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Check for water damage before you close the cabin

Are you getting ready to close up your cabin for the year? Before you do, take some time to do a quick walk through and check for signs of water damage.  Heavy rains this spring and summer may have caused seepage or leaking you haven’t noticed yet.  Even a small amount of water damage now can lead to huge mold problems when you return next spring.

What are the signs of water seepage or damage?

Walk your entire cabin (or home) both inside and out, including the attic and basement. Even if the water damage looks small, mold can grow quickly and isn’t always visible.

Be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs of mold:

  • A musty smell, particularly in basements, attics, crawls spaces, or bathrooms
  • Water stains, which can appear on the floor, ceiling, or around a window
  • Water seepage
  • Leaky roof
  • Soft or spongy materials that should be hard (i.e. particle board or drywall that gives with a touch

If you’re not sure, test.

Mold isn’t always visible and may be inside the wall, floor, or attic.  But even a small amount of mold can grow very quickly over the winter.  What seemed like a minor problem in the fall can quickly spread, pose a danger to your health, and impact the structure of the building.

If you spot water damage, it’s best to test for mold.  A mold inspection from a certified inspector can tell you if mold is present and how best to deal with it.

Contact Us with your questions or to schedule a mold inspection.

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