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Sewer backups can happen both inside and out of a home. On the inside, sewage backups can be caused by blocked pipes, however, the most common sewer backup is caused by flooding. When drainage pipes underground begin to overflow, water quickly floods the streets and enters your home. Pouring contaminated water inside and causing mold damage and a health risk.

Water damage from sewer backups, depending on the amount, can cost a homeowner precious belongings and significant property damage. got mold?™ offers our restoration services in the case of a sewer backup to get your home back and repair the damage caused by sewer backup flooding.

Here are some tips to follow in case of sewer backup damage:

  1. File a damage claim with your insurance: Whether or not you may be covered under your insurance policy for your home or commercial property, it is always best to alert your insurance provider in the case of flood damage caused by a sewer backup. An insurance inspector will be sent to inspect the damage and provide you with valuable answers to begin the restoration process.
  2. Save your receipts: Filing receipts related to repairing flood damage will be needed when processing insurance claims.
  3. Document the flood damage: Taking pictures before and after flood damage will eliminate any disputes between you and your insurance company. got mold?™ offers Mold Inspection services to help homeowners with the documentation process.
  4. Contact got mold?™ for a professional restoration: After contacting your insurance company, it is important to immediately call a professional flood restoration team to stop the flooding and mold damage from taking over your home. Call got mold?™ at (855) 997-7014 [6653] or Book An Appointment to receive a rapid response from our team of experts.

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Mary Jane

“James and the crew at “got mold?™” were extremely efficient, courteous, accommodating and professional in dealing with a very serious and upsetting disaster at my home. Their professionalism made a difficult job tolerable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in this difficult situation. They are the best!”

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