Water…Necessary For ALL Life, Including Mold!

Water…Necessary For ALL Life, Including Mold!
The basis of all life, including plants, animals, and humans are cells. Cells are composed of atoms, the smallest unit of matter. Cells can not survive without water!

The human body is made up of trillions of cells all of which rely on water to function properly. Not surprisingly, humans are made up of 50% to 70% water and the brain is mostly water at 80%. Without water, we dehydrate which can lead to illness and eventually death. For this reason, it is very difficult for humans to live without water for more than 3 to 4 days. Water is life!
Interestingly, mold requires water to grow and thrive because it is a fungus. Mold has cells, but unlike a plant, it does not have chlorophyll and can not make it’s own food. Instead, mold needs food, inorganic dead matter. It reproduces by releasing it’s spores, this is mold’s survival mechanism. The key to mold growth is water. Without water and moisture, mold can not grow because it’s cells will not function properly.
To prevent mold, you must control moisture.
Last summer, we wrote an article about the Elliot Lake mall collapse and asked whether it occurred because of mold. One of the problems with mold is that it literally eats the structure that it is feeding on, weakening it. Recently, an investigation into the collapse revealed that the roof of the mall was damaged and constantly leaked when it rained causing significant mold growth. As stated earlier, mold can only grow in the presence of water. To prevent mold growth, the source of the moisture must first be addressed; in this case, the leaky roof should have been fixed properly.
In the fall of 2012, the Eastern Seaboard was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Since many residents were left without power and heat, mold quickly took hold. Public advocates and government officials are calling for the US government to provide funding to address mold issues because insurance is not covering the cost. The struggle with mold continues and is well documented in the news!
Closer to home in Saskatchewan, many residents are experiencing ice damning problems, and a news story published on March 22nd makes it very clear that residents of the province better be prepared for flooding because snow is piling up. According to Environment Minister, Ken Cheveldayoff, everyone should begin preparing before the big melt begins:
People in their houses should try to get their snow away from their foundation as much as possible,” he said. “If they don’t have a sump pump, the suggestion is they put one in.
It is clear that flooding will become an issue and Saskatchewan residents should prepare themselves. Unlike the victims of Sandy who had very little time to prepare, residents of our province have time. Educate yourself, review this article: Flood Alert: Key Action Steps & Information! and familiarize yourself with the PDAP program.
In summary, water is necessary for all life, including mold. Mold can cause health and structural issues, so it is important to understand that prevention and moisture control are essential: fix leaky roofs; control humidity; know where your water main valve is; address ice damning; and install a sump pump. With respect to flooding, immediate action is important because your house and furnishings are less likely to grow mold if they are dried within 48 hours.
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