What Impact Will High Household Humidity Have?

What Impact Will High Household Humidity Have?
According to CMHC, the relative humidity of your home should be set at between 30 and 50%. In the winter, to avoid condensation issues, humidity should be 30%.
Too much humidity will cause many problems in your home, including the following:
1. Condensation on windows.
2. Wet stains on walls and ceilings.
3. Moldy bathroom.
4. Musty smells.
5. Allergic reactions.
Long term humidity issues will ultimately damage your home because this will result in mold.
In addition to the many health issues caused by mold, it is also important to realize that mold can reduce property values and cause structural damage.
In fact, mold is like a cancer because it will continue to grow unless it is removed. Since mold continues to grow, it requires a constant supply of food, which should be a concern because it destroys the surface that it is growing on. Simply treating mold is not enough.
To effectively remove mold and conserve your property values, the contaminated material should be removed and then the environmental conditions, particularly humidity issues, should be controlled.
If you have mold, you should not wait and let it continue to grow. The sooner your mold issues are addressed, the less likely you will experience structural damage that will reduce the value of your property.
In the video below, our founder, James C. Watson, explains why high humidity levels are causing issues for this three year old home.
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