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Mold Removal from got mold?™

We take pride in our award-winning mold removal services, after all mold is in our name. Consumer’s Choice Award Winners in the category of Mold Removal, the got mold?™ team is qualified to take on any mold situation from start to finish to ensure a safe removal process.

Our professional teams are trained to determine the best way to get rid of mold and ensure it is not a danger to you, your loved ones, or your pets. Safe Indoor Air Quality is our mission as professionals, and we take pride in being one of Western Canada’s top professional mold removal companies.

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Our Process

The first step in the process is to conduct a sampling with one of our certified inspectors to determine whether mold is actually present in your home. Mold is found both indoors and outdoors. Mold can enter your home through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems.

Removing Materials

Building materials provide suitable nutrients that encourage mold to grow. Wet cellulose materials, including paper and paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood, and wood products, are particularly conducive for the growth of mold.

Our 8 Step Mold Removal Process
Step 1

Assess the Origin of Contamination and determine the extent of the damage

Step 2

Determine the source of the problem and remedy the source.

Step 3

unraveled project materials must be tested for asbestos, lead paint and other dangerous substances.

Step 4

Containment, Decontamination Chambers & Negative Air (If high risk asbestos is found, a portable shower for workers is required)

Step 5

Removal of the Mold & Asbestos Abatement (if necessary due to asbestos containing materials involved in the mold remediation)

Step 6

Odor Removal and Air Washing.

Step 7

Cleaning, HEPA Vacuuming & Air Scrubbing.

Step 8

Post Remediation Verification.

Our latest reviews

Lyle from Got Mold? came out to inspect our home for a mold issue we were having on our ceiling. He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to carefully explain the cause of the mold as well as draw a diagram of what was causing the problem.

Judy Klassen

Satisfied Customer

We had to have quite a major mold abatement job done on our basement and were very happy with the team at Got Mold from the initial inspection/testing all the way through the abatement work and cleanup.

Kelly Tremblay

Satisfied Customer

I have a very high regard for this company. They gave prompt and superlative service! It was best anybody had done! Lyle from Got Mold? was calm and took immediate action when my kitchen had water leaking from somewhere.

Janet Nattress

Satisfied Customer

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