Mold Advocate Put In Jail

Mold Advocate Put In Jail
Earlier this week Sharon Kramer was jailed for telling the truth about mold and the negative health effects it can have.
She wrote an article about conflict of interest influencing the outcome of mold litigation trials that denied legitimate claims. She is going to jail because she has been accused of libel and refused to comply with a Judicial Court Order demanding her to commit perjury and retract her statement. To learn more about this outrageous case and the heavy handed tactics being used by the California courts, please click here.
It is a scientific fact that mold can have a negative impact on the health and well being of those exposed. Resistance to this fact is driven purely by economics because landlords, school boards, and other government agencies don’t want to deal with the cost of cleaning up the toxic mold. Unfortunately, the long term implications of ignoring this problem will just make the situation worse.
However, a recent court case in New York suggests that this issue may need to be addressed because the courts are finally acknowledging the scientific facts that prove the negative health implications that exposure to mold can have.
Mold is a growing concern. Got Mold? is here to help. If you suspect that you have mold, give us a call.