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During the spring and summer cities and towns across Canada are impacted by flooding and end up with water damage.  Especially in cities and areas near river systems, rising water levels can cause serious property damage through flash flooding due to snow and ice melt. If your home experiences flood damage, there are steps you need to take to ensure your safety as you begin the flood restoration process.

Contaminated Water

Often during a flood, water inside of a flooded home is contaminated. A sewage backup contains bacteria that can cause illness if the proper safety measures are not made. It is advised that homeowners should wear hip waders, rubber boots, and rubber gloves if they’re coming in contact with floodwater.

If you accidentally come in contact with contaminated water, make sure to properly wash your hands before eating or touching your eyes or face to prevent bacteria causing salmonella or E.coli sickness. Keeping your hands clean and taking proper safety measures when coming in contact with floodwater prevents the bacterial illnesses that often happen in areas that experience flooding.

Drinking-Water Precautions

While floodwater poses a bacterial threat, drinking water is a concern if the water supply also becomes contaminated. Public health advisories suggest checking with the local authorities to see if drinking water is safe or if a boil water advisory is in place after a flood.

If you have well water, you need to test the water before drinking. The province of New Brunswick advises if floodwaters went higher than your well, it’s potentially contaminated, and you should wait 10 days and then get the water tested.


One of the most common hazards after a flood is mold. All items contaminated from mold should be removed. got mold?™ also advises property owners to open their windows and turn on fans to dry things as quickly as possible to prevent further mold growth.

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Professional Mold Remediation and Mold Inspection are also advised to ensure Indoor Air Quality in your home after a flood. Those in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Western Manitoba can call got mold?™ 1.888.909.MOLD [6653] for our award-winning Mold Remediation and Mold Inspection services.

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