What Causes Mold in an Attic?

What Causes Mold in an Attic?
The Link Between Ice Damming, Condensation, and Mold
Spring is finally here and temperatures are beginning to warm up. Because of the long, cold, and snowy winter, one of the key concerns we are encountering is ice damming.
One of the major problems caused by ice damming is condensation in the attic. Condensation is the result of the mixture of hot and cold air, which causes water in the air to cool and collect. In most cases, this will show up as frost in the attic.
The major concern with moisture in the attic is that it can lead to mold which could impact your health and the structural integrity of the home.
According to Calgary based Epic Roofing and Exteriors, there are four key causes of condensation:
1. Lack of air flow in the attic.
2. Insufficient insulation around ducts; this is the common reason you will notice water entering through a bathroom or exhaust fan.
3. Water or snow entering through gooseneck flashing on the roof.
4. Snow covered vents do not allow the attic to exhaust effectively.
You may have condensations issues if you notice these following signs:
1. Staining on your ceiling.
2. Condensation on your interior walls/ceiling.
3. Water entering in through a bathroom fan or kitchen/microwave hood.
If you have noticed any of these condensation signs, then the best course of action is to locate the leak and determine the cause, which may require the assistance of a professional.
How Do I Know If I Have Mold?
Once the cause is identified, then the next step is to determine if you have a mold problem. Mold is nature’s recycler and will only grow and proliferate when moisture is present. Condensation in an attic, heat and humidity from household activities (cooking, showering, etc.), and the fact that the attic provides an excellent food source for mold, provides the ideal conditions. All mold needs to grow is 24 to 48 hours and as long as the proper conditions exist, it will continue to proliferate.
The best method to determine if you have mold is to contact a professional for a mold inspection and air quality test. During the inspection, tape or swab samples of suspected mold may also be taken and sent to a micro-biology lab. Once the type of mold and spore count is determined, the Professional Remediator will provide you with a scope of work on the best way to remediate the mold.
Dry Ice Blasting: The Best Attic Mold Remediation Solution
With respect to attic mold, one of the best methods to deal with it is with Dry Ice Blasting.
The key ingredient required to dry ice blast is dry ice pellets which are created by taking liquid carbon dioxide from a pressurized storage tank and expanding it at ambient pressure to produce snow which is compressed to make hard pellets.
Dry Ice Blasting is a process in which a blasting gun fires dry ice particles, about the size of rice, at extremely high speeds to impact and clean the surface. The particles are accelerated by compressed air. When the dry ice hits the surface, it goes from a solid state to a gas state without passing through a liquid phase and cleans the surface.
Dry ice blast cleaning is a favored method of cleaning mold from an attic because it is so effective and efficient. The video below demonstrates this.
We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Peace of Mind, just a phone call away! Toll Free: 1-888-909-MOLD (6653)

Northern Alberta First Nations Mold Remediation Project

Northern Alberta First Nations Mold Remediation Project
Mold is a major problem for First Nations and will only worsen unless the problem is dealt with properly.
Based on the true cost of mold, it is fairly clear that our Leaders would be prudent in addressing mold issues today, which we believe will result in a net financial savings to our health care system and overall productivity in the long run.

Got Mold Truck and Trailer

Got Mold? has spent considerable time and effort educating and offering services to our First Nations primarily because we believe this is a major health concern with long term consequences. Indeed, in November, 2012, we published an article, Mold in First Nations: A Crisis! to further publicize this problem. As stated by the article, 44% of homes on reserves have mold issues, and the problem will continue to worsen unless this issue is dealt with seriously.
Fortunately, mold and the health concerns it creates are starting to be addressed. Earlier this year we worked on a First Nations project in Saskatchewan which relied heavily on dry ice blasting to remove the mold.

Northern Alberta First Nations Mold Remediation Project

In May, a large construction company in Alberta contacted Got Mold? and asked us to bid on another First Nations project. Earlier this week, Got Mold? sent a team to Fort McMurray, Alberta who subsequently took the plane, pictured above, to the First Nations project in northern Alberta. The initial work involves the remediation of floor joists in the crawl space, though it appears that the scope of the project will grow because the mold infestation is much larger than initially thought.
Stay tuned for further pictures and details as they come in from our Founder, James C. Watson, who is personally over-seeing the project. Have a fantastic weekend!

Dry Ice Blasting Project: Before and After Pictures

Dry Ice Blasting Project: Before and After Pictures
On February 5th, Got Mold? released news that we were starting a dry ice blasting project of a 6,000 square foot crawl space. Two days later, we released news about our 2013 executive team, plus the first video on the job. Here is the second progress report video prepared by our Team Leader, Aaron Huber.
We are pleased to announce that the project is nearing completion and would like to share with you some before and after pictures, showing the impact that dry ice blasting makes. Enjoy!

dry ice before


dry ice after

Got Mold? Hiring a New Project Manager

Got Mold? Hiring a New Project Manager
In order to properly manage our business, we need a qualified Project Manager to join the Got Mold? Team. The job description below explains what we are looking for and the requirements that must be filled to join our Team.
Position Summary:
The Project Manager is responsible for developing a definition of a project, in conjunction with the Property Owner, Adjuster, or Insurance Company. The Project Manager ensures that the project is delivered on time and to the required quality standard within agreed specifications. Focus is on scoping and estimating the work required to restore properties to their pre-disaster state. The Project Manager will head projects, manage work crews, subcontractors and suppliers related to each project.
1. Inspect, estimate, fully sketch and project manage all types and sizes of losses from start to finish.
2. Educate the client on the process of mitigation, reconstruction, the timing of service delivery and realistic expectations for this process.
3. Meet and work closely with all clients and adjustors to discuss loss mitigation and restoration efforts.
4. Build, lead and deploy the best quality team to achieve the objectives of our corporate strategic plan (production crews and subcontractors).
5. Ensure that the company health and safety policies and procedures are followed and that all crew personnel are up to date with all health and safety procedures and training.
6. Ensure each job is completed in accordance with IICRC Standards and Company protocols for restoration.
7. Ensure project requirements and schedules are being fulfilled and deadlines are achieved.
8. Manage job progression and fully document each job in detail.
9. Build and maintain strong, trustworthy relationships with our existing and new clients.
10. Maintain professionalism, sensitivity, and tact to portray the company in a positive manner at all times.
11. Ensure delivery of excellent customer service and quality controls.
12. Focus team efforts to teach, improve, and practice mitigation techniques.
13. Generate new leads and new business through relationships with adjusters, property managers, commercial and residential property owners.
14. Introduce our restoration services to adjustors, agents, brokers, commercial and residential prospects
Education & Experience
1. Associates degree, or higher, in business, engineering, or construction management preferred
2. Minimum 5 years’ experience in the restoration industry
3. Minimum 5 years’ experience in construction management and scheduling
4. Sales experience a plus
Desired Certifications
1. Water Remediation Technician (WRT) certification
2. Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician certification (FSRT)
3. Odor Control Technician certification (OCT)
4. Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (ARMT) or other certification in mold remediation
5. Applied Structural Drying (ASD) certification a plus
Skills & Knowledge
1. Detailed understanding of restoration and reconstruction practices for property that has suffered water, wind, mold, fire or biohazard damages.
2. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral, to assist clients, adjustors, vendors and agents in a professional manner.
3. Strong problem solving and negotiating skills.
4. Proficiency in MS Office Skills (Excel, Word and Outlook).
5. Basic accounting competency with an understanding of invoicing, billing procedures.
6. Experience in preparing and monitoring budgets.
Additional requirements:
1. Excellent leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
2. Analytical, detail oriented, hands on, and a team player.
3. Must be able to work with and manage others in a fast paced environment while providing excellent service to our clients with integrity and passion.
4. Customer service orientated with the ability to deal with customers under stressful situations.
5. Skilled at management of multiple projects, opportunity analysis and decision-making.
6. Candidate must be able to pass a respiratory fit test and pulmonary physical.
7. Ability to lift a minimum of 75lbs.
8. Some evening and weekend hours are necessary as we are a 24/7 disaster response company.
9. Participate in 24-hour emergency on-call rotation (nights, weekend, holidays)
10. Must be highly organized Clean DMV record, possess a valid Drivers’ License and own reliable transportation.
11. Criminal background check and pre-employment drug test required.
12. Willingness to travel as needed.
13. Be able to bring an upbeat, energetic, “can-do” attitude to work every day.
14. Proactive nature with in-depth ability to coordinate and effectively handle multiple tasks efficiently.
15. Professional appearance and demeanour.
16. Establish priorities and meet prioritized schedules, deadlines and goals.
17. Complete projects and achieve corporate set goals within given time frames.
18. Motivated to advance within our growing company.
19. Never stop improving and be relentlessly proactive.
About this Job:
We are looking for someone that can do it all! You need to be able to estimate, sell and manage mitigation and reconstruction from start to finish. If you are not super self-motivated, detail-orientated, and cannot provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service, this job is not for you. If you do not have that ‘kick it in the butt’ attitude, please don’t bother applying as you will only be wasting your time and mine. We’re not looking for the typical ‘all talk and no action’ person. We want the real deal; the “whatever it takes” type of person.
Please e-mail current Resume to sanjay@gotmold.ca PLUS a Cover Letter (in 200 words or less explaining your relevant experience and why you are THE best candidate for the position) and References. Resumes received will be held in the strictest confidence.

Got Mold?’s New Executive Team Plus a New Video From Our Recent Project

Got Mold?’s New Executive Team Plus a New Video From Our Recent Project
Currently, I am in Saskatoon preparing to take on a new Management role. Up to now, I have been focused primarily on marketing functions, which I will continue to do. However, I have also agreed to assume the financial management of the company as the Chief Financial Officer. In addition, to stream line operations and ensure efficiency, we have hired a new Chief Operating Officer, Najeem Adekunle, who will manage day to day operations of the company. Both Najeem and I will be working directly with our founder, James C. Watson, to ensure the company is profitable, efficient, and meeting the demands of our customers.
Currently, we are working on several projects. Earlier this week, we released news about one of our larger projects in Northern Saskatchewan. Here is the first video we have documented from our first day on the job. Enjoy!
On behalf of the Management team, our Project Managers, Team Leaders, and other staff, we want to thank you for your continued patronage and support. We look forward to serving you.