Stats on Mold in Schools

Stats on Mold in Schools
My son started school this week. Since I have devoted more than 2 years researching and writing about mold and its health effects, it has created some anxiety for me because I do wonder how safe is the air quality of the school my son attends.
We have been tracking stories on mold since 2012. Out of curiosity, I decided to spread sheet all the stories pertaining to mold in the schools. Here are my findings.
Since the beginning of this year, we have posted 39 Mold in the News blogs. In total, there have been 627 stories documented. On average, there are about 78 stories about mold that are reported in the news each and every month.
Since the beginning of January, there have been 105 stories published about mold in schools.
The percentage of stories involving schools based on what we have published is about 20%, meaning that for every 10 stories we report on, an average of 2 pertain to mold in schools.
The big question, of course, is how many incidences of mold in schools are not being reported? What do you think?
We look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Mold in Schools: Statistical Analysis

Mold in Schools: Statistical Analysis
Since starting our Mold in the News series, it has become abundantly clear that mold is an issue in our school system. The question is how prevalent?
To date, we have documented 167 stories about mold since February 24th. In total, 46 stories or 28% were about mold in schools.
Based on this data, nearly 3 out of 10 stories we find pertain to mold in schools. In an earlier posting, we asked, Should School Boards be Concerned About Mold?. The data shows that YES, this should be a concern and it makes sense for school boards to at least measure the air quality of the schools to ensure that it is healthy for children.