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Mold testing can not only confirm whether or not you have mold growth in your home, private or commercial property, but can also identify the specific species of mold, giving you definitive information about its potential toxicity and the associated impact on the health and wellness of those using the space.

Comprehensive Mold Testing

Since mold spores occur everywhere, a comprehensive mold testing strategy requires a professional mold inspector to investigate whether or not your building has a normal fungal ecology. We use multiple methods of testing and identification in order to yield accurate results. This includes a thorough visual inspection, moisture detection/testing, thermal imaging, as well as employing the three primary methods of mold sample testing as required.

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We Perform All Types Of Mold Tests

There are three main types of mold test:

  • Air mold testing

  • Surface mold testing

  • Bulk mold testing

A comprehensive black mold testing strategy can incorporate all three if the situation calls for it. The samples collected for all three types of tests are not only examined microscopically, but can also be subjected to Culture Tests (in which we grow larger mold colonies from your samples in our lab) if required.

So, You’ve Got Black Mold. Now What?

Our team of professionals are ready to help find, test and identify your mold.

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mold Inspection

Unseen mold could be damaging your health and property.

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mold Remediation

Our mold remediation process eradicates mold and prevents recurrence!

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mold Removal

Our 8-step process is designed to effectively and entirely eliminate mold from your home.

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mold FAQ

Explore the answers to some of the most common questions about black mold and black mold removal.

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mold air testing

This method takes an air sample from a building and then tests the air sample to determine the concentration of mold spores in it. Air samples are collected at various locations throughout a home or building and these samples are examined under a microscope at the lab in order to determine not only how many mold spores are present, but also which types of mold spores are present. Learn more about mold air/air quality testing.

Mold Surface Testing

Mold surface testing can be especially useful if mold is suspected due to visual changes in building materials. Mold samples are collected by swabbing, tape lifting and swiping methods, and may also reveal spores and growth where mold is not visually observable.

Bulk Mold Testing

Bulk mold testing requires us to remove a physical piece of the building material etc. that may be contaminated with mold for further testing. This could mean removing a piece of wallpaper, carpet, drywall, wood, etc. This bulk sample is then examined microscopically by an expert microbiologist who will identify any mold particles present. Bulk mold testing can give you a clear idea of the concentration of mold particles in your home.

Our latest reviews

Lyle from Got Mold? came out to inspect our home for a mold issue we were having on our ceiling. He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to carefully explain the cause of the mold as well as draw a diagram of what was causing the problem.

Judy Klassen

Satisfied Customer

We had to have quite a major mold abatement job done on our basement and were very happy with the team at Got Mold from the initial inspection/testing all the way through the abatement work and cleanup.

Kelly Tremblay

Satisfied Customer

I have a very high regard for this company. They gave prompt and superlative service! It was best anybody had done! Lyle from Got Mold? was calm and took immediate action when my kitchen had water leaking from somewhere.

Janet Nattress

Satisfied Customer

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