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Mold Smell and Musty Odors

Most people discover signs of mold visually through the presence of black mold or other mold growth in the building environment. However, your nose can signal you to potential mold damage in your home or commercial building through the scent of mold. A musty or earthy smell, commonly associated with older homes, is a sign of potential mold damage and should be treated seriously to prevent health risks associated with mold exposure.

What Causes Mold Smell

If it smells like mold, it often is, and you should contact a Certified Mold Professional to conduct a Mold Inspection to ensure the presence of mold to set up a Mold Remediation plan.

Mold and mildew odors are both caused due to the presence of ecological fungi in the air, in the ventilation of a building, inside walls or hidden in other parts of the built environment. Mold is thicker than mildew, so if the smell is strong, it is a sign of clear mold growth and you should act fast to book Mold Removal services to prevent the issue from worsening.

In other cases, mold growth can be caused due to the weather. A long period of rain can make houses smell musty from time to time. However, if the smell persists, a Mold Inspection is needed.

If you suspect a musty or earthy smell, contact the Indoor Air Quality professionals at got mold?™ to make sure that your home or commercial property does not have a mold risk due to the presence of potential mold smell.

How to Prevent Musty Odor

  • Fix any leaks. Leaky pipes are a significant creator of mold issues in homes and commercial buildings. Water from leaky pipes form pools of water behind walls or under cabinets and slowly causes a mold problem. Check your home or building for leaks and repair all leaks as quickly as possible to prevent the risk of moisture issues that cause mold growth.
  • Prevent moisture. Make sure your home does not have any moisture hot spots. Don’t let any area of your home stay damp from water and make sure to dehumidify the air if you are dealing with high levels of humidity. This should prevent mold growth and odors.
  • Conduct a mold inspection if you discover significant moisture. If your home floods or if significant moisture is found, conduct a mold inspection to make sure your home is safe from mold growth. got mold?™ offers Mold Inspection services in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Contact got mold?™ if you discover a musty or earthy scent

If you suspect mold growth due to a musty or earthy scent in your home or commercial building, contact the Indoor Air Quality professionals at got mold?™ for our Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation services. Our team can handle the process from inspection to removal of potential mold from your home to ensure safe indoor air in your built environment

Talk to the pros today or call 1.855.263.1796 to speak to one of our experts.

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