Celebrities Affected By Asbestos and Mold (12 Articles)

Celebrities Affected By Asbestos and Mold (12 Articles)
The goal of Got Mold? is to increase awareness of both asbestos and mold. In our quest to increase awareness, we have also discovered that many celebrities’ lives have been impacted dramatically by asbestos and mold. Here is a listing of some articles we have written. Enjoy!
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Erin Brockovich Fights Toxic Mold
Hulk Smashes Evil Mold
Michael Jordan’s Slam Dunk of Mold
Death Mold Killed Ed McMahon’s Dog
Is Your Condo Safe?: Star Jones Sues Condo Corp.
I Ran Like A Butterfly, Mold Stung Me Like A Bee!
Brittany Murphy’s Mom — The HOUSE Killed My Daughter
Mold Made The Voice Star, Katrina Parker, Sick!
Queen of Disco, Donna Summer Died Because of Asbestos!!
Survey Says…Asbestos!
If you are aware of other celebrities that have been impacted by asbestos and/or mold please leave your comments below so that we can research and share this information with our audience.

Mold Made The Voice Star, Katrina Parker, Sick!

Image Courtesy of the Voice Fandom

Mold Made The Voice Star, Katrina Parker, Sick!

“Mould in housing is one of the issues that can impact your health and your family’s health. Yes, when there’s a lot of mould in a home, it’s not a simple problem to address and usually requires professional help. However, everyone has a role to play in preventing mould and understanding what to do to clean up small areas and how to get help with larger areas. Even the little things you do can help your health!” (Dr. Thomas Dignan, Health Canada)
In the video below, The Voice Star, Katrina Parker, explains why she could not sing for two years. Apparently, Katrina, 34, originally from North Carolina, who now lives in California, got really sick because of mold in her home back in 2008. The mold made her really sick for two years.
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Got Mold? congratulates Katrina on her current success and is pleased that she recovered from her mold sickness. To learn more about the negative health consequences of mold, please click here for a listing of several health related articles we have posted. Also, you may want to visit the Health category of our website which tags all health related articles we have ever posted. Mold is a Growing Concern, and our goal is to create awareness!