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Asbestos abatement and removal require that companies hired to remove this potentially harmful building material must follow all local asbestos abatement regulations to ensure safe and lawful removal of asbestos materials from your home or commercial building. Each province that got mold?™ offers asbestos removal services have different regulations. The government of Canada also has guidelines for asbestos exposure and management.

Projects in Alberta must be reported 72 hours prior to commencement. In Saskatchewan, it is only a requirement to report high-risk asbestos removal projects and those projects must be reported 14 days prior to work commencing.

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What to do if you suspect Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)?

If you suspect that a building material might contain asbestos, stop work immediately. If a sample can be safely taken, put into a ziplock bag, seal the bag. Label the location and type of material. If it is not possible to safely remove the hazard, contain the work area. Limit the contamination to as small an area as possible.

Once you have safely acquired an asbestos sample you can have it tested by our accredited lab for Asbestos Testing. This will tell you the type of asbestos and the percentage of the material that contains asbestos.

All asbestos abatements require air scrubbing units with HEPA filters, that must be tested regularly to ensure proper function. All vacuums must have HEPA filters and be tested to ensure proper filtration.

What are the Asbestos Abatement Risk Levels?

Asbestos removal procedures are defined by three different abatement levels. Depending on the risk level of the asbestos-containing materials, the job will be defined as low-risk asbestos removal, medium risk asbestos abatement, or high-risk asbestos abatement.

Each abatement level has an escalating amount of safety procedures to ensure safe removal of asbestos from the area. These procedures are in place to protect the workers on the job site and also to ensure the proper removal of asbestos from the area.

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Asbestos Abatement Risk Levels. What are they?

Each abatement level has an escalating amount of safety procedures.

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Asbestos Removal Project

This project involved a high risk asbestos abatement of vermiculite in Saskatchewan.

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We use got mold?™ for testing material sampled for asbestos analysis. got mold?™ receives the sample from our tech and sends it off to a lab. They always have the lab results and invoices out on time.

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