simple temperature reading of a patient’s exhaled breath could “change the way we currently diagnose the disease.”
WA tops country as ‘third wave’ deadly asbestos victims diagnosed: West Australians are being diagnosed with mesothelioma at a higher rate than anywhere else in the country, with two out of every three victims likely to have contracted the deadly disease at work.
Huntington Beach Schools Suspend Asbestos Removal Effort In Response To Complaints: School officials in Huntington Beach have halted an asbestos abatement project after hearing complaints from parents and a vocal school board member.
UO moves to correct problems with worn asbestos floor tiles: A university contractor will begin sealing floors in 59 faculty and staff offices in two campus buildings Monday night as part of a project that will prevent the release of asbestos fibers from worn floor tiles.
Arctic College students concerned about asbestos in residence: A couple of minor renovations are raising major concerns for students and staff at Nunavut Arctic College’s Nunatta residence in Iqaluit.
Asbestos debris dumped near East Penn school; some residents want an investigation: Two East Penn School District residents on Monday urged board members to pursue an investigation of who dumped asbestos siding and other construction debris near Wescosville Elementary School.
High School Discovers Asbestos in Gym: A local high school’s cleanup is much more complicated after asbestos was found in the wreckage.
Wales Street Primary School principal formally stands aside following asbestos scare: Mr Sexton was removed to the department’s north-western regional office eight months ago while an investigation in relation to the asbestos found at the school was conducted.
Renovations in Haley Center see removal of asbestos: Rooms 3184 and 3194 in Haley Center were closed this week for asbestos removal with no threat to public health.
Next asbestos bankruptcy could see Garlock-style fight or Bondex-style deal: When the next asbestos-related bankruptcy occurs, the Garlock Sealing Technologies case and Bondex International case will provide the debtor with two separate approaches for resolving disputes over asbestos liability.
Watchdog faults EPA on failed asbestos tests: The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) internal watchdog criticized it for mismanaging tests on methods for demolishing buildings with asbestos.
Judge: Asbestos claimant only included defendants to keep case out of federal court: When determining whether the court had jurisdiction over an asbestos case, a Louisiana district judge has concluded that the claimant only joined certain defendants to the case in an effort to keep it in state court.
Difference in litigating asbestos cases in federal court? They have to be ‘worked up,’ lawyers say: Since asbestos cases have found their way back into federal courts across the nation, attorneys from both sides of the asbestos litigation field have agreed that litigating in district courts is nothing to be afraid of.
Serial offender fined $225,000 for illegally dumping asbestos waste: Serial dumper Dib Hanna has been fined $225,000 for illegally dumping 90 tonnes of building waste including asbestos in Picnic Point, in Sydney’s south west.
Louisiana Appeals Court Affirms $2.3 Million Award in Mesothelioma Survival Action: A Louisiana state appeals court has affirmed a $2.3 million verdict in a mesothelioma survival action, rejecting defense claims that the case was filed too late and that the decedent’s degree of suffering was insufficient to justify an excessive award.
Principal told to resign over students’ exposure to asbestos: The former principal of a Thornbury primary school, Chris Sexton, has “formally relinquished” his position at the school following a departmental investigation into the exposure of children to asbestos.
Wash. SC rules Workers’ Comp law doesn’t extend to asbestos-related diseases: The Washington Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the exception to the state’s Workers’ Compensation law does not extend to asbestos-related diseases because it is impossible to have absolute knowledge that an injury is certain to occur.
Flint and Associates files asbestos case in St. Clair County: A man is suing dozens of companies he alleges manufactured products responsible for giving him mesothelioma.
£170,000 award for rail worker’s widow: SWINDON widow Mary Neil has received a six-figure payout following the death of her husband, who was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis while working for British Rail for more than 40 years.
Construction Violations Released Asbestos Into Denver Apartments: Steve and Kim Weiner are so afraid of the health conditions in their apartment they won’t even let family help them move out.
A ticking timebomb: The asbestos compensation crisis facing Greater Manchester’s town halls: Town hall bosses throughout Greater Manchester are facing a ‘ticking timebomb’ of mounting claims from people struck down with conditions linked to deadly asbestos.
Asbestos complicates HVAC, roofing work at McKean County Courthouse: The McKean County Commissioners have authorized a contract with Northeastern Environmental Management of Bradford to encapsulate up to 1,000 linear feet of asbestos-containing pipe insulation in the McKean County Courthouse.
Asbestos concern closes Capitol Shopping Center in Dover: The Capitol Shopping Center at 1026-1056 N. DuPont Highway will remain closed until an asbestos abatement is complete.
Leaking pipes lead to discovery of asbestos: Leaking pipes in the Vista Dining Center led Mt. Hood’s facilities personnel to the discovery of asbestos in ceilings over the Student Union this summer.
MISC. (2)
Fleet-wide check under way after asbestos found on Naval ships: A FLEET-WIDE CHECK of all Irish Naval Service ships is now under way, after asbestos was found on board a number of vessels.
Mr Fluffy homes can be demolished safely, asbestos taskforce head Andrew Kefford says: As Canberrans turn their minds to the hazards of a mass demolition of Mr Fluffy asbestos houses, Asbestos Taskforce head Andrew Kefford has moved to reassure people it can be done safely.