I’ve got mold! What is it? & What do I do?

I’ve got mold! What is it? & What do I do?
Mold is natural to the environment, It can be indoors or outdoors. The basics of learning about mold begin with knowing that is the break down procedure of dead organic matter such as trees, leaves and when the snow melts. When the problem is indoors this is where the issue becomes very important and can cause serious long term health problems for you and your family. Mold spores are naked to the human eye and travel through the air. There are many different types of mold, but none can exist without water or moisture. If you have any questions regarding Mold and mold removal you can always go online to www.gotmold.ca or gotmoldcalgary.com our brothers in mold & grime and read more about the devastating effects mold can have on your life and anyone in your home.
If you have mold, it is important to get rid of it as fast as possible. Just because winter is right around the corner and things are starting to “dry up” it doesn’t mean this problem will disappear on its own. If you choose to hire a contractor (or other professional service) to do the clean up, make sure they are properly trained to deal with the matter at hand. Got Mold? in Saskatoon & Regina. are the area experts through out Saskatchewan & Alberta because of their experience and “know how” of the industry. Some other companies are known to miss a lot of the mold and put a sheet of drywall over your patch and call it a day. Mold has the ability to assist in a number of different situations where mold can be an issue. Even if the mold damage was caused by sewage or other causes of contaminated water.
Molds will have the potential to cause serious long term health problems and sometimes even fatal if it is not properly contained. Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances. The most common responses to mold are runny nose, sneezing, red eyes and rashes. Some of these symptoms can happen immediately and some of them can be prolonged. It has to do with the individual. In some cases people are very allergic to mold. The symptoms can occur with people who aren’t even diagnosed with a mold allergy.
Some contractors treat the issue like it’s just a matter of replacing the carpet, while this may be a temporary fix “out of sight out of mind” it is more likely to cost you more in the long run by just doing the “quick fix” instead of doing it properly. It may still be attached to your floor boards or walls and could have spread by not properly containing the area.
Once you have determined that mold is the issue and know where and why it’s there, experienced mold remediation companies like Got Mold? know that you need to be properly covered when cleaning and removing it. Putting up a barrier between the infected area and the rest of the house so that the spores don’t expand and go elsewhere. Remembering that mold travels through the air and is invisible to the naked eye. This key fact is that you could have mold and not even know about it. In such a case, there are tests that the experts at Got Mold? can assist you with for peace of mind.
For further assistance in booking an air sample test or to have a mold removal expert assist you with your problem don’t hesitate to call the mold experts at Got Mold.

Mold in the News: Issue 168

Mold in the News: Issue 168
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 24 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of mould and mould related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet important mould news.
Parents worried after mould found in school portables: A group of parents at a Toronto school say their children’s portables have been covered in mould for at least a year but no permanent solutions have been found.
Watch fast-food hamburgers get moldy, just because: There’s long been talk of fast-food that doesn’t age like real food. The press is bad enough for McDonald’s to push a PR campaign claiming its food does, in fact, rot. Putting that claim to the test, the people of Buzzfeed put seven hamburgers from seven different restaurants in glass jars to see what they looked like after 30 days.
State Lawmakers Examine Whether Georgia Should Create Mold Laws: Mold can cause serious health problems. But right now, there are no state laws, or even EPA regulations, to protect residents. Some state senators are looking at whether that should change. Senators created a study committee to look at mold and mildew related problems after hearing stories like Linda Porter’s. After Porter moved into an apartment in Southwest Atlanta, she discovered a blackish colored mold.
Damp, mouldy homes bad for allergy sufferers: Dusty, damp and mouldy conditions in many Marlborough homes are breeding dust mites and triggering chronic symptoms in allergy sufferers, an allergy specialist says.
Recent rain brings mold problems: The Tri-States has experienced a lot rain this past week and it has caused problems for some. “With the amount of rain we’ve been getting recently, in the past few years even, there has been a lot of mold crop up,” John Bertoni, owner of Quincy Home Pro, said.
Renters in Burton putting health at risk because of mould and damp: DOZENS of private renters in Burton are having their health put at risk because they are living in damp and mouldy homes, according to new research.
Mold found in dorms causes health concerns for residents and staff: Students living in University Hall have complained about finding mold in their air vents and becoming ill.
SGA confronts East Village mold problem: John Biernbaum, the associate vice president of student services, came to the meeting to speak on behalf of the ongoing resolution of the mold problem in East Village.
Urbana Middle School gym closed as crews clean up mold: A costly clean up is currently underway at Urbana Middle School after a series of complications led to a mold problem on the gym ceiling.
Mold means closure, six-figure repair at Urbana Middle School: Urbana Middle School’s gym is off-limits to P.E. classes, basketball and all other activities until sometime in December. The culprit: mold and other issues caused by water damage from the July 12 downpour. The cost: between $190,000 and $200,000, said district Superintendent Don Owen, some of which will come from insurance; the rest from the school board’s recently approved emergency budget increase.
Bradley Sheriff: Leaky Pipes Cause Problems, Mold in Jail: Leaking pipes are washing away tax dollars in Bradley County. Concrete re-enforced walls are dissolving from a water problem that the sheriff wants to get fixed.
Historical Society: Mold creating problems in courthouse: Members of the Coffee County Historical Society Bonnie Parsley and Joanna Lewis, whose office is located in the historic county courthouse on the square in Manchester, appeared before the Budget and Finance Committee Tuesday to request funding to combat a growing mold problem inside the building.
Mouldy flats ‘are threat to health’: MOULD and damp problems are making life a misery for some people living in rented flats at Townstal, Dartmouth. Among them are young families who say the situation has become so bad it is making them ill.
Landlord accused of renting out condemned house: The Mansfield City Law Director’s Office will consider filing charges against a local landlord accused of renting a condemned property filled with mold to several residents.
Carmarthenshire Archives closed following mould discovery: Carmarthenshire’s family researchers and amateur historians will be forced to take a break from digging up the past after it was announced that the county’s archives were closing to the public due to the discovery of mould in some of the storage rooms.
Local Office Closed Down, Evacuated Due to Elevated Mold Levels: Complaints from City workers led to the shutdown of one local office and an emergency evacuation due to elevated mold levels Wednesday.
Proposed shelter contains ‘hazardous’ mold: The discovery of dangerous mold in a city-owned building has thrown a new wrinkle into plans to convert the structure into an emergency homeless shelter.
New survey reveals that poor conditions such as mould and damp are commonplace for renters: One in 11 renters in the South West have suffered health problems in the last year because rouge landlords failed to deal with poor conditions in their properties.
NY1 For You: Harlem Resident Has Trouble Getting Mold Out of Apartment: Mold is not uncommon in city apartments, and as one Harlem renter found out the hard way, it’s not easy to get rid of.
Radio station sued for medical complications allegedly caused by mold-infested building: A radio station and the owner of the building where it is located are being sued by a woman who claims fell ill during 2013 due to a failure to keep the building sanitized, which resulted in her exposure to toxic mold.
Mold, air-quality issues at Fla. fire stations part of labor dispute: Health and safety concerns are just one part of a prolonged labor dispute after many firefighters say the biggest danger they face is mold in their firehouses.
MISC. (3)
Prevent mycotoxins at the source: “The impact of mould on the nutrient quality of feed is often overlooked. It should be realised that as moulds propagate, they utilise the nutrients in the feed to sustain their growth. This can result in lower levels of carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and vitamins available to the animal through the feed. When the animal consumes this nutrient deficient feed, body weight gain can decrease and feed conversion efficiency is poorer,” explains Dr Richardson.
Tis the season for…mold growth: Have you ever opened a bag of feed that smells a little musty or put your hand in the feed bunk in the middle of the winter and the ration is too hot to touch? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then there probably was a mold problem that was not addressed. In most cases, by the time most people notice they have a problem with their feed or grain; it is too late to do much about it.
Lincoln officials declare war on mold’s growth in wet homes: Lincoln authorities are asking residents with wet homes and flooded basements to try to stop mold growth.

Mold in the News: Issue 167

Mold in the News: Issue 167
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 21 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of mould and mould related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet important mould news.
Little Creek-Fort Story dealing with mold problems: A military base in Virginia Beach has relocated a small number of personnel and will make renovations to its fire station after finding mold in one of its buildings.
Guelph homeowners sue builder and City of Guelph over mould problems: An east side couple with a five-year-old home is suing its builder and the City of Guelph. They claim the house does not meet the Ontario Building Code, and as a result has an excessively damp and mouldy basement. Jason Cozzarin said he has spent about $14,000, not including legal fees, trying to remedy dampness and mould problems discovered last winter at his family’s 77 Davis St. home. He said the problem is making his wife Theoni Eliopoulous sick.
Is your home making you ill?: We spend 90% of our time indoors, according to My Health, My Home, and the air we suck into our bodies can contain over 900 chemicals, particles and biological materials – which could harm our health.
Simply Nourish dog treats recalled because of mold concerns: Recalls involving pet foods and other consumables can occur for various reasons, and a recall issued this week by the Loving Pets Corporation is an example of one: the possibility of mold growth in a product.
Autumn’s pollen and mold can challenge those with allergies: For millions of allergy sufferers, fall is a potent time for allergy-inducing allergens, the October 2014 Harvard Health Letter reported. “The fall allergy season is usually the result of pollen from weeds. But after the first frost, it’s all about mold,” said Dr. John Dobrowski, an otolaryngologist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.
Exposure to mold is health risk: People with asthma, allergies or other breathing conditions may be more sensitive to mold. Those with immune suppression (such as people with HIV infection, cancer patients taking chemotherapy and people who have received an organ transplant) are more susceptible to mold infections.
Suspected mold cleared in Suwannee County classroom: A classroom at Suwannee Intermediate School has been thoroughly cleaned after a report of an odor and allergen concern. On Sept. 19, the Suwannee County School District (District) hired an indoor environmental quality consulting firm, Air Intellect, LLC, from Tallahassee, according to a press release from Eric Althouse, President of Air Intellect.
Family’s ‘dream’ home was infested with mould: Dreams of a family Christmas in their new Aldershot home still on hold as family face mould and damp ‘nightmare’.
Ambulance station project grows after mold: A mold remediation project at an Ottawa ambulance station is moving along.
Council staff dig hole to trace source of damp… and leave it there: SINGLE father Matthew Alfred asked for help tackling his home’s mould problem but said he was left with a 2ft hole in his bedroom and no answers.
Black Mold – An unwanted house guest: As many of us already know, mold, specifically Black Mold is a very hot topic among renters and landlords. As reported by nolo.com, Toxic mold while a growing problem, unfortunately hasn’t been clearly spelled out in terms of the law in most states. However, from experience as having moved from California, where Mold Laws are in place, it can be a very expensive problem for any Landlord or Management Company. This is especially true if any negligence is found. Unfortunately this appears to be the case for Liz in Ohio.
GP slams ‘unacceptable’ state of council flat after sick baby is surrounded by vermin and mould: The state of council housing in Camden has been branded by a GP as “unacceptable” after a one-year-old baby has been left suffering lung infections from mouldy walls and a mouse-infested cot.
Mold infestation evicts S.F. firefighters from station: For the past seven months, firefighters have been without a permanent fire station due to an infestation of black mold.
West Haven resident: Mold a growing problem at Morrissey Manor: For years, Connie Ballard and her boyrfriend, Bob Slattery, have had a mold problem in their Morrissey Manor apartment, which Ballard says the West Haven Housing Authority has been unwilling or unable to fix.
Morris Houses Residents Living in Apartments with Holes, Leaks, Roaches: When NYCHA workers came to Julia Saravia’s Morris Houses apartment three weeks ago to clean some mold on her bathroom ceiling, they left behind a gaping hole that has since become home for a group of spiders, she said.
Mold, air quality issues at fire stations part of labor dispute going to special magistrate: The president of the local firefighters union said recent tests show poor air quality inside this building, and other county fire stations, sometimes in areas where emergency personnel sleep.
MISC. (5)
7 ways to prevent mold in your mansion: Mold is like that weird in-law. It’s easier to keep it out of your home than get it out later.
Mould-infested ads to be restored by Irish Film Institute: More than 2,000 damp and mould-infested advertisements made for Irish screens from the 1960s to the 1980s are set to be restored following the Irish Film Institute’s receipt of almost €290,000 in funding from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.
Grieving widow in Clearwater devastated after movers left her stuff to mold: When her stuff got to Florida, it sat in a wet, humid truck with a leak in it, in the middle of summer. Mold grew quickly on nearly everything. Nasty spores can be seen on her couches, clothing and bedding. She documented everything with photos. She claims she was only allowed to see a few things.
HUD awards millions to 3 tribes in state, including Tohono O’odham: For the first time in fiscal year 2014, the awards will also be used through a special program to remediate and prevent mold in housing units owned or operated by tribes and tribally designated housing entities. Nine tribes will receive funding for mold remediation, including the Havasupai Tribe in Arizona, where the village is located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and mold is common due in part to frequent flooding.
How can I stop mould growing in my bathroom?: Is your bathroom ceiling forever getting covered in mould due to the condensation from your shower? If so, DIY writer Susanna Clarke has the answer.

Three Reasons To Have a Fall Mold Inspection

Three Reasons To Have a Fall Mold Inspection
Fall is here, soon temperatures will begin to drop and you will need to turn on your furnace. Here are three reasons to have a professional mold inspection:
1. Prevent Mold Spores From Getting In Your HVAC System
In most homes, the furnace is located in the basement, usually in the storage area. The basement is also one of the most common areas for mold to thrive and grow because it is a dark, moist area. You will know you have mold issues if you smell a musty, earthy odour. This past summer, many homes were flooded and if they were not dried properly, the prevalence of mold issues is highly likely.
If mold is prevalent in the basement, one of the major concerns is to prevent air borne spores from spreading throughout the rest of the home. In other words, turning on your furnace when there is mold in the basement could spread the spores throughout the home contaminating more areas.
The number one reason to get a Fall mold inspection is to prevent the spread of mold into other areas of your home when you turn on your furnace. If the mold inspector finds mold in the basement, then potential cross contamination can be prevented with a remediation plan.
2. Better Health
Unfortunately, when Fall and Winter arrive, many blame health issues on colds and the flu. However, what most people do not realize is that mold spores can cause many of the symptoms we experience when we think we have a cold or flu:
  1. The sudden onset of allergic symptoms involving the respiratory system such as cough, congestion, sinus infection, asthma, and bronchitis.
  2. Unexplained headaches, decrease in attention span or memory, difficulty concentrating, or dizziness.
  3. Other physical symptoms of mold could include skin rash, itchy eyes, fatigue, and a general unwell feeling that disappears when leaving the house.
Many of the symptoms above would be diagnosed as cold or flu symptoms by a Doctor. As our toxic mold survivor interviews show, this is a common occurrence simply because most Doctors are not trained to identify sickness caused by mold.
If you experience these symptoms soon after turning on your furnace, then you likely have mold spores circulating in your home.
To verify that you have mold issues, you can check the furnace for black, gray-brown, gray-green, or white-and-orange spots. The insulation, condensers, cooling coils, and drip pans of furnaces and air conditioners, as well as the ducts are all potential areas where mold growth can occur. If you get mold in your HVAC system, you can get your ducts cleaned by a professional. Duct cleaning is only recommended, however, if the core problem causing the mold issues and the primary source of the mold contamination is properly cleaned.
3. Peace of Mind
Trained mold inspectors follow a step by step protocol to determine if there is a mold problem. They will do visual inspections; ask questions to get a better idea of the building history to find out about leaks, floods, etc. any indication of past moisture issues; measure the moisture levels; and may recommend that tape, swab, or air quality tests be done to determine the type of mold and the spore count in the home.
The relative cost of a mold inspection compared to the potential health issues and eventual structural issues that mold can cause in a property is minor and should give you a significant amount of peace of mind knowing that you have had a professional inspection done.
Bottom line, if you suspect that you have any mold concerns, particularly in your basement, we strongly recommend that you have a professional examine the problem so that you can prevent the spread of the mold throughout your home when you turn on your furnace.
If you have questions, call us toll free, 1-888-909-6653 or use the form below.

Mold in the News: Issue 166

Mold in the News: Issue 166
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 32 stories we thought may interest you!
Please share this information so that we can continue to increase awareness of mould and mould related illnesses. Follow us on twitter because we tweet important mould news.
Mold makes Vancouver house uninhabitable: Craig and Shelly Johnson bought their Andresen neighborhood home 24 years ago. To the high school sweethearts, it was the perfect place to raise their kids and enjoy their future grandkids. This summer, the Johnsons learned their dream home was poisoning them. After a decade of unexplained chronic pain, fatigue, respiratory infections and debilitating headaches, Craig, 54, and Shelly, 50, learned the attic of their home was full of various varieties of black and white mold.
Your Coffee Maker Is Full Of Mold. Here’s How To Clean It: We love nothing more than a good cup of coffee. But a good cup of mold? Not so energizing. A 2011 study from NSF International found that about half of coffee makers (we’re talking the classic, basket-and-carafe kind here) had yeast and mold growing in their reservoirs. About one in ten were home to coliform bacteria. On average, home coffee reservoirs also had higher germ counts than both bathroom door handles and toilet seats.
Mold forces family to flee home: In the garage, a mountain of white trash bags store the couple’s belongings, and a young girl’s metal scooter leans against a wooden kitchen table darkened by mold.
Awful autumn allergies? Blame weeds, mold, wetness: If you’re sniffling, sneezing, and your eyes are all puffy, you’re not alone. A lot of allergy sufferers experience those symptoms, and the complaints have soared in recent weeks for a few reasons.
Take steps to control indoor air pollution: Barbara Schwitz realized why she didn’t feel well. She just couldn’t see where the culprit was hiding. “I knew when I started to get sick mold was somewhere in the house,” said Schwitz of Hyde Park.
To eliminate mold, eliminate the moisture: Whether you’re lying on your sofa in your living room or walking through the woods, you are surrounded by mold.
Mold drives out Avery residents: The new semester was off to a good start for residents in one Avery Residence Hall suite until mold started taking over.
Westside High library closed because of mold: Mold has kept the Westside High School library closed since the beginning of the year.
Black Mold Closes Lincoln School For Rest Of Week: A Lincoln elementary school will be closed the rest of the week due to mold found in a building.
B-CU students complain of mold in dorm: Students living in a Bethune-Cookman University dormitory are complaining about mold growing on walls, ceilings, pillows, clothing, showers, mattresses and even kitchen appliances inside their rooms.
Mold in Vanderbilt dorms spurs inspections in 500 rooms: Mold in some Vanderbilt University residence halls triggered inspections of about 500 separate rooms in September. Students in an old cluster of buildings started reporting mold and mildew in their rooms soon after move-in day in August, according to Jim Kramka, Vanderbilt’s senior director of housing operations.
Mold discovered in Elon’s Loy Center addressed by Physical Plant: It’s been a moldy start to the school year for Elon University.
Small amounts of mold found in some UofL dorm rooms: Small amounts of mold have turned up again inside some University of Louisville dorm rooms. In 2012, mold was found in three residence halls.
Mold removal completed at William and Mary Hall: The general climate of the Williamsburg area has been cited as the cause of mold growth on the ceiling of William and Mary Hall, for which a remediation project was completed in July, a senior college official said Thursday.
Mold closes Catholic elementary school for 4 days: A mold problem has kept some 300 children out of school since Friday at Queen of All Saints Catholic School on Christopher in the Oakville area of South St. Louis County.
Protest at SALCC over mold infestation: Authorities at the Sir Arthur Community College (SALCC) held a meeting following protest action organised by the Students’ Council this morning over mold infestation.
More mold infestation: The historic Willacy County Courthouse isn’t the only county building where employees say that mold is making them sick.
Museum to take financial hit from prolonged closure: January is the earliest the beleaguered Canada Science and Technology Museum could reopen its doors, despite initial hopes by officials to have it back up and running within weeks following the discovery of mould. The facility will suffer a financial blow since it will be forced to remain closed over the Christmas holidays, when it draws thousands of visitors, making it one of the busiest seasons for the museum.
Mold complaints chasing city from Barret center: Louisville Metro government is hunting for a new home for the government workers housed in the Urban County Government Center – the 50-year-old public building on Barret Avenue that has fueled health complaints related to mold.
Odessa mayor discusses problems with mold-infested building: Mold, water damage and even a rodent infestation have forced leaders in Odessa to move the city’s police and ambulance services out of a problem building.
Apartment residents: Problems are getting worse: A building with a history of problems is on the St. Louis City Health Department’s radar again. 5 on Your Side exposed the problems at Harlan Court Apartments, on Delmar, a few months ago. KSDK found mold and water damage issues, but residents say the problems are getting worse.
Full of Mold: Willacy Courthouse employees relocate: Willacy County officials are wrapping up plans to move from the mold-ridden county courthouse that they will close after more than 90 years.
Mould found growing on devices used to cradle sick babies: Mould has been found growing on a number of devices that are used to cradle sick babies while they are in hospital, health officials have warned.
Black Mold Impacting A Student Living At The Polos Apartments Complex: Emily Huber lives in The Polos Apartment Complex and says she found mold in her closet on Sunday.
Renovations begin after mold shut down Kane County morgue: Renovation work has begun at the Kane County coroner’s office and morgue, which was shut down in June because of a mold infestation and autopsies outsourced to DuPage County.
Treasure Island flooded with water, mold and radiation: Trelease Miller, 1126G Reeves Court, woke at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday to find water pouring out of her first floor bathroom toilet bowl two inches deep into the hallway, submerging the living room rug and streaming through the front door and out the patio door into the backyard. “It covered my shoes,” said Miller.
Local apartment troubled by mold growth: Residents of an apartment complex just beyond the east Colorado Springs city limits are seeking help with removing an outbreak of mold.
Niagara Falls woman says landlord won’t take care of black mold problem in rental home: While she is worried about her health and that of her family, a city woman is also angry at the owner of a home she is renting. April, who asked her last name not be used, discovered from a neighbour not long after she moved into a Dolphin Street home that the semi-detached home has a problem with black mold and alleges her landlord is not taking care of the problem.
Ypsilanti Township sues over another flooded, mold-infested home owned by Fannie Mae: Ypsilanti Township is asking for a court’s help ordering in the cleanup of a flooded, mold-infested home owned by Fannie Mae.
Judge rules against extra payout in District 303 mold case: A Cook County judge this month ruled St. Charles School District 303 does not have to pay an additional $374,000 in a lawsuit tied to the 2001 mold discovery at St. Charles East High School.
MISC. (2)
Options available for late-season treatment of damaging white mold: The cool, wet weather that seemed impossible to shake this summer created ideal conditions for the development of white mold, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, in susceptible crops such as soybean, dry edible beans and potato.
Kong Aussie Sticks Recalled for Possible Mold: In a day of dog product recalls, JAKKS Pacific of Walnut, California has issued a recall of Kong Aussie Sticks dog treats due to possible contamination with mold.