Mold in the News: Issue 16

Mold in the News: Issue 16
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FEATURE STORY: The Argument Against Biocides: Why We Don’t Need to Kill Mold: We fix sick homes. Every day, people with asthma, allergies, sinus problems – and a plethora of other sometimes seemingly unrelated maladies – suspect something in their home might be at the root of their woes and call upon us to do the sleuth work. More often than not, when we find a mold problem and it gets corrected, people begin to see improvements in their health and quality of life, sometimes dramatic improvements.
Mold Forces Salisbury Family Out of Newly-Purchased Home: It is the “American dream” to own a home. For the Widdowson family of Salisbury, that dream turned into a nightmare. Shortly after moving in, the family says the home turned out to be unlivable due to being full of mold.
Video: Parents Meet With Education Officials Over School Building Health Concerns
Video: Parents of Brooklyn Students Demand Answers in Mold Problem
Video: Williamsburg Parents Claim Local School Building Has Mold Problem
Parents at a Brooklyn school building demanded answers from education officials at a meeting Monday about construction conditions they say are creating health hazards for their children. About 500 students, parents and teachers met with Department of Education officials inside the building that houses PS 17 and MS 577 in Williamsburg, which is undergoing a massive construction. Parents said that construction, mixed with water damage, has made the environment unbearable.
Video: Middle School of the Kennebunks mold-free: In a letter to parents, RSU 21 Superintendent Andrew Dolloff said the Middle School of the Kennebunks is free of mold. The $16 million building opened in 2002. It has had leaks and mold problems since then. Staff and teachers met earlier this month about the building. They said it is making them sick. Dolloff said a mold-sniffing dog detected some mold in the building, but none in the wall cavities, ceiling or walls.
Video: Superintendent Squashes Growing Mold Concerns At Quidnessett : A leaky roof at a North Kingstown elementary school has parents concerned over the potential for mold.
Video: Woman finds moldy substance on Kotex Tampon
Don’t Worry, That’s Just Bread Mold On Your Tampon
The black spots were hard to miss. They were covering a tampon discovered by Danielle Parr on Tuesday morning. “When I went to look, I saw some discoloration,” she said. “It looks like mold to me.” The tainted tampon came from a box of Kotex purchased at a Saginaw grocery store three weeks ago. Parr was so disgusted with what she found, she checked the rest of the contents.
Fungus warrior offers free home inspections: Fungus Fighters won’t have a prominent spot at this weekend’s annual health fair at the Lincoln Park District, but business owner Dave Edwards is hoping attendees take advantage of his services. Edwards will participate in the health fair — not by manning his company’s booth but he’ll be with the local chapter of the Asthma Coalition, headed by Mallory Ramos of the Logan County Department of Public Health.
How old is your Mold?: Can the age of mold be determined? There is no real scientific way or test to determine the age of mold…..a competent inspection can lead you to some probable conclusions. Mycologists indicate and my field experience confirms that fungal growth can occur in a building over a broad surface and quite rapidly, in as short a time as 2-3 days in some conditions and they add that it is not very reliable to guess at the “age” of a given mold colony.