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Why Should I Get Asbestos Testing?

When it comes to Indoor Air Quality safety, conducting Asbestos Identification and Testing prior to construction, renovation, or demolition of a building may be the most important factor in protecting your health from unsafe indoor air.

Asbestos becomes incredibly dangerous when particles are disturbed or moved, sending harmful tiny fibres into the air that pose significant health risks.

Since most construction and renovation tasks involve the moving of construction materials, it is incredibly important to conduct testing for asbestos before any project begins. The need for a professional asbestos test becomes even more crucial for buildings built before 1990 as homes and commercial buildings built prior to regulations restricting the use of asbestos-containing materials pose the highest risk.

Asbestos Testing Reduces Health Risks

Reduce your risk of asbestos exposure by hiring professionals to test for asbestos. Not doing so greatly increases the risk of you, your family, or your employees from being exposed to asbestos fibres that cause health risks such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Ensuring safe removal of the asbestos-containing materials and for an asbestos assessment report prior to beginning a project.

Our certified Indoor Air Quality experts are trained in-depth to help with the Asbestos Testing or Asbestos Sampling process. If asbestos is found, we work with our customers to determine the asbestos abatement cost and the asbestos removal cost to come up with an asbestos removal cost estimate to keep you informed.

Asbestos Test Sample Drop Off

You can drop off a sample to one of our got mold?™ locations to submit for asbestos testing. We are here to assist you to conduct a proper, professional, asbestos test prior to your renovation project.

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We offer asbestos testing in towns and cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba.

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We use got mold?™ for testing material sampled for asbestos analysis. got mold?™ receives the sample from our tech and sends it off to a lab. They always have the lab results and invoices out on time.

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