Mould in Classroom Made Her Sick!

Mould in Classroom Made Her Sick: Forced to Retire, Denied Benefits!
“My doctor just kept giving me medication and I kept taking medication,” Griffith said. “I had puffers … a yellow, an orange — I’ve had them all.”
“It would be irresponsible to return an employee that has already developed a health risk.”
Yesterday I read this news story about Carmen Griffith, a woman dedicated to running the after school program at Chelsea Elementary School in West Quebec. Here are the facts:
1. Griffith’s health did not have to suffer…the root cause of the problem was a leaky roof, which was not fixed. Mold thrives in such conditions. All the school board had to do is fix the leaky roof and then conduct an air quality test to measure the mold spore count.
2. Since the roof was not fixed on the portable school room, moisture continued to enter…creating a breeding ground for mold to thrive.
3. Black mould was found underneath wallpaper covering the wall behind Griffith’s desk. Black mold, also known as stachybotrys, is toxic.
4. After four years of working at her desk, Griffith became severely ill and was constantly seeing her doctor. Eventually, the air quality was tested and toxic mold spores were found.
5. Mold is the root cause of Griffith’s health problems; mold was found growing in her lungs.
6. Griffith had to retire early because she was no longer able to work because of her health.
Despite these facts, Quebec’s Workers Compensation Agency is denying Griffith her benefits, stating that there is no link between the working conditions and her health. Really?
“I’m very upset that the system let me down,” Griffiths said. “I feel the system could have done more for me, I really do. It’s maddening.”
I agree, this is maddening! Mold is a growing concern. This problem did not have to occur; it could have easily been prevented by fixing the root cause. Yet, the West Quebec School Board failed to do this. How many other school boards are negligent and failing to make their schools safe environments for students, teachers, and staff?
It is clear that in our quest to save money our governments and school boards are sacrificing the health of our children and teachers. This story should upset every parent or teacher who is concerned about the air quality of their schools. Is your school a safe environment or a breeding ground for toxic mold? We want to know.
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