Adverse Health Affects from Mold

Adverse Health Affects from Mold
The medical establishment has found it difficult to diagnose sickness caused by mold because each person reacts differently. Many of the initial symptoms are similar to what we experience when we get a cold or flu:
-sinus problems and post-nasal drip
-itchy rashes
-joint pain
Untreated, exposure to indoor molds can have long term health consequences. According to mycotoxin expert Dr. Harriet Ammann, exposure to indoor molds can damage the systems of your body in the following ways:
  • Vascular: blood vessel fragility, hemorrhage from tissues or lungs
  • Digestive: diarrhea, vomiting, hemorrhage, liver damage, fibrosis and necrosis
  • Respiratory: trouble breathing, bleeding from lungs
  • Neurological: tremors, loss of coordination, headaches, depression, multiple sclerosis
  • Skin: rashes, burning, sloughing, photosensitivity
  • Urinary: kidney toxicity
  • Reproductive: infertility, changes in reproductive cycles
  • Immune: Immunosuppression
  • If you or someone you love seems to get sick all the time and the doctors just can’t seem to figure out the problems, check out this article and interview with Dr. Doris Rapp, a mold expert and author of several books, including Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call.