The Jig Is Up For The Asbestos Industry!

The Jig Is Up For The Asbestos Industry!
“It’s never too late to do the right thing….Asbestos kills and Canada’s got no business being in the asbestos industry….I have been fighting the asbestos cartel for my whole life and honestly think that Canada finally finding the spine to allow asbestos on the Rotterdam Convention is the death rattle of the global trade in this deadly carcinogen because the international asbestos cartel has been dining out on Canada’s boyscout image for decades saying that look if a nice country like Canada says that asbestos can be handled safely then surely it can’t be all that bad. Well this is a turning point, this means the jig is up for the asbestos industry….This is the best possible outcome for workers in the asbestos industry. I used to work in the asbestos mines myself and I can tell you we are not doing anyone any favor by keeping them working in an asbestos mine because there is no safe level of exposure and there is no safe way of handling it without some exposure….This will be the catalyst that will kill off the industry with some government support….The government can no longer defend the indefensible….Corporate welfare for corporate serial killers, it’s time to put an end to it! (Pat Martin, Manitoba MP)

On Friday, September 14th, Federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis announced that Canada will no longer oppose adding chrysotile asbestos to the Rotterdam Convention’s List of Hazardous Substances.
This policy flip-flop came soon after the Quebec Provincial election because the new PQ government, led by Pauline Marois, has cancelled the 58 million dollar loan that would have enabled the failing Jeffrey Asbestos Mine to re-open. This was the last asbestos mine in Canada and with the PQ’s announcement, the Harper Government thinks:
“It would be illogical for Canada to oppose the inclusion of chrysotile [to] the Rotterdam Convention when Quebec, the only province that produces chrysotile, will prohibit its exploitation,” Mr. Paradis said.”
For the sake of a few jobs and votes in Quebec, Federal Conservatives and Liberals in Canada have supported Canada’s dying asbestos industry. But the people of Quebec spoke loud and clear about their disdain for Quebec’s deadly export and kicked out Premier Charest, who most likely mis-calculated the political ramifications of approving the 58 million dollar loan to revive Quebec’s asbestos industry. This will hopefully mark the end of Canada’s shameful legacy of mining and exporting asbestos.
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