Mold in the News: Issue 18

Mold in the News: Issue 18
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FEATURE STORY: How to win the mucky, yucky mold battle: Mold can damage our homes and our health. And getting rid of it is costly but crucial. We shared some tips from the people at Angie’s List on 9NEWS 8 a.m. Before you try to remove the mold, you should first figure out the source of the mold to prevent it from coming back.
Mould concentration confirmed at Labrador school: An independent study has confirmed high levels of mould throughout William Gillett Academy in Charlottetown, Labrador. Residents of Charlottetown want a new school to replace the current aging one. Pictured is water damage that closed the school in February. The 29-page report, detailing high concentration of black mould, comes more than a month after the school in the coastal Labrador community was shut down. Lisa Dempster is deputy mayor in Charlottetown and sits on the school council.
Angry Parents Walk Out of Meeting on School Mold | NBC New York: Frustrated parents at PS 17 and MS 577 in Brooklyn walked out of a meeting with school officials Monday night when they heard their children would have to stay in their building where mold has been discovered. Hundreds of parents from the pair of Williamsburg schools, housed in the same building, were gathered for the latest informational meeting on the mold problem. The most recent testing, done last week, revealed black mold inside seven classrooms.
A Push for Relocation After Mold Found at Brooklyn School
Brooklyn Parents Want Children Relocated From Mold Affected Middle School « CBS New York
Students, Families Upset Over Classes Held At Brooklyn School With Mold Problem –
Rage over school mold
Vinita Public Schools aims to fix mold issue with $6 million bond: For years black mold has presented a health concern for students at Vinita Public Schools. Now voters get their say over a $6 million bond that promises to clean up the problem. The bond doesn’t raise taxes and it impacts every school in the Vinita System. The building that benefits the most from the bond is Hall Hassel Elementary School. The entire front of the building, consisting of 12 classrooms, will be torn down and replaced with an 18,000 square foot wing.
ASTHMA- Find the Cause AND Treat The Symptoms: Asthma is an increased response of the airwaysto certain stimuli that are irritants/allergies or sensitivities to that person. This causes broncho-constriction, which means narrowing of the breathing passageways, which can lead to shortness of breath, wheezing or a chronic cough and in some cases can be life-threatening.
Spring Clean Up: Five Tips to Protect your Home: Spring is here and it is time for one of Canadians’ annual rituals: the spring cleanup. While raking the leaves and tidying the basement, take the time to perform some maintenance. There are plenty of things you can do to protect not only your home but also your possessions and the well-being of your family.
BARNETT: Reduce humidity to cut mold in home: A year ago last month we moved into an old rental house that had been remodeled. In the year we have had respiratory problems and can smell mold. It’s worse in the morning. The house has no kitchen vent, no bathroom vent and crawl space vents and only one vent for the attic. It also concerns me the gutters do not carry the rain away from the house. It pools up around the house and seeps in around the foundation. How do I argue this with the landlord? Or should we just move?
Hospital air alarm: mouldy unit fears | Perth Now: A mouldy airconditioning unit has been pumping air to intensive-care patients at a Perth hospital. And two other mouldy units, also at St John of God Hospital in Subiaco, have been circulating oxygen around its main entrance, a public cafeteria, nurses’ offices and a passageway.
Mold Cases Prove Persistent—Will Landlords Cough Up Cash for Little Black Spot Suits : A few weeks ago, Manhattan’s appellate court overturned an earlier decision blocking damage claims for health problems resulting from living in moldy buildings,The Journal reports—a decision that could result in a wave of personal injury lawsuits.