How Not to Remove Mold

How Not to Remove Mold
The following video is an example of How Not to Remove Mold.

Got Mold? follows an eight step process to ensure that every mold remediation project is done right the first time.
A mold remediation project will only have long lasting success if both the live and dead mold spores are cleaned. To accomplish this objective, Got Mold? takes the following actions:
1. We set up a containment and ensure that negative air pressures are properly set to prevent cross contamination.
2. We then take steps to remove the mold. This could involve the actual removal of contaminated material and dry ice blasting.
3. Once the mold is removed, we need to ensure that all of the mold spores are cleaned and this is accomplished by using HEPA vacuums and HEPA air scrubbing equipment.
To ensure that we have done our job properly and eliminated both the live and dead spores, Got Mold? uses a third party air quality and surface sampling company that tests to insure the environment has been brought back to a normal fungal ecology suitable for occupancy.
Got Mold? is here to help, contact us if you have questions or concerns about mold or the air quality in your home or business.