Mold in the News: Issue 11

Mold in the News: Issue 11
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Halstead: ‘Mould making me ill’: A family say they don’t know where to turn after being told their windows will not be replaced for another three years despite pools of water appearing inside their house. Mum Lisa Scrimshaw, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, says her condition has been made worse because the house is so cold. She also said the family have been forced to buy electric heaters and blankets at their own expense to keep warm during the winter because the windows won’t close properly.
Safety of students priority after mould discovered in school, says government: Newfoundland and Labrador’s education minister is trying to quell concerns after mould was found in a small community’s only school. Clyde Jackman says the safety of students at William Gillett Academy in Charlottetown, along Labrador’s southeast coast, is a priority for the government. Jackman says preliminary results of testing carried out last week by an independent consultant found elevated levels of mould in some areas of the kindergarten to Grade 12 school.
Labrador town needs new school because of mould problem: A leaking, mouldy school in Charlottetown, Labrador, needs to be replaced, says MHA Yvonne Jones. Several tests have shown mould at William Gillette Academy despite some remediation measures, Jones stated in a news release. The school was closed three weeks ago after a leaky roof led to water-soaked ceiling tiles falling into classrooms. Since then, students and teachers have been using church basements as a temporary school.
Prevent mould in key areas of the home: Singapore has a climate of high humidity and creates the perfect conditions in which mould likes to grow. A key area of mould growth is the bathroom, not surprisingly because it is an area of the house that attracts condensation and water retention.
Waterford voters reject school upgrade prompted by mold problem: Township residents on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a $9.2 million plan to upgrade local schools in the wake of a mold infestation. Residents voted 738-369 to defeat the plan, which called for improvements to Waterford?s three elementary schools. Those schools closed for a week last fall due to mold problems, and district officials had said the project would address structural problems, such as leaky roofs, that had led to the infestation.
Mold causing health concerns in Hartford School: Numerous parents, the leader of the local teachers union, the director of the national group that supports the union are concerned for the safety of teachers and students at William Paca/Old Post Road elementary schools after new reports and photos of black mold and rust in the facilities have been revealed.
Video: Little Havana Apartment Residents Living With Mold: Carla Balladares has to wash her dishes with extra care because she can only use cold water. She says the owner of her Little Havana apartment building has failed to provide hot water since January. “It’s difficult when you have three children. You want them to have a house, a home,” she told CBS4’s Natalia Zea in Spanish with tears in her eyes. She says her six-year-old daughter keeps getting colds despite her attempts to give her a warm bath using water she heats up in the oven.
Lead, Mold Contaminate Honolulu Hale: A new report says mold and lead dust has been found in Honolulu Hale, raising health concerns for those who work and do business at City Hall. Indoor mold, the report notes, proliferates in moist or humid areas and can induce “allergic respiratory disease” for some individuals. Lead, meanwhile, is often found in paint flakes and poses more of a concern for children younger than 6 than for adults.
Blight fight: Ypsilanti Township targets 10 property owners with mold, mice and other code violations: Once again, Ypsilanti Township’s Board of Trustees approved staff and its legal department moving forward with court action against multiple property owners. At its March 12 meeting, the board unanimously approved staff to take legal action – if necessary – against 10 property owners, which is triple the usual load.
Spring cleaning efforts can lead to healthier lifestyles: Annual U.S. Prevalence Statistics for Chronic Diseases reports that allergies and asthma strike one out of five Americans each year, and though there is no cure for allergies, simple measures such as spring cleaning can greatly impact the physical and mental health of those living in a home. A sure sign of spring is increased pollen and mold counts, but bacteria, mold and haphazardly stored items throughout a home can negatively impact a person’s health as well, according to health experts.