Wanted: Alberta Entrepreneurs!

Wanted: Alberta Entrepreneurs!
Earlier today, the Alberta government just announced a billion dollars in emergency funding to help residents of Alberta.
Our founder and President of Got Mold?, James C. Watson, is currently in Calgary, Alberta, investigating the extent of damage and work. There will be a massive amount of work for restoration companies.
Currently, Got Mold? is networking to build a team to tackle all the projects that will be coming in. We will be collaborating with experts in the insurance industry, labour, and others in the industry. In addition we have even been contacted by a large company in the United States that wants to utilize our services.
Mold remediation and asbestos abatement is a growing business and will continue to thrive.
No one wants to find asbestos, mold or flood water in their basement or anywhere else in their building. All three are unwanted, unloved and candidates for prompt removal. But how to do it safely and efficiently?
That’s where Got Mold? comes in. The company specializes in helping people recover their property from disaster, using industry-standard methods and an eight-step process. “We are a high risk industry,” says Watson, which means the emphasis is on safety and security for everyone involved.
The market for our services continues to grow and we need franchise partners throughout Alberta to effectively service this demand. The demand for our services will be particularly strong primarily because of the current crisis facing Alberta residents. In order to properly service this demand, Got Mold? needs entrepreneurs that want to take on a leadership role. Finding work will not be an issue, but we need leaders.
Watson has invested millions into the marketing, equipment, and brand development of Got Mold? and believes that entrepreneurs that partner with him will benefit greatly from his experience, the training, the “Success System”, and the strong branding and market presence he plans to build in Alberta.
Most importantly, Got Mold? anticipates that many leads will pour in, leads that Watson would love to pass on to the franchise partners that join him.
To learn more about the Got Mold? franchise opportunity and our vision, please click here to visit our franchise site.
In addition, if you live in Alberta and need work, we will be hiring, so visit our careers page.