Are Schools Making Kids Sick?

Are Schools Making Kids Sick?
“Mold clung to the ceiling and left dark trails across the walls and floor. The teacher had already complained about the stench months before. Stuff was even growing on desks.” (Toxic schools: Mold, air quality spark thousands of complaints in Central Florida)
CNN recently reported about a third-grader, Matthew Asselin, in Winsted, Connecticut who missed 53 days of school because he was getting sick at school.
The sickness was caused by mold.
Matthew suffered from lethargy, a persistent wet cough, respiratory infections, headaches, pneumonia, and eventually got so ill that he needed to be hospitalized. His parents suspected that his school was making him ill because he was energetic and healthy during the summer holidays, but soon after starting school again, he got sick.
It is estimated that one-third of schools have indoor air problems.
In the video below, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports some public schools are literally making children sick.

Do you suspect that your child’s school is making them sick, we would love to hear from you. Share your story. Mold is a growing concern, our goal and mission is to create awareness of this issue so that our friends and family can live healthier, happier lives.