It’s a Living Nightmare: Desperate Mom Battles Mold

Image Courtesy of the Camden New Journal

It’s a Living Nightmare: Desperate Mom Battles Mold
“The walls started peeling, the bedrooms were full of spores and mould. The surveyor came round and said we’d have to be moved out because it was bad for our health, but when I told the housing officer he said, ‘Oh they’re just trying to scare you, that’s all’.
“My daughter can’t even laugh without choking, and she can no longer ride the bike without a coughing fit.”
Earlier this month a woman in Britain posted a YouTube video to document the deplorable living conditions of her apartment.

Her story was covered by the Camden New Journal which reported that the problems began with a bit of condensation leading to dampness in the residence. This dampness eventually led to a living mold nightmare.
The truly sad part about this story is the fact that there are three children living in this home and their health is being compromised.
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