Asbestos Insanity!

Asbestos Insanity!
Earlier this month, a news article reported that the Principal and Teachers at Buckeye Educational School asked their students to gut a building containing asbestos. You would think that educators would realize that asking children to gut a building containing asbestos was morally wrong and reprehensible. Apparently not!

It appears that the motivation for allowing this to happen was to save money.
“We’ve been abating schools for the last 30 years in this town just to keep our kids safe, and then they come in and to save a buck throw a bunch of kids in harm’s way.” (Darren Clink, Asbestos Abatement Professional)
Kind of an insane decision don’t you think? Rather than hiring professionals to abate the property, the school decided that the cost savings justified the means. Short term savings, but certainly this decision will lead to significant costs for the school in defense of law suits and government fines, not to mention the long term health costs for students that may get sick from the exposure. A very poor decision, indeed!
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