Mold in the News: Issue 13

Mold in the News: Issue 13
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are some stories we thought may interest you!
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FEATURED STORY: Mould is so bad it grows in our food cupboards: Kelly Mercer has lived in the house in Kennington Road, Radford, for four years – and says that for the past two years, mould has affected every room. Mould misery Kaira, 4, right, and Rianne, 5, in their bedroom, with mould evident on the ceiling and, below left, a close-up of the problem.
Labrador school to stay shuttered for months, mould cause: Residents of Charlottetown want a new school to replace the current aging one. Pictured is water damage that closed the school last month. The school in Charlottetown on Labrador’s coast will be closed for at least another two months. Western School Board officials confirmed last night that more mould has been found at William Gillett Academy. School council member Lisa Dempster said the priority now is to find places for students to attend classes.
Scrub your way to a cleaner kitchen: Spring cleaning should begin in the kitchen, but shouldn’t end when summer arrives. Kitchens provide ideal places for mold and bacteria to grow and because of the close proximity to a family’s food supply they should be cleaned often. Microscopic dangers can hide behind appliances and forgotten crevices or in plain site in high traffic areas like counter tops and light switches if they are not cleaned regularly.
Allergy season rushes in: Jennifer Maryniak holds her son, Collin, almost 2, in the kitchen of her Rexmont home. Before them sit the many medications she takes for allergies and asthma. She has suffered from allergies since she was a teenager.
Video: Angie’s List: Water Damage: Now that we’ve had an early spring thaw, it’s time to do an assessment. You need to make sure water damage isn’t washing away your most important investment, your home. The solutions are usually simple and inexpensive, but waiting too long can be costly. Time is of the essence when you have water coming into your house. It can quickly lead to wood rot, structural damage and mold.
Better Science Means More Toxic Mold Lawsuits: Toxic mold lawsuits have historically been met with speculation. Much of this was the result of the science — differing opinions on causation and whether visible mold automatically implies the presence of toxins. Some even went so far as to claim mold litigation was based on “junk science and hysteria.” However, a recent ruling from a New York appeals court suggests that prevailing opinions about mold science may have changed.
Mold is not just indoors and can cause infection: Does mold cause serious health problems? — T.J., Seneca A: People who are sensitive to mold usually present with allergy symptoms of stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing or skin irritation.
Video: Vancouver tenants protest so-called renovictions from moldy building: About two dozen people rallied outside an apartment building in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood Monday to protest so-called renovictions. Residents of Richard Watson Manor, at 577 East 8th Avenue, say they’re being forced out by Carrera Management Corporation. Of the building’s 39 units, tenants say just four remain occupied because unsafe, unnecessary and disruptive renovations have pressured tenants to leave.
Mold in the Attic: If you see black stuff covering or growing on the roof sheathing in your attic, it’s probably mold. It’s never fun to find out that your house has mold, but the fix for mold in the attic is usually quite straightforward, and doesn’t involve the services of any ‘mold remediation experts’. There are a lot of folks in the real estate industry, including home inspectors, who get very excited when the word ‘mold’ comes up.
Hagens Berman: Portico Decking Customers File Lawsuit, Claim Deck Mold Policy Violates Warranty: Consumers, represented by Hagens Berman, who purchased Portico-brand decking manufactured by Fiberon have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that when their decking developed mold and fungus, the company failed to honor its warranty and pay for the deck to be repaired or replaced.
Couple claims mold due to improper plumbing: Local residents Samuel and Carol Rogers allege plumbing work and subsequent repairs at their Dickinson residence resulted in “significant” mold growth, recent court documents say. The Rogers are suing Keystone Foundation Repair Ltd., Vornkahl LLC and Irving Williams, doing business as Williams Plumbing Co,. in Galveston County District Court.
Nearly 70% of Americans Have Found Stains, Mold, Hair and More in Their Hotel Rooms: Quarter of Americans Admit to Cleaning Their Hotel Room with Disinfectant Wipes. Whether checking into a hotel for a night or for a weeklong vacation, nearly 9 in 10 (87%) Americans inspect their hotel rooms for cleanliness upon arrival, and 49% of Americans, clean all or part of their hotel rooms themselves, according to a survey issued by Wakefield Research.

Mold in the News: Issue 3

Mold in the News: Issue 3
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mold related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are some stories we thought may interest you!
Family’s mould hell: A couple whose infant daughter is suffering from a chronic cough say they have had to fight a 10-year battle to be moved from their mould-infested home. Sabrina and Danny Ebanks-Thornback say they have endured eight years in a damp housing association home – only to be moved into a second mouldy property.
Chelsea Hotel Mold Investigation in Atlantic City: CBS 3 I-Team went undercover, and beyond the glitzy lobby, beach views and swanky dining at the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City, we found what appeared to be mold in a number of rooms: guest rooms, utility rooms, and storage rooms where we saw cots and cribs.
Return of the Mold Monster: Military Housing Sucks, Corrupt Government Contractor: NewsChannel 3’s investigation into mold in military housing is getting results for military families. Lincoln Military Housing is spending millions to try to solve the problems our exclusive investigation uncovered three months ago, hoping to make things right with their residents at home. But at the same time, the company is trying to get off the hook in the courtroom.
Mould in schools a concern for union, parents: The union representing elementary school teachers in Ontario say parents and school boards must be vigilant about the spread of mould in school buildings and portables. Peter Guiliani, the head of the Ottawa-Carleton local of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, said his union has complained about mould in Ottawa schools on behalf of both staff and students, and said parents should do the same.
Police union links mould to legionnaires: The WA Police Union believes continuing issues of mould at a station in the Pilbara may have contributed to an officer contracting Legionnaires disease. Both the Karratha and South Hedland police stations had severe mould problems last year. Some officers had to be relocated to nearby stations as a result.
44% of reserve homes in Canada have mould: Snaw’Naw’As Chief David Bob stands by the stoop of a faded two-storey home that has seen better days. The white paint is peeling off the door and the porch is sagging beneath its own weight. The dilapidated house was built more than two decades ago when homes weren’t constructed to withstand the wet coastal weather, and like others its age, it’s vulnerable to black mould. Mouldy reserve homes in Canada are amounting to a national crisis and First Nations in Nanoose and Nanaimo are not immune.

Mold in the News: Issue 2

Mold in the News: Issue 2
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mold related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are some stories we thought may interest you!
Mold Takes Over Home In Queens: At first you may think it’s just black marker, or perhaps dirt on Patrina Smith’s walls, but a close look reveals large blotches of mold which continue to grow each day at her home in Jamaica Queens. “I walk through the door and see this,” Patrina says as she points to splatters of mold on her ceiling. Over time fur has also grown over the mold in her two bedroom home.
Couple says mold in apartment caused health problems: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, living with mold in your home can cause everything from mild asthma to shortness of breath and even lung disease. “The burning of the eyes, the coughing and the headaches, constant headaches,” said Frank Killian on how he thinks mold affected him. Killen said he and his girlfriend, Deb, dealt with health issues for the past two years because of mold in his apartment.
School cafeteria inspections uncover risky violations such as mold: Updated story on Barton Elementary school mold problem reported earlier.
Broward County Florida Courthouse’s Toxic Mold Alleged to be Cause of Employees’ Illnesses: Allegations contained in lawsuits from 19 past and present employees who worked in the Broward County courthouse claim toxic substances in the building are have made them sick. The injured employees claim the courthouse, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is contaminated with toxic mold and asbestos.
Tenant’s court-approved deal in mold lawsuit in limbo: A court-approved mediated agreement between a woman who said she suffered serious health problems from years of mold contamination in her government-subsidized apartment may have hit a snag.
FEMA: Mold Hazard After Flooding, May Return as Weather Warms: FEMA: Mold Hazard After Flooding, May Return as Weather Warms The floodwaters may have receded months ago, but mold and mildew – dormant during the winter months — may reappear in water-damaged homes as the weather warms. Mold only grows in warm, wet conditions and may have been inactive and unnoticed during the winter months. It can lurk throughout a home, from the attic to the basement and crawl spaces.
One Verona school sets up surveillance to combat vandals; another combats mold: Due to ongoing vandalism at Forest Avenue Elementary School, the Verona Police Department is lending a portable surveillance system to the school, Verona Board of Education member Glenn Elliot announced at last week’s board meeting. Mold keeps reappearing in the basement storage area of F.N. Brown Elementary school. Student do not spend class or activity time in the affected area.