Got Mold? Marketing Update PLUS Our Top 10 Views in January

Got Mold? Marketing Update PLUS Our Top 10 Views in January
The month of January was a busy month for Got Mold? Marketing is the key to our business growth. We are pleased to report that our online awareness efforts are one of the key sources of leads and sales.
Last year, we decided to research the extent of mold issues in schools, the military, and First Nations. These awareness efforts have proven to yield positive and encouraging results.
Virtually all asbestos projects we are working on have resulted directly from our online awareness efforts. Asbestos in the News and the many articles we have written about asbestos have not only created awareness and much needed knowledge about the hazards of asbestos, but have also resulted in several asbestos abatement projects.
Our content marketing efforts are reflected greatly in our website views and takes a tremendous committment to maintain. In 2011, total views were 20,000…2012 total views doubled to more than 40,000…and this year, already we have more than 5,000 views, which is 25% of what we achieved in 2011. Studies and research show that businesses that offer useful and educational content will gain up to 70% more website traffic…and ultimately traffic creates leads that in turn results in sales. The key is to be committed to the process and since launching this blog, Got Mold? has posted nearly 400 entries focussing on providing useful content to our visitors.
Awareness is and always will be our goal because our mission is to educate our visitors about the concerns caused by mold and asbestos. We are thrilled and very grateful to all of our loyal visitors that not only read our articles but share through twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn.
One of the most gratifying results from this marketing approach is the fact that we are not only reaching residents in our local area who use our services, but people throughout the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. Got Mold? has become a Go-To source for News and Information and not surprisingly, we receive requests for mold and asbestos help throughout North America. To ensure that we can assist our loyal followers, we are working on a business concept that will enable other mold remediation and asbestos abatement professionals throuhout North America to benefit from our marketing efforts and affiliate themselves directly with our brand. Further details to be released in the near future.
Here are the Top Ten Articles by reader views in the month of January. Please note, we do not include Mold in the News or Asbestos in the News in this list. Enjoy!
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