Does Mold Cause Asthma?

Does Mold Cause Asthma?
If you or someone you love suddenly suffered an asthma attack, it might be caused by mold.
In a 2001 study, Dr. Maritta Kilpelainen at the University of Turku in Finland, found a definite link between mold and illness, particularly asthma, colds, and other respiratory ailments.
Dr. Kilpelainen and her colleagues questioned more than 10,000 university students on the dampness of their homes. They then asked how often they developed colds and other respiratory infections.
Research Conclusions:
1. Students who reported having visible mold in their homes were more than twice as likely as others to have asthma. Moldy homes were also linked to a nearly 50% increase in the odds of having at least four colds in a year.
2. Students whose homes harbored visible mold or water damage were also at a somewhat higher risk for other infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia.
3. Dampness in the home “at least maintains” asthma symptoms, and may also boost a person’s vulnerability to colds and other respiratory infections.
4. Mold is an allergen, it is a known trigger of asthma attacks because it triggers inflammation in the upper respiratory tract and, therefore, makes people more susceptible to colds.
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